Styling failure of a coral wrap

This coral wrap doesn’t look that bad, right? Still, it is a styling failure as far as I am concerned. I tried to make this lovely piece of Irish lambswool suit my style. But whatever I tried, it didn’t feel like me. Only when I was snuggled up on the couch, it felt right, like a little blanket. Which it is of course. It was a thrift score again. And again at Kat & Ko, the thrift shop where I got my green dress and orange bag. I fell for the colour and the quality (John Hanly & Co. Ltd. since 1893.. never heard of but it sounds bloody good). Oh and the low price: € 40.

Why did I choose such a piece? Well, because I saw Karen with it. She was showing how you could wear a black top and black trousers in many ways on the site of 40PlusStyle. I loved it.

Below: This is what Karen looks like in her styling of a wrap. Totally elegant.

Below: And again, this is me. What is wrong? Did it need a pattern? Is the wrap too bulky, too thick? Is the belt too high up? I think in any case the two latter. The necklace however was spot on.

Coral wrap

Below: Close-up of the necklace. These are two of my “Ina necklaces”. In this post you can see 15 of Ina’s necklaces.

Coral wrap

So I decided to experiment with tops, belts etc. Prepare for crappy iPhone photos…..

Below: First try: no belt and a vintage brooch. The Mary Jane shoes are the shoes Marjolein gave me last week.

Coral wrap

Below: From the side. OK, I look like a Peruvian flute-player.

Coral wrap

Below: With a chunky belt, fastened below the waist. High heels instead of boots, which I think is an improvement over the boots with these slim trousers. And another top (wore this top with my wide black trousers). Ron was against it: “too much going on at the top”. I disagree with that, but I was still not happy.

Coral wrap

Below: Same top and heels but without the belt? (I could do with a bit of warmth when I wear this thin, silky top.) Hmmm.. Ron was still against it, but I am not dismissing it totally as a “warmth option” for the top. Just not the stylish result I had planned.

Coral wrap

Below: Wearing it bulky, with a low hanging belt. The wrap was sliding back, so I pinned it tight with a brooch and a big black safety pin.

Coral wrap

It was still not working. The wrap slipped away from the belt whenever I moved. Of course it would with a belt that low. And it still looked like a blanky.

Below: Another disadvantage… when the wind catches the wrap you look like the Flying Nun (only very old people remember this sitcom with Sally Field).

Coral wrap

Because it is so nice and warm and such a lovely colour, I am hanging on to it. Lovely to wear in the evenings on the couch. Lovely for going to restaurants in fall and spring, when it gets a little chilly (or better not?).

I should have thought twice before pursuing this look: 1) it is a classic look and I am not at all classic. 2) I didn’t take into account the (thickness) of the material. Oh well… not a lot is lost.


No Fear of Fashion







  1. Mels
    4 February 2018 / 17:18

    Good morning! Did you try making it longer in the front and shorter in the back as the other blogger did? I think she might have had it folded a bit underneath in the front too. Just some thoughts. I always enjoy your posts!


    • Greetje
      4 February 2018 / 17:32

      Thanks Mels. Yes I folded it, I had it longer at the front and shorter at the front. All in vain. Glad you enjoy my posts. That is why I blog, to entertain.

  2. 4 February 2018 / 18:19

    I’m always trying to replicate styles I see on other people but never seem to pull them off… I’m glad it’s not just me! Love the colour of your wrap and I love your posts.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:26

      Thanks Kerry, lovely to hear. Warms a blogger’s heart. I think we should assess the example better. If I had looked closer I woukd have seen that Karen’s wrap wasn’t as bulky as the one I bought.

  3. Sue Dunlop
    4 February 2018 / 18:25

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, it looks great! Fantastic colour. You’re inspiring me….

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:30

      I am glad you were inspired. That is a lovely compliment. It might be a personal taste (I am not the classic type) but I really do think my wrap is too bulky. We agree on the colour.

  4. Marjolein
    4 February 2018 / 18:29

    Hi Greet je, it is a lovely color specially on you. Did you tried the belt over the scarf on the back as well as in the front. I think that will do the trick! And I saw some nice color shoes… Wink wink.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:32

      I did try and belt the wrap at the back as well. It was even worse than the pictures I showed. The Mary Jane shoes you gave me, look good with it. They will bring me a lot of pleasure, I am sure.

  5. 4 February 2018 / 19:22

    Hi Greetje. The colour suits you, since it is bright and shining, like you. I can imagine styling a scarf is a challenge. At least a challenge I don’t even dare to tackle, due to my size (xxs). Anyway, I am sure you will find a way to wear this lovely scarf. You have more than enough friends in the fashion scene and you seem a person who is willing to experiment and step out of your comfort zone. Mostly, that leads to surprisingly good results, even if it may take some time. Have a great week! Love, Lieske

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:34

      You are right Lieske, I don’t mind stepping out of my comfort zone. And if you take a risk, you cannot expect to succeed all the time. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  6. 4 February 2018 / 19:23

    Greetje….you and I are so alike. There are times we totally over analyze our clothing and outfits!
    Because when it comes right down to it, this is an absolutely gorgeous wrap and I love each and every way you wore it!! Especially when the wind catches it and billows out—-it’s fun and totally makes us smile!! Besides that’s life!!
    Wear it with pride and confidence because you are fabulous!!

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:39

      Wow, that is a lot of praise. Thank you. Such comments always invigorate my suspicion that I really haven’t got a clue haha. Which I don’t mind. I love playing with clothes anyway. Over analyzing? Hmm I just didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and on the photos.

  7. 4 February 2018 / 19:31

    Very nice. An unusual garment, worn well. It takes skill to deploy this weapon; I’d never be able to do it. Kudos for trying something new.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:41

      Thanks Ally, I hope it will bring me some joy. Even as a blanky on the couch it is worth it. And the colour totally matches my interior 😉.

  8. 4 February 2018 / 19:46

    I love this piece, Greetje, and five stars for trying out all these options! It’s too bad you are still not satisfied. If you had not said anything, I would think it’s great.

    If you love it so much as a blanket, why not just toss the one side over your shoulder like a scarf. The asymmetry will be interesting and it will be warm. I also suggest this because your photo of the blowing wrap is wonderful!

    Or try a thinner belt – the fabric seems thick and the visual lightness might help. Just throwing out more options… Or as a snuggle piece on the couch, but it would be a shame if you don’t find your comfort zone for wearing this magnificent wrap. Thanks for showing us all these styles!

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:44

      Thank you for your loving suggestions. I think I might wear it without a belt with the printed top. Throwing it over one shoulder means more bulk on one side and a cold arm on the other side. I am very practical 😂.

  9. 4 February 2018 / 20:14

    I can see why you bought this coral blanket. It really is gorgeous!

    I agree…it is of a heavier weight than Karen’s so the look isn’t going to be quite the same. Even so…I think you nailed it in your first photo. And those necklaces are perfect!

    I kind of think Karen has her belt on the outside of the scarf at the back too. Did you try that? Or too bulky?

    I know cutting up beautiful blankets is a very bad thing, but I could totally see this sewn into a flowy sleeveless cardigan.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 06:09

      My experience tells me not to cut it up as my sewing skills aren’t as good as yours. Who am I kidding? They are non existent haha. So I will leave it as it is and use it on the couch or with my printed top when it is chilly. Karen hasn’t belted her wrap at the back I think. I tried that and it was even worse. Thanks for your feedback Sue. Much appreciated.

  10. Judy
    4 February 2018 / 20:15

    Greetje, I think the difference between your look and Karen’s is the fact that her item is a wrap (or shawl, or stole) and yours is a ruana. Her wrap looks like it’s just one long rectangle, whereas yours is more like a poncho, with lots more fabric to beat into submission! Despite this, I think you looks great in that first photo!

    Thanks for blogging. You always brighten my day!

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:49

      Such compliments (I brighten your days) always give me such a kick. Thanks!! And my pleasure entirely. You taught me a new word, a ruana. Never heard of it before. Googled it and you are right. As I think you are with your assessment. Loved the line “to beat into submission”.

  11. Carol
    4 February 2018 / 20:20

    This is my first post although I have been enjoying your blog for some time. I do remember the Flying Nun as we are the same age (b. 1954). I think the coral wrap looks great on you and would make a comfy travel ‘blanckie’ for train or plane. Your fashion posts are so uplifting as you are always wearing a smile in addition to fabulous outfits!

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:53

      I have to smile Carol otherwise you wouldn’t want to see the pictures haha. Just kidding (well a bit), I am rather a cheerful person known for laughing out loud. A lot. And loud 😂.

  12. Donna Kohler
    4 February 2018 / 20:22

    Hi Gretje,

    The contrast from coral to black may be too much. Can you try it with lighter colored pants, beige maybe? Very interesting experiment.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 20:54

      Glad you like the experiment. I actually like big contrasts. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to cream trousers either. But I still think the thickness of the material is too much to belt.

  13. 4 February 2018 / 20:36

    Karen is so slender. It is just not a fair comparison. All the belts make you bulky, I am afraid. But I like it loose very much. The colour is great on you!

      • Greetje
        5 February 2018 / 20:57

        Thanks Claudia. I will probably wear the wrap with that printed silk top. Just loose. Did you see the other necklaces too? They are a wonderful collection although some of them don’t “age” very well.

  14. 4 February 2018 / 21:25

    I agree with Claudia that Karen is super thin and she could wear anything and make it look good. Reminds me of Melanie.

    You will get a real laugh out of this Greetje! I hope you can view the video. It kills me.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:09

      It is not just Karen who is thinner, it is also her wrap which is thinner. Anyhow.. discovered the Baroness Von Sketch show (funny!) but I cannot open your link with the wrap. It doesn’t show. Something weird related to continents?

  15. Karen
    4 February 2018 / 21:42

    I agree with you. Leave the belts in the drawer. Looks fabulous without. Wonderful colour at this time of year

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:10

      I will leave the belts in the drawer. As I like it best worn loose (open) with the printed top. The colour makes me feel happy.

  16. Cynthia
    4 February 2018 / 22:33

    I’m still laughing over the Peruvian flute player description. While I think the wrap looks great unbelted, I think you are right in that it is too heavy for you to style the way you want. Gorgeous colour on you, though, especially with those necklaces. Love your style and your blog!

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:13

      Ah, that is what I blog for.. to entertain people. Glad I succeeded with you. Thanks for writing this comment. Makes a blogger’s heart sing. And yes, I probably will wear it unbelted with the printed top.

  17. 4 February 2018 / 23:04

    Funny, I’m wearing EXACTLY that same bright coral colour in my current blog/vlog post! It is a beautiful colour on camera, and a great colour for a blonde. I personally like it with the printed blouse and with the wrap worn open and unbelted. I THINK it could work if you pulled it differently, or maybe yours is both wider AND a thicker fabric than the one she is wearing?? I don’t know. I’m also still laughing over Peruvian flute player… I can’t get that image out of my head now!

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 06:03

      Yes, I agree with you. Worn open with the printed top, is the best of all trials. And yes, the material of my wrap is definitely thicker than Karen’s wrap. Oh well, cannot always be successful. but, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  18. Marilee Gramith
    4 February 2018 / 23:59

    Karen may be thin but i think the big difference is that she has a longer torso and much less chest going on. Narrow up your belt? Additionally she’s wearing a broadly brimmed hat which I think adds to the balance of the look.
    You look lovely Greetje and as many have said ,(including you) your jewelry is fantastic. This is a special piece that you got at a reasonable price and if you do decide it’s too much work then snuggle accessories are always comforting!
    Peruvian flute players are clearly pretty damn cute !!

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:15

      Hahaha, Peruvian flute players are a cliché. Yes, even though this wrap hasn’t brought me what I thought it would, it is still a great piece.

  19. Riley
    5 February 2018 / 01:06

    It’s a great color on you so don’t give up on it just yet. In looking at the picture of Karen, look at the way it forms a sleeve on her arm. It makes me think that she has wrapped the belt all the way around, enclosing the back side as well as the front. We can’t see her back side, of course, so we don’t know for sure, but the sleeve effect is telling.

    I’d also like to see it with a narrower belt. I believe Karen might also be smaller in the bust, so she has more “room” for a wide belt.

    Yep, the more I look at her picture, the more sure I am that she has the back side of the wrap tucked into the belt.

    Try yours that way. I just hate to see the lovely color languish in your closet.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:25

      I know from Karen that she did not belt the back of the wrap. I tried however. The result was hilarious. As if I needed rescuing from the blanket. I agree with you on the lovely colour, but if I cannot make it work, so be it. Oh and I think Karen’s wrap is thinner. And yes, my chest area isn’t helping either.

  20. Roberta
    5 February 2018 / 01:40

    Having read all of the comments, I really like the top picture the best; simple look with a strong necklace. But, I think it might also be interesting with a lighter color, say ivory pants and turtleneck. I prefer the back part of the blanket unbelted, as I think it would be a lot of fabric otherwise. This is the perfect wrap to pull out on a chilly plane or waiting room. Every one will be jealous.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:28

      I agree with you on the unbelted back. I tried it and it was hilarious. I also thought it would be good on a plane or train. I might give it a try in April, when we are going to Paris by train. I will watch faces to see if they are jealous haha.

  21. 5 February 2018 / 03:07

    You are too hard on yourself. I think how you styled the blanket in the first photo looks adorable, chic, and stylish. I agree it’s not your style, but it looks great. It would be so me, when the blanket had another color. But coral is so you. Have a great week.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:30

      Coral isn’t your colour? I would have thought it would look terrific on you. Although your words are very encouraging I don’t feel good in that belted version. I might wear it over the printed top on a train or so. Without a belt.

  22. 5 February 2018 / 03:58

    I think a narrower belt might work better also. Or maybe you were just not comfortable with the belt. There is something slightly off about it, but I think it may be your dissatisfaction coming through, if that makes sense.
    The color is fabulous. I think it could be worn without a belt as well. I have done that and it’s very warm and feels light .
    The color is sensational on you.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:33

      I think I will wear it loose (open) on that printed top. For instance on a long train ride to Paris in April. As long as it doesn’t slide off all the time. A smaller belt doesn’t help I am afraid, it is just too much material.

  23. 5 February 2018 / 07:53

    Great experimentation Greetje. I like the top look the best. You may want to try with a slightly thinner belt or a belt with texture that breaks up the really high contrast. I also think belting all the way may be better which is what I think Karen did. I would not describe this look as classic but more bohemian which is probably why you feel it doesn’t quite suit you.

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:19

      Ah! Is that it? Boho? Indeed I am not boho either, not in the least. I have belted the wrap all around as well and it was worse, quite hilarious haha. Looked like a stuffed sausage. I will probably wear it loose with the printed top or I will only wear it on the couch. We’ll see.

  24. 5 February 2018 / 08:29

    Greetje, I understand your doubts about the final result of the look with this garment, it is difficult to get the result elegant, but, in my opinion, the beautiful color of this wrap serves to fix possible discrepancies. Combining it with black and adding beautiful accessories makes it great. Belt or no belt? I’m not sure, although I tend to use it more carefree, without the strapping of the belt, more informal. Maybe you look like a Peruvian flute player, but that’s not bad, it’s just … different!

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:35

      Hahaha, I definitely do not want to look like a Peruvian flute player. But I do agree with you that wearing the wrap unbelted with that printed top is probably the best way.

  25. 5 February 2018 / 13:56

    I have to be honest & say I’m not a fan of the wrap/pashmina look unless it is an enormous blanket thrown over the entire outfit.
    Certainly not belted, sorry. I much prefer your idea of this as a blanket & yes it is a beautiful piece definitely worth keeping.
    That said, I do really love your styling tryouts with the phone. This is what makes your blog so fun & interesting. Well that & your razor sharp wit 😉

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:39

      It does come close to an enormous blanket thrown over the entire outfit 😉. But indeed, it is not my finest outfit. You shoukd have seen it belted all the way around. Hilarious. I looked like a stuffed sausage in need of rescuing.
      I wanted to show that not everything in blogger’s land is always perfect.

  26. Marianne van den Berg
    5 February 2018 / 16:30

    You can bring it to Spain, on our holliday, since I am the one always borrowing your ponchos . Lol

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:40

      Whaha… that is true. I might end up giving it to you. As you can use some warmth.

  27. 5 February 2018 / 18:35

    Your remark about looking like a Peruvian flute player made me snort! I agree with Jodie, sometimes we over analyse outfits, I know I have done this. Personally I prefer the top look, maybe with a slightly narrower belt, I don’t think a thin belt would work but who knows? The wrap itself is gorgeous, super colour (suits you) and quality. Totally love your necklaces. x

    • Greetje
      5 February 2018 / 21:42

      I agree with everything you say. Shame that all the ingredients seem to be there and still the meal is not tasty. Glad I made you snort with the Peruvian flute player 😊😎.

  28. Linda
    5 February 2018 / 23:03

    it’s all good, I think the problem is that it’s such a large block of solid coral. Could you try a large patterned scarf/shawl (with a pattern) over the top? I know that’s a lot of layers but it might break up the orange effect.

    • Greetje
      6 February 2018 / 17:59

      I haven’t got a clue what to do. So far I am happiest with the wrap loose over the printed top. Or as a blankie on the couch. Might prove to be useful on a coming trip by train to Paris in April as well.
      Adding another layer is not going to solve the bulkiness I am afraid.

  29. 6 February 2018 / 17:00

    I think it will be fine.Perhaps NOT your BEST COLOR.BUT IT LOOKS GOOD!

    • Greetje
      6 February 2018 / 21:57

      This was a thrift store purchase. That doesn’t count. It was very inexpensive and high quality. I would say this is a bloody good colour on me, but we differ in our opinions on this subject haha. For me it is the bulkiness which puts me off this outfit.
      I had a look round your blog. Highly entertaining. Left some comments.

      • Carol in VT
        10 February 2018 / 18:41

        Ha! Saying that a thrift store purchase doesn’t count is like saying broken cookies have no calories! But your posts always make me smile.
        At 4′ 11 and 1/2″ I could not pull off a wrap, scarf, or ruana without looking like a Hobbit hunkering down for the winter. So, enjoy the scarf when curling up on the sofa or on the cool spring nights when the extra layer can be wrapped around the printed blouse. The color is gorgeous.

        • Greetje
          11 February 2018 / 14:10

          I laughed out loud over your comparison of a thrift store purchase not counting is like saying broken cookies have no calories… whahaha. So funny. I will remember this one. As a spending and clothes addict, I will come up with every excuse in the book for justifying my terrible behaviour.
          You are indeed a petite. Have you ever visited these blogs? They are petites.

  30. lihbaiboun
    6 February 2018 / 17:21

    Hello – what an incredible colour! If you E V E R think of selling it – I would buy it
    immediately!!! And by the way I find it best on you loose, without belt, it is much
    more “cool” …. (if ever anybody asks my opinion) ;o)))

    Best from Munich.

    • Greetje
      6 February 2018 / 18:03

      Oh yes, I am always interested in my reader’s opinion, so thank you for giving it. I agree with you on both: the colour is so pretty and wearing it loose is the best way of all. I am afraid if I ever want to get rid of it, I would give it to my friend Marianne. She loves these things, is always cold and it is her colour too. Sorry.

  31. Karen
    7 February 2018 / 17:09

    Hello, Greetje!

    The coral ruana is truly lovely on you. Although, I can see why you felt you had too much fabric when belting it (as I was wearing a wrap). The lambswool is far thicker than that of the woven material I’m wearing. It sounds like you know which of these looks suits your style best.

    I had to laugh at your description of, “The Flying Nun,” tribute picture 💕 I found it beautiful and artsy. You didn’t look like you were about to take flight – you’re so funny.

    I think this will be a lovely piece to take and wear on the train to Paris. The colour is stunning on you. It looks chic as well as bringing you warmth. As well, your necklaces are truly lovely.

    I enjoyed reading your blog, laughing with you and appreciating your creative stylings.

    All the best to you from Canada.

    • Greetje
      7 February 2018 / 22:04

      That is nice of you Karen to stop by and comment. Thank you. Well, we solved that question then. My ruana is indeed too thick for wearing it like this. But I will definitely benefit from it on my way to Paris.

  32. 7 February 2018 / 23:25

    I think you are too critical of yourself Greetje. It’s a lovely colour on you and your necklaces are beautiful – I had a look at your post featuring your collection…OMG…necklace heaven! Karen’s wrap looks tighter around the arms so maybe that’s why it doesn’t look how you wanted it to. You could try it with a different wrap in a thinner material, it might make all the difference. Still a lovely outfit though!

    Emma xxx

    • Greetje
      8 February 2018 / 07:08

      Karen commented on my coral wrap outfit. And indeed, mine is a ruana. I had never heard of it and confused it with a wrap, which is what she is wearing. As you thought, much thinner material. It will still be of use as a loose throw-over while travelling.

  33. 8 February 2018 / 14:18

    It’s not only a fabulous color, it’s also a lovely wrap!, and I think you made a good job trying all the possibilities and sharing them with us, so fab to see your post!
    I don’t think on this as a faux pas, as you look really elegant and I love the color combo and the accessorizing!. It’s some kind of ‘fashion in progress’.
    Creating something flattering with a big wrap is a real challenge for me, so I’m taking notes on your experience!

    • Greetje
      9 February 2018 / 06:49

      I thought, why only share successes? We learn a lot more from our failures. And it makes life a little less fake. All these pretty perfect pictures on the internet, I contribute to that as well. Time for a contra act.

  34. 8 February 2018 / 19:10

    Love the color, but I do think the material is too thick for belting. Loose looks great, though. You could also try wearing it as a wrap over a jacket, coat or blazer. Just a thought. We have to try different things, right? Glad you still showed us, even if you weren’t totally happy with it. – Amy

    • Greetje
      9 February 2018 / 06:51

      I have to be careful throwing this wrap over a coat or blazer as it is wool. Before you know it, your lovely black coat is covered in coral wool. I think I will wear it loose. Nice on long train rides for instance.

  35. Karen B
    8 February 2018 / 23:29

    The outfits with the wrap draped over you with the patterned top and pinned over a plain black top were definitely my favorites !!!! The material looks thickish to be belted but when worn unbelted gives a really good drape and shape and does suit you. The colour is gorgeous and I think the wrap makes a unique and very stylish outfit. I admire your way of thinking and the way you put things together ( & your sense of humour too !)

    • Greetje
      9 February 2018 / 06:56

      Ah.. that is sweet of you. Thanks for the compliments. Trials like these aren’t my favourite pasttime. I get desperate. I agree with you that loose over the printed top is really te best way to wear this unruly piece of fabric. Indeed too thick to belt.

  36. 9 February 2018 / 16:36

    I love this post. I would have to reject the whole “look” for myself because it would just make me look rounder and wider and oh my. This is a style for a tall, slender lady, for sure. That coral color is so beautiful, but it is the very color I gravitate towards in shops and then, when I hold it up, it totally does not work with my coloring, hair, etc. It’s perfect for blondes like you and my sister. Good for you giving this a try! We never know what will work until we try.

    • Greetje
      9 February 2018 / 19:17

      That is so true Scotti. My green print T-shirt dress which I posted a cou0le of weeks ago, for instance, looks so good yet I was convinced it would show all my lumps and bumps when I went into the fitting room. And it didn’t! I still don’t know how or why, but I am sure glad I tried it on.
      And this ruana (as it seems to be called), will have its use too. It is a timeless piece. I may look fondly at it in 20 years haha.

  37. 12 February 2018 / 13:54

    Hi there. Coral not being one of my colors, I had to look past that. This looks good just as a wrap or coverup. I do not like it with the belt. You said you do not really like it, right? Can you return it?? I always end up returning things I decide I don’t like.

    • Greetje
      12 February 2018 / 19:48

      I should have brought it back but it is such a nice wooly, such a snuggle thing. And coral is my colour (any kind of reds really), so I decided to keep it. And otherwise I have a friend who would love it. It was inexpensive.

  38. Elaine
    12 February 2018 / 15:15

    I’m late in posting but I have some thoughts. To my eye, the combination of coral and black is not the best option. The look would be softer and more pleasing with light neutrals underneath. White, ecru or other light warm shade for pants or jean and a suitable top. I think your beautiful necklaces would stand out more as would the orange shoes. Like you, I’m an inverted triangle shape and find it hard not to look top heavy. The first belted look and the fourth open shawl look are the most flattering stylings to me.

    • Greetje
      12 February 2018 / 19:50

      The biggest problem with the ruana (I now know it is called a ruana rather than a wrap), is that it is too thick, too much bulk when you belt it. So I have decided to either use it on that beautiful but cold silk printed top and wear it open. Or use it to snuggle up on the couch.

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