Purple velvet jacket

Purple velvet jacketThis outfit with the purple velvet jacket was put together by me and myself. Shopping your closet is always a good idea, but never really my favourite pastime. I know, I know, many of you are frowning now. Not very sustainable. But look at if from another point of view. All the clothes and shoes I buy support many families. Honest, hard working people manufacturing beautiful clothes, hoping to sell them (to me). Then, when I no longer want these clothes, I give them to friends. Someone has got to start the sustainable chain of second hand clothes. Let it be me. Only not for a couple of months. I will return to help the economy thrive in May (??), perhaps even sooner.

Knee problems

My knee problems were getting worse up to a point I had to see a surgeon. I was afraid it might be a loose splinter, but the first diagnose is inflammation. So I got an injection and medication for a month. Fingers crossed this is it.

The outfit

We were going to visit friends and the sun was out that day. Ron suggested to take blog pictures on our way over. Oh yes please. But I really could not walk much, so we had to limit the shoot to just a couple of photos in front of a building. It is not going to be a very exciting post, nevertheless, it is a post.

Below: Not that windy, not that warm. (Charlie photobombing.) I cannot show you this, but when the sun hits this purple velvet jacket it lights up, sparks are flying. Stupid thing is, this jacket looks blue in the photos and it really is purple. Very purple.

Purple velvet jacket

Below: The bag. Bought at the Max Mara outlet a couple of years ago. It is by Marina Rinaldi.

Below: Hide and seek..

Purple velvet jacket

Below: We went indoors which of course diminished the light by 80% or so. We weren’t carrying a tripod and extra light with us. (We did buy these things. Never took the time to explore them.) Hideous light, but this is the purple I was talking about.

Purple velvet jacket

Below: At our friends’ house. The top I am wearing is by Kenzo. Posted before in the summer version (terrible photos in those days).

Purple velvet jacket

Below: Another one. Looks quite good this outfit in that chair.

Purple velvet jacket

Below: We tried another pose but the indoor light was really bad. Oh.. forgot to mention, the white jeans are by Citizens of Humanity. Bought in the thrift shop Kat& Ko last summer. The boots are of course my Fly London boots.

Purple velvet jacket

Below: One last picture to wave goodbye.

Purple velvet jacket

Next week a funny story only some of you have seen before, but is worth reading again. I can still laugh over it. Full blown outfit post again on March 4 (nice one). I am planning ahead.


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  1. Mary Margreiter
    18 February 2018 / 17:26

    Hi Greetje,

    I have knee problems, too. A friend just told me to take Braunhirse (red millet). It’s strengthens the joints and bones and also reduces inflammation. So, that’s a whole lot better than an injection. If at all possible, never let anyone poke anything into your knee joint (hypodermic needles, arthroscopes etc.). I just started to take the Braunhirse a few days ago, so I can’t comment on it yet, but I was told it’s great.

    It comes all ground fine. You don’t have to cook it, just stir it into your muesli, pudding, soup, smoothie etc. It’s also supposed to be great for good thick hair. I’ll settle for the knees.

    Big hug,

    • Greetje
      18 February 2018 / 17:56

      If it is good for the knees I say YAY, but if it is also good for thick hair, I will worship it. I saw that it is gluten free as well so I will see what and how. Thanks for the tip.
      As for the injection… I already got one last Wednesday and the pain went down that same evening. Now that I am walking a bit more (since Saturday), the pain comes back a little bit, so I will be very careful not to overdo things.

    • 18 February 2018 / 23:44

      I’m going to try this too! I also have bad knees and thin hair, so thank you for the tip! xx

  2. 18 February 2018 / 17:54

    I’m sorry about your knee, Greetje….it makes even the simple things seem so hard!
    And you’re going to laugh, but I always have that same rationale for shopping. We are here to support others!!
    I used to have a couple of velvet blazers, but gave them away when they didn’t fit anymore. I guess I’ll just have to go support some more companies…ha ha!!

    • Greetje
      18 February 2018 / 18:04

      I hear a lot of stories these past months of people younger than me, who died of cancer. Left and right. And that always makes me think “how much time have I got left on this earth?” The knee problems highlighted even further that prancing around in nice clothes on high heels, might be over in a flash. And that does not help to stop me from spending. Mind you, yesterday I went into town again after sitting on my bum for a week. I felt fine, but after walking 4 small streets I had to head back. Which means that shopping (the old fashioned way) is still not on my list. But just you wait my dear sales assistants.. I will be back.

  3. 18 February 2018 / 18:02

    I’m sorry to hear that you knee is still bothering you. I have my fingers crossed the meds will put you right again. When our health isn’t good nothing is.

    Love this beautiful blazer and the fact that you shopped your closet even if you don’t really care for it the outfit turned out smashing.


    • Greetje
      18 February 2018 / 18:08

      I am getting better at shopping my closet. It has its merits not being able to go into town haha. Next week you will see another closet outfit. You are going to be proud of me.
      As for the knee.. hmm, everything went hunky dory after the injection. But when I started walking again yesterday, I had to give up after 4 small streets. And the pain returned today. Not much, but still. It was going so nicely. I will be very careful not to overdo it as you are so right. Health is everything.

  4. 18 February 2018 / 18:26

    That’s a fabulous jacket and I like how you’ve styled it with the white jeans. Hope your knee is better soon!! Painful joints are no fun.

    • Greetje
      18 February 2018 / 19:48

      The knee was getting better. A lot. Then it went downhill again today. I am sad. Oh well, we’ll see.

  5. 18 February 2018 / 19:26

    I know your first paragraph is intended to be humorous, and it is, but it is also SO true! You are really giving me pause for thought. You are right…there would be no consignment or thrift stores or second hand if no one bought brand new. Huh…

    So happy you managed to catch the purple in that indoor shot. Regal!

    • 18 February 2018 / 19:28

      Oh…and I intended on commiserating over the painful knee. Thankfully, no surgery…and I hope things start to improve with the injection.

      • Greetje
        18 February 2018 / 19:51

        The knee did improve. Very quickly. Then today it went downhill again. Trying to keep my spirits up. Perhaps I need a retail fix 😇😊.

  6. 18 February 2018 / 20:33

    Such a stylish outfit. You really look great here. Your overall fitness helps. We all look better when we’re fit. Good luck with the knee.

    • Greetje
      18 February 2018 / 20:47

      It is an outfit I styled myself. And from my closet. Double cheers 😊😇. The knee was doing great until today. Pain again. Oh well. One day this will be over. I just hope sooner rather than later.

  7. 18 February 2018 / 21:23

    I hope your knee will heel soon, it can be very painful. I never liked velvet until I received a velvet pleated skirt. Never knew it wears fantastic!

    • Greetje
      18 February 2018 / 21:57

      Try sequins.. now that can be difficult. The sequins on your sleeves get caught in the sequins of your top. A velvet jacket only has the “problem” it is hard to get into a coat.

  8. 18 February 2018 / 21:27

    That jacket is absolutely beautiful and I love that you paired it with white! Such a beautiful contrast. Sorry you are having knee problems. I hope the injections will work and you’ll be feeling better soon. – Amy

    • Greetje
      18 February 2018 / 21:58

      I am hoping the same for my knee Amy. Things were really looking up last week, but it went downhill again today. Oh well.. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. I shall have to have more patience. I tried the jacket and the top with jeans first but it got a bit dark and gloomy. Hence the white jeans.

  9. 18 February 2018 / 23:47

    Fingers crossed for your knee, Greetje. I have huge problems with one of mine, so I know what a pain it is. I love the colour of purple of the jacket in your indoor shot. It was my favourite colour as a child, so that rich royal colour (and in VELVET!) hits a sweet spot with me. I agree that the white jeans lighten it all up and make it look fun and bright and keep the focus on that amazing jacket. Beautiful, as always, lady. xx

    • Greetje
      19 February 2018 / 07:09

      Oh what a misery, such a knee. Especially for you with a husband working and a child. I can work from home most of the time and I have a retired husband who helps me. Makes it easier.
      I am sending lots of healing thoughts. You never know…

  10. JoAnn Moran
    19 February 2018 / 00:59

    Hi Gretje,

    I love your blog and you’re adorable. I have knee issues too. I may try the red millet the previous commenter spoke about. I have seen so many knee surgeries go wrong. I’m thinking of stem cell therapy. Acupuncture helps a lot. I also buy a pain cream on Amazon called Penetrex that is life saving. If you’re ever in the Denver, Colorado area I’d love to take you to lunch. Let us know if anything works for your knees. BTW, I’m 57, and the body does get wear and tear.

    • Greetje
      19 February 2018 / 20:36

      I have heard a lot of knee surgery gone wrong. So when the orthopedist said he thought it was inflammation I was very pleased : “no surgery”.
      It seems to work but I am still far from walking the marathon yet. Thank you for the compliments. You make me vain haha.

    • Greetje
      19 February 2018 / 07:10

      Hahaha, you are pulling my leg.

  11. 19 February 2018 / 04:38

    This outfit is perfect from head to toe!

    Sorry to read about your knee issues. Wishing you strength and hope this will get sorted out soon.

    • Greetje
      19 February 2018 / 07:12

      Perfect? I even got a 10? Wow. Didn’t think that when I styled it. Thanks a lot.
      The knee? Hmm.. I was very optimistic after the injection. As the pain returned yesterday, I panicked a bit. It is better again today but I think I cannot walk very far (as in not 100 meters). We will see.

  12. Marilee Gramith
    19 February 2018 / 04:48

    I get just as much of a thrill from finding something I love in a consignment shop as I do purchasing a new item. I’ve reached the point where I have many basics along with items in my closet that I haven’t even worn yet. It feels good to shop from a closet where I’ve chosen everything on display!!
    I’m so sorry that your knee is causing you pain and curtailing your normally active life Greetje. I have three friends who have had knee replacement surgery so I do know it’s a common ailment. I hope your recent treatments do the trick for you. You certainly look beautiful in your purple velvet blazer Greetje. A picture of health!!

    • Greetje
      19 February 2018 / 07:17

      Hah.. a picture of health, yes looks can be so deceiving right? No just kidding. I feel fine. As long as I sit down. As soon as I started walking 100 meters, my knee protested and the pain came back. That threw me. Today is better again and I will not walk more than a few paces. See how it goes.
      I don’t have anything in my closet which I haven’t worn, by the way. I am always so excited over a new purchase, I want to wear it immediately. Oh wait a minute, a pair of red trousers from the thrift shop. Those I haven’t worn yet. Bought them end of the summer.

  13. 19 February 2018 / 15:59

    Hahaha you di make me laugh lady! Of course with a poorly knee I will have to agree that you start the second hand chain just out of sympathy 😉
    Velvet is lush isn’t it? And rich royal purple is the lushest of lush, yum yum. Great fresh touch pairing white Greetje xx

    • Greetje
      19 February 2018 / 20:39

      I am really surprised so many people really love this outfit. I thought it was OK, but not more than that. Just goes to show, I am not a stylist. A stylist would know. Having this bad knee is helping not to spend money as I am an old school shopper and I cannot go into town. But on the other hand it also made me realize I might not have that many years left of high heels and good health. Which is really fuelling my spending desire.

  14. 19 February 2018 / 18:06

    Hello Greetje,
    I adore this outfit. That particular shade purple is very striking and it suits you very beautifully. I know I commented about this on Instagram and a fellow blogger described that color best.
    I love the white jeans and kudos to you for buying them in a thrift store. Citizens of humanity is a great brand. The white is very crisp against the deep indigo purple.
    I wouldn’t worry your conscience over your buying habits. You do support lots of emerging designers and retailers that very much need your business. You do not shop fast fashion I think that is where the real problem is. And you are right. Someone has the to start the very first piece of sustainable purchasing. ! ! !
    I also really like the prints of the top you were wearing .

    I am really sorry to hear about your knee. That is no fun at all. I hope the injections helped somewhat. My husband had a knee replacement and while it took a while to recover, it helped him immensely. I hope you do not have to get to that point.
    Happy new week!


    • Greetje
      19 February 2018 / 20:42

      Indeed I do not shop fast fashion. Mainly because I like (and can afford) quality but also because I am always afraid the low price is because children made the clothes in very poor circumstances. As for the knee, I am still thinking that the injection and the medication work. I just have to be more patient. Not my biggest virtue.

      • 22 February 2018 / 19:17

        I applaud your ethical sentiments. I also try and shop that way. I truly hope that the injections work. I do hear very good things about them.

  15. Karen Ball
    20 February 2018 / 21:17

    Hi Greetje,

    Such a lovely outfit, you have a fabulous figure and I am so jealous of you in your white jeans !!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that injection does the trick, did read about green lipped mussel extract being good for joints. There seems to be more research these days into nutrition and supplements doesn’t there ?!
    Had to laugh about your comment about shopping……I tell my husband I am keeping the UK economy afloat !

    • Greetje
      23 February 2018 / 07:45

      Well Karen, keeping the economy afloat… somebody has to do it. Why not us? Thank you for your compliments about my figure. Like every woman I have my issues (belly, no hips, no bum, broad shoulders and big boobs. We all have body issues (except for the very few). Trick is to work around it which I am getting good at after so many years. I am quite surprised this outfit got so much approval. I thought it was all right. Seems it is better than that. What do I know eh?

  16. 21 February 2018 / 21:56

    That jacket is sublime and I love your outfit – you are able to smile through pain, that is pretty impressive. get fully well soon

    • Greetje
      23 February 2018 / 07:48

      Thanks Juliet, although this jacket is really old (10 years?), I just couldn’t part with it. It is a great colour (even more so in real life) and very good quality.
      I am not smiling through pain though. When I was just standing, I felt no pain. Walking gave me pain. It is (very slowly) getting better.

  17. Jill
    24 February 2018 / 17:48

    I always love your outfits and especially the unusual color combinations. I also have had a bad knee. After a bad summer of painful and swollen knees, I had a replacement on the worst knee. The best improvement in my lifestyle one coul ever want. I walk more and enjoy and antipate the walk of the day. My sister commented that my face looks younger, no more pain! Best of all, no more pain in the other hip and knee. Before the surgery I found myself clenching my teeth at night, I also had jaw pain. Didn’t eat much, and lost some weight.
    After surgery, I have lost more weight, I think because I get out and exercise more, don’t think about food much, have fun looking at blogs and updating my look and wardrobe. A year after surgery I get so many compliments on my looks, I wear higher heels, skinny jeans, tuck in shirts and look great in those clothes that were too tight a few years ago.
    The surgery is painful for about a week. Do your exercises and ride the stationary bike befriend and after your surgery to build the muscles that support your knee. Within a month after surgery you will be in really great shape, maybe not heels for a while. In east in some really good walking shoes and maybe get good supports to put in them. Walking with no pain will really change your life. I hope the shot starts working better and the supplements, but don’t waste too much of life in pain.

    • Greetje
      25 February 2018 / 17:51

      I think the orthopeed was right and it is inflammation of my knee. I don’t think I need surgery. Just hoping this inflammation will be solved soon. Great that your knee (and knee related) problems are solved. Nothing like lacking good health to appreciate it so much more when you get it back. I can underdstand your face looks younger now. Pain really ages.

  18. Trish
    25 February 2018 / 10:54

    So sorry to hear about your knee. I hope the medication sorts it out. Cold weather never helps. The outfit is lovely and optimistic for cold weather. I am so tired of dull colours at this time of year. Let’s have more purple!

    • Greetje
      25 February 2018 / 17:54

      Any kind of cheerful colour will di, right?
      The knee is getting better but ever so slowly and patience is not one of my virtues.

  19. Rebecca
    25 February 2018 / 16:51

    I really feel for you about your knee pain. Within about 1 1/2 years, I had a total knee replacement, a revision surgery to that same knee and 2 previous arthroscopic surgeries as well as all the shots. However, it does get better eventually and I am a very fast walker (live in NYC), go to the gym (but modify some exercises) and work as a p/t sales assistant. So there is life after knee pain! Be careful on uneven walking surfaces (like cobblestones) but enjoy your life and be as active as you can. There is nothing wrong with shopping and enjoying clothes in my book as long as no one gets hurt. Just think how much needed fun and beauty you are bringing to the world.

    • Greetje
      25 February 2018 / 17:57

      I will think about all the fun and beauty I will bring haha. What a perfect shoppibg excuse. Thanks.
      The knee is getting better but very very slowly. I am not a patient person 😉.

  20. 25 February 2018 / 21:13

    I love your hide-and-seek photo. So fun! And the outfit does look great in that chair. I like this outfit all around. The purple must be so rich and luxurious – I see glimpses of it. But sorry to hear about your knee! At least the injection helped for a while. I hope that if you take it easy for a while it will mend itself. But you need to TAKE IT EASY! Hahaha. I know that’s hard for you. At least your closet must be huge and you will have many things to play with for a while.

    • Greetje
      26 February 2018 / 09:08

      You are right Melanie, my closet is huge. It is the photographing of the outfits that is really hard in the cold winter. I need big (public) buildings with high windows letting in lots of light.
      My knee is forcing me to take it easy. Every time when I think “oh it is a lot better, let me see whether I can walk the distance of a street or perhaps two streets, I am knocked back. Never mind, it will pass.

  21. 26 February 2018 / 08:33

    Yes, the jacket does look blue in the photos. I love purple so I’ll have to imagine it as a purple one. Sorry to hear about your knee. As a girl with crunchy and sore knees I sympathise. I take a glucosamine tablet every day – it helps a bit I think.

  22. Greetje
    26 February 2018 / 09:12

    They do say that glucosamine helps. On the other hand the pharmaceutical industry will lie through their teeth to sell anything. Hard to know, but I did hear good things about it.
    Let’s see what rest and the pills (diclofenac) will bring me. Sorry to hear that your knees are permanently sore. Such difficult thing to live with.
    I will have to work on my photographing skills. I mean… purple looking blue? That cannot be that difficult to fix, right?

    • Greetje
      26 February 2018 / 16:49

      You should see it in its real colour: warm purple… a very nice jacket.

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