This is going to be a quick post. About my yellow lightweight summer jacket.
You have seen it before in my post of my trip to Paris. Such an easy piece. Doesn’t even crease.
I bought the blouse and the jacket at the same shop in Zwolle where I bought my black and white striped jacket.
And in Paris I found the second blouse at Kenzo. Together with a blue jacket but you will see that in a different post.

Usually I buy tops and jackets to wear with skirts and dresses, so I am pleased I found things to wear in my free time. Why not look smart on your day off ehh? Please your husband instead of walking around in jogging trousers and a shirt. Which I don’t but still, I am usually simply dressed. And the poor soul is giving me so many lovely clothes, like this Kenzo top.
Before you start thinking that I am “a kept woman”… I am not: I work full time and pay for my own clothes.
I just have a generous man. A matter of doing some research before you get married.. hahah, no, no don’t take this seriously. I am only joking. Love the man.

The photos are a bit vague. You know my photographing skills…




Below: the Kenzo blouse. See the little (fake) pocket?



Below: a bit too much light on this yellow jacket makes it impossible to really see it. The first photos show it better, but I wanted to show it to you with the Kenzo blouse.


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