Purple velvet jacketThis outfit with the purple velvet jacket was put together by me and myself. Shopping your closet is always a good idea, but never really my favourite pastime. I know, I know, many of you are frowning now. Not very sustainable. But look at if from another point of view. All the clothes and shoes I buy support many families. Honest, hard working people manufacturing beautiful clothes, hoping to sell them (to me). Then, when I no longer want these clothes, I give them to friends. Someone has got to start the sustainable chain of second hand clothes. Let it be me. Only not for a couple of months. I will return to help the economy thrive in May (??), perhaps even sooner.

Knee problems

My knee problems were getting worse up to a point I had to see a surgeon. I was afraid it might be a loose splinter, but the first diagnose is inflammation. So I got an injection and medication for a month. Fingers crossed this is it.

The outfit

We were going to visit friends and the sun was out that day. Ron suggested to take blog pictures on our way over. Oh yes please. But I really could not walk much, so we had to limit the shoot to just a couple of photos in front of a building. It is not going to be a very exciting post, nevertheless, it is a post.

Below: Not that windy, not that warm. (Charlie photobombing.) I cannot show you this, but when the sun hits this purple velvet jacket it lights up, sparks are flying. Stupid thing is, this jacket looks blue in the photos and it really is purple. Very purple.

Purple velvet jacket

Below: The bag. Bought at the Max Mara outlet a couple of years ago. It is by Marina Rinaldi.

Below: Hide and seek..

Purple velvet jacket

Below: We went indoors which of course diminished the light by 80% or so. We weren’t carrying a tripod and extra light with us. (We did buy these things. Never took the time to explore them.) Hideous light, but this is the purple I was talking about.

Purple velvet jacket

Below: At our friends’ house. The top I am wearing is by Kenzo. Posted before in the summer version (terrible photos in those days).

Purple velvet jacket

Below: Another one. Looks quite good this outfit in that chair.

Purple velvet jacket

Below: We tried another pose but the indoor light was really bad. Oh.. forgot to mention, the white jeans are by Citizens of Humanity. Bought in the thrift shop Kat& Ko last summer. The boots are of course my Fly London boots.

Purple velvet jacket

Below: One last picture to wave goodbye.

Purple velvet jacket

Next week a funny story only some of you have seen before, but is worth reading again. I can still laugh over it. Full blown outfit post again on March 4 (nice one). I am planning ahead.


No Fear of Fashion




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