SequinsWhen I arranged to meet my friend Marjolein, I was in need of blog photos. Seems to be a recurring thing. This time the “theme” was sequins. She didn’t mind taking my pictures that afternoon. Great. Now…. would she know a good place to do the shoot? No wind, indoors with a lot of daylight, therefore huge windows? Her husband came up with Urban Farmers in The Hague. Fantastic place. The two top floors of a seven-storey building were converted into a greenhouse and farmers’ market. So nice and weird finding this in the middle of a city. (NOTE: Urban Farmers went bankrupt in 2018, so they no longer exist.)

We met at Marjolein’s house for a chat and a drink. And she offered me two pairs of shoes she didn’t wear. One pair fitted and were right up my street. Yay. What a great friends I have! That day I was still wearing sneakers as my knee is not cooperating. I twisted it two weeks ago and have to walk very carefully and on flat shoes (the horror… ) since. It is slowly getting better, very slowly.

Below: Entering the market there was fresh food for sale.

Below: We started with photos of Marjolein. She is wearing a beautiful woolen coat made by a Dutch couturier (Edgar Vos). Vintage (obviously, as the man died in 2010) but such good design never goes out of style and the coat is in mint condition. If you like, you can play a little video of his AW collection 1968. Really, most of these designs I would gladly wear today.


Below: The head to toe shot of me wearing sequins during daytime. And why not? I think it looks nice and it would be a shame to leave this top in the closet till next Christmas (or date night). I did wear it at Christmas two years ago, on a skirt, with a blue belt (mainly to make the top shorter to be in better proportion with the skirt). But now I wear this top as in this post, to the office. No funny looks from my colleagues, only compliments.


Below: On the top floor there was a meeting of the city council going on and Marjolein went upstairs first to see whether we could photograph there or not. To save my poor knee. She came back with the announcement that the council was gathered at the right side and there was enough space on the left for us. So up we went. The heels, my dear readers, are just for show.


Below: Marjolein was wearing a figure hugging dress with two side stripes (green and red) and beautiful cowboy boots.


Below: Close-up of her boots.

Cowboy boots

Below: Close-up of her pendant, a female figure shopping. Foolishly enough she had put on her pretty pink woolen scarf for warmth, leaving little threads on her black dress. She won’t do that again.

Below: Killing myself laughing as I pointed out to Marjolein that all the women in the council gathering were paying more attention to us than to the speaker in front. My white Obag is adorned with black faux fur for winter.


Below: Then the council members got up and went on a tour through the Urban Farmers’ market. I quickly snapped the boots of this lady. NICE.

Below: A picture of the area where we were taking pictures on the top floor, with the greenhouse behind us.

Below: These cakes were abandoned by the council… We giggled whether we would help ourselves to a piece but decided to behave.

Below: Marjolein wanted to pose at one of the tables and realized too late this was the children’s corner. Snap.


Below: A shot of the bar on the top floor.

Below: These sneakers (brand Essentiel Antwerp, two years old) were what I really wore. The coated skinnies are by (Hugo) Boss Orange. Wore them before with a black sweater and black suede boots, with my white Marc Jacobs sweater and with my cream Acne tunic.

Below: Gold coloured necklace by &Other Stories. A couple of years old. They sell nice jewellery. There is pale blue enamel in the folds and “gold” on the outside.


Below: View from the inside out. The council members had left their coats and bags, going on their tour. We must have looked very honest and innocent.

Below: The Urban Farmers were growing things everywhere.

Below: Great view.

Below: Nearly forgot. My little yellow clutch (it came with a long strap and a wrist strap). Bought it in Maastricht. The bag is suede with a leather flap. I was eager to get a bright clutch after I saw the Over40Collective ladies with theirs.

Below: We went downstairs again, reading the slogan.

Below: We had coffee and cake (yes, we paid for it) in this little corner.

Below: One last look at the industrial part of the floor and we went home. Sorry guys, no idea what they are doing here. We weren’t on the tour. Rinsing the vegetables?

It was a fun afternoon. It always is when you spend it with a friend.


No Fear of Fashion

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