White block heeled sandalsRon came to the rescue by taking some photos of my outfit in our garden. I wanted to show you my white block heeled sandals. They still have to be tested in hot weather but I am very positive.
It is nice to be able to shoot in the garden if necessary. I am very grateful to Ron for all the work he has done to the shed. It is now a lovely background.

So no really nice houses or city scenery this week. I will talk about a lot of things, one having nothing to do with the other. Hope you still like it, although it is not that much different from my previous posts haha.

Below: The outfit is created with clothes I have already shown on the blog in different combinations. The silver and blue blouse plus the silver belt are by Essentiel, the boyfriend jeans by G-Star Raw. The yellow clutch was first on the blog in this blogpost. The bit of yellow in the belt is just reflection.

White block heeled sandals

Below: I am beginning to get used to these dark eyebrows, but they will become much lighter.

White block heeled sandals

Below: The white jacket is also by Essentiel Antwerp and the blue, white, yellow shopper I bought a couple of years ago at the Max Mara outlet in Turin. This is pretty much my signature style.

White block heeled sandals

Below: Oh why not another photo. Ron took so many nice ones, I had to kill a lot of darlings. I like this white jacket open as well as belted. A good purchase (if you don’t count the dry cleaner cost).

White block heeled sandals

Below: Close-up of the sandals.

White block heeled sandals

Below: This is how I wore the outfit with my comfy flat silver shoes. The ones which broke just before I met Aafke (scroll down the post). If I could find another pair, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them.

White jacket with boyfriend jeans

Over to ‘a bit of everything’.

The garden

Isn’t it amazing what some sun and rain can do to a garden? It is getting so nice, even though it is little. The twig-like trees are getting leaves, the jasmine against the fence is in bloom; it is all lovely. The salamanders in the pond are very happy and laying lots of eggs.

Garden in bloom

Garden in bloom

Garden in bloom

Garden fence with jasmine

Extensions in my hair

I have extensions put in my thin hair, hoping it would be the end of my hair trouble. However, I am not so sure. I booked an appointment to have them removed the following Saturday. My hair is so thin that when it moves, for instance by accidently touching my hair, the extensions are visible, see below.

Hair with extension

I felt so sad that it hadn’t worked out. Then Ron said: “Why don’t you wait a little longer before removing them? If you hadn’t shown me, I don’t know whether I would have noticed. I hadn’t up till then”. So I cancelled my appointment at the hairdressers and gave Ron the assignment to watch me closely. If they show and I look like an idiot, I will have them removed.

Do my photos give a fake impression?

This is a subject I have covered a couple of times. When you see me in nice clothes on the blog, you might think I am a very lucky woman looking like that. Well dear readers, a lot of it is manipulated, worked on and only looking good on the photos I show. OK, admittedly, being 5ft74 and having great legs are two big plusses. The start was good but there are secrets to tell:

  1. Eyelid correction when I was 40 (bad genes)
  2. Facelift to the lower part of my face when I was 50 (bad genes)
  3. Had my waist taken in by 7 cm through liposuction when I was 55 (damned menopause)
  4. Had my teeth bleached twice in the past 5 years
  5. Had my teeth straightened with braces last year
  6. Had my earlobes repaired by the plastic surgeon last year and new holes pierced this year
  7. I use expensive serum to make my eyelashes long (it works)
  8. Recently had permanent make-up put on my eyebrows (horror photos on the blog last week)
  9. I dye my hair and have a fabulous hairdresser
  10. I exercise two to three times a week
  11. I eat pretty healthy and don’t indulge in sweets or fast food; neither do I drink alcohol (apart from coffee liqueur)
  12. I wear a body shaper all the time
  13. Over the last 7 years I have learned what my body shape is, how to dress for it and which colours flatter me
  14. Before photos are taken, I am always frantically back-combing my hair, making sure it looks good
  15. When photos are taken, I discard 90 of the 100 photos, only showing you the best

In 2016 I have done a reverse make-over, called a make-down, showing you what I look like without any make-up and wearing the wrong style of clothes. And in 2015 I wrote a long post about most of the above things in detail. For those who haven’t seen these posts before, please click through.

All in all, it doesn’t come easy. Big question is: are my photos fake? Do they show an image that isn’t true?
I think that yes, they are beautified. Why? Because we all rather look at a nice picture than a bad picture. A matter of aesthetics I guess. We’d rather look at a good painting than a bad one, wouldn’t we?


I never photoshop my photos. The wrinkles are there for everybody to see. And yes, I am a lunatic for being so focussed on appearance and spending so much money on beautification.

Just wanted you to know all this, in case you ever think “gosh, I could never look like that”. Although it might also be that you think: “gosh, after all that work and she still looks like this?” hahaha.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. Nothing happened. Miserable wet day. Just did household chores. Wore the same outfit as the Tuesday before.

Sunday. Miserable day although it stopped raining in the afternoon. Household chores. I washed and blow dried my hair with extensions for the first time. I dreaded it, but I did well. As you can see on the photo below (link to original post with snow leopard jacket):

snow leopard jacket

Monday. Again a day of nothing. This has got to stop or I’ll go mad. In the evening I had a video (Zoom) workshop about creating and editing a video with my iPhone. It was fun, but the editing app was so elaborate that is was hard to grasp everything the teacher explained. Listening to explanations and trying it yourself at the same time with so many options is too difficult. But I have a grasp of what the app can do and the elementary things to watch when you create a video. Do I have plans to become a vlogger? Nope. I think I will remain a blogger. After all, magazines didn’t get extinct when TV was introduced. OK, a lot of them went belly up and so might my blog, but I rely on my loyal readers.
Wore a new combination (still to come).

Tuesday. A quiet day but with better weather. Anja came round for a coffee and a chat and I ran some errands (post ‘office’, dry cleaners and florist). It doesn’t get much more exciting than this pffff. As I walked home with my flowers, a neighbour spotted me. He was putting fig tree branches in the container and said: “Wouldn’t you like to have a few branches to mix with your flowers? I hate to dispose of them as they are so beautiful”. This is the gorgeous result:

Pink gerberas bouquet with fig tree branches

Orange pink gerberas with fig tree branches

I wore my wide blue dotted maxi skirt with another belt than in the original post. I decided to add another colour with the belt and repeat the dots of the skirt with the studs on the belt. (Link to original post with blue belt.)

Wide blue maxi skirt with dots

Ron and I went out for dinner that evening to our favourite steak restaurant. I managed to get us a reservation YAY. Gained weight but it was delicious.

Wednesday. Visited my friend Selma in Wassenaar. I was so fed up with days of nothing to do and she didn’t mind me coming on a rainy day. As it happened it was pretty much dry in her hometown. Took this photo of her on a lovely square:

Selma at the square

Below: And of course a usie (yes my eyebrows are still far too dark). Oops, for this usie we ignored the social distance. We did the rest of the day though.

Usie Selma and me

Due to the weather I wore my lovely white raincoat (link to original post, scroll down to see it). When I got home, the coat went straight into the dry cleaners. This coat is going to cost me the amount I paid for it in dry cleaning.

As Selma and I went through the town centre we saw this young seagull and its mum. The mum shrieked at me. I could understand her perfectly: “Go away! Come any closer and I’ll pick your eyes out”. Isn’t the chick adorable?

Young seagull and its mum

Thursday. Wore my pale blue shirt (link to original post) with silver high heels and boyfriend jeans this time instead of skinny jeans. Dug out my silver jewellery with the Delft Blue shards.

Blue pinstriped shirt

Below: Close-up of the jewellery. The company that made them (A beautiful story) helps people in Nepal to earn a decent living. They still sell jewellery from Nepal (see their website), but not these ones anymore. The price of silver was too volatile and bringing the shards to Nepal was costly. But… I did find out through their customer service that they are available in the webshop of Royal Delft. Pricey but available.

Delft Blue jewellery

In the afternoon we visited the notary for a new will etcetera. Unfortunately we lost all confidence in the notary and cancelled the assignment. We are going to solve it in a different way. A bit of a bizarre development.

Friday. Rescheduled a photo shoot with Loes to Monday as it was rainy in the morning. No fun.
Had a check-up at the orthodontist: everything is fine. In the afternoon Ron and I walked Watson in the park/woods and got an ice cream afterwards. On arrival home, we did the shoot for today’s outfit.


No Fear of Fashion

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