Yellow skirt with blue jacketStill keeping my promise to show you more skirts and dresses. I wanted to pair this yellow skirt with a blue jacket. A jacket that wasn’t too long, not too short (belly showing), fitted, not too warm, not too cold. Can you believe my luck when I found this versatile jacket in the sale? The skirt was a holiday find in Spain last year. You already saw my reports on that holiday here and here. The skirt was really inexpensive and a bit of a risk. With its dangling strips it reminded me of a Hawaiian skirt. I wasn’t sure whether it would look dead common or quirky. The combination with the classic jacket fixes that. It creates a juxtaposition (I love that word.)

One bright and sunny afternoon Ron took me to an industrial site where he had found this building with the black pipes. The only thing was: there was no shade. Right smack bang in the bright afternoon sun. Never a good position for a photograph. But we take it as it comes. At the end of the post you will see a variation on this outfit. Before that.. lots of the same…

Below: me shouting: “I cannot see…. the sun is in my eyes !!”

Yellow skirt with blue jacket

Below: “Then try sunglasses!!”

Yellow skirt with blue jacket

Below: see the black mat under my feet? Ron took that from the car as my heels were sinking in the grass all the time. Such a thing happened before and caused a row. This time we didn’t argue about it. We are improving. The black leather bag with the red trimming and handles is a present from Sylvia of 40+Style. Again a present. Don’t know why I get so many but I do love it. The red handles pick up the red in the brooch. Subtle but noticable.

Yellow skirt with blue jacket

Below: a closer look at the brooch which you have seen a couple of times before, here and here. You can also see the structure of the jacket: sightly corded.

Spijkers&Spijkers brooch

Below: then my phone rang… oh dear… I am in the middle of a photo shoot… well, I am going to answer it anyway. Now where is the darned thing???

Yellow skirt with blue jacket

Below: Ron didn’t mind. He thought it gave him opportunities to shoot pictures which were less posed. Ah.. it’s the company calling… serious, concentrated face.

Below: see?? all those strips are the same material as the skirt. Blue suede shoes are by Peter Kaiser. And yes, I am wearing tights. To be correct: hold-ups (thigh highs). Brand Oroblu, type: Sun.

swinging yellow skirt

Below: this is what the outfit looks like when it is a bit warmer. I swap the blue longsleeved top for a sleeveless white top and put black and white slingbacks on my feet. I actually think this looks even better. This photo was taken in the office with an iPhone, so the proportions are a bit distorted.

Yellow skirt with blue jacket summer edition

Below: and now for the finish something completely different. I still tried to wear the cream dress (see this post) as a dress rather than a tunic. So I altered a lacy underskirt to the right length underneath the dress and added my modern bulky shoes. Alas, I don’t like it. At all. The clean lines of the dress demand clean lines underneath as well. Never mind, not everything you try is a success.

Cream Sportmax dress

Next week: me and my friends shopping in Zwolle.


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