Black IRO bootsOh I paid deerly for this shoot. In lots of ways. One, because these black IRO boots are too high for a person with a bad knee. Even for 15 minutes, which is how long the photo shoot lasted. Two, because it was very, very cold. And three, because I had sworn not to buy anything anymore and failed miserably.

I blame my colleague for the breaking of my promise (which is of course total bull as there is only one person responsible and that is me). I have been avoiding getting tempted for months now by not going into town and if I had to, by not going into shops. The thrift store was my little indulgence. My colleague (and friend) knew very well how much in love I was with her IRO boots (she had to prevent me from drooling all over them). And she knew my spending curfew. Nevertheless she sent me the link to the online store where they were 50% off. In one size only… my size. Of course it is the devil who raised the temptation. Whispering in my ear: “These were the boots you searched for so long and couldn’t find. Now they are heavily reduced and in size 39… that must be fate, a little angel is sending them your way.” No little angel at all, just the devil, testing me and I failed. I am still glad I bought them though (naughty).

Below: This is how cold it was. See my red nose?

Black IRO boots

Below: We started by testing the camera settings with my coat still on and my flat, comfy booties on.

Below: Now for a bit of truth. You will see two collages of the various stages of my peeling off layers and putting on the boots. This is how it really was, before the nice blog pictures. The raw reality of a bag lady.

Below: After all that, it took me a while to get my face in a smile….

Black IRO boots

Below: Ah.. found my smile. Been to the hair dresser this week after I let it grow a little longer.

Black IRO boots

Below: I tried sitting down as standing wasn’t that comfortable. The skirt is from the Max Mara outlet, shown before with my eye shirt.

Black IRO boots

Below: Ok, one more standing photo, as long as I can hold on to something. The top you have seen before on my orange leather pencil skirt and on my cream jeans. The green bag was in the first post I ever published on my blog.

Black IRO boots

Below: The details and the black IRO boots in full glory. They are suede, as you can see. The thick heringbone polka dot hold-ups (thigh highs) add some interest I think. They are the reason I didn’t put a necklace on.

Black IRO boots suede

Below: The green bag, bought in Rome years ago. Plus some Dutch tulips.

Green bag

Have to think of something for next week. Glad this time I put a skirt on. It is getting more difficult.


No Fear of Fashion





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