Yellow summer jacket

This is going to be a quick post. About my yellow lightweight summer jacket.
You have seen it before in my post of my trip to Paris. Such an easy piece. Doesn’t even crease.
I bought the blouse and the jacket at the same shop in Zwolle where I bought my black and white striped jacket.
And in Paris I found the second blouse at Kenzo. Together with a blue jacket but you will see that in a different post.

Usually I buy tops and jackets to wear with skirts and dresses, so I am pleased I found things to wear in my free time. Why not look smart on your day off ehh? Please your husband instead of walking around in jogging trousers and a shirt. Which I don’t but still, I am usually simply dressed. And the poor soul is giving me so many lovely clothes, like this Kenzo top.
Before you start thinking that I am “a kept woman”… I am not: I work full time and pay for my own clothes.
I just have a generous man. A matter of doing some research before you get married.. hahah, no, no don’t take this seriously. I am only joking. Love the man.

The photos are a bit vague. You know my photographing skills…




Below: the Kenzo blouse. See the little (fake) pocket?



Below: a bit too much light on this yellow jacket makes it impossible to really see it. The first photos show it better, but I wanted to show it to you with the Kenzo blouse.




  1. 30 May 2013 / 18:34

    I think your husband must be very happy and fun with you. I love both blouses, especially the first, stamping is soft and delicate, very beautiful. Although the second also is beautiful. Again I get the doubt with your looks! The jacket is beautiful, although I already said the other day;) In short, looks beautiful, as always, or almost always 🙂 LOL

    • 30 May 2013 / 20:15

      When I told my husband what you had written, he tried to deny it haha.Fortunately you do not always agree with my choices. Although I try to please you. LOL

  2. Marianne van den Berg
    30 May 2013 / 20:40

    First your new garden house and fence look great. Now about you. I love this jacket and your 2 tops look fabulous with it . Aren’t you a little bit accessorising to much, that you pick your ladder in the same colour as your top. I like the shape of the first top, that it is longer in the back and has a panther pattern in pastel shades. The Kenzo top is great too, so one of a kind.

  3. 31 May 2013 / 07:31

    Here you go again, making us all laugh. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man (even if you had to do some research). There is nothing better than a man who knows how to get to a women’s heart, especially when it comes to shopping and clothes. Now to your outfit, your first blouse is breathtakinly beautiful, I love how the cut is so flowy. The kenzo blouse is also beautiful but in more of a fun way, the pattern is awesome. I agree with you on finding a blazer that works so well with jeans, great way to dress them up a bit.I will let you in on a secret, I love running around in gym shorts (jogging shorts) and a tee shirt for a good portion of the mornings.

    • 31 May 2013 / 19:47

      Oh …he knows how to please me! He lit the path with candles.I am a jacket-and-necklace-girl. Jackets suit me. When they are soft and you don’t feel them, they are the nicest. Especially if you wear them in your spare time with jeans.And eh… my secret is: on a Sunday morning I usually sit in my bathrobe, hair a mess, no make-up while I could have gotten dressed. It would not take that much effort. I love it and feel guilty at the same time.

    • 1 June 2013 / 22:03

      No he did not. Just in my imagination. Haha. I meant “the path to my heart”. LOLI feel guilty about the bathrobe because my husband has to see me like that. Not a pretty sight.

  4. Happiness at Mid Life
    31 May 2013 / 08:15

    Greetje – I love your sense of humor – this post really made me LOL!!! I think it is sweet that your hubby knows what you like and can pick out clothes for you. My hubby, on the other hand, would be scared to walk into a clothing store let alone know that to buy for me. But that’s okay, I do enough damage on my own.Now onto your outfits, I love both tops with this yellow blazer. I am jealous that you found a blazer that doesn’t wrinkle – that’s a perfect piece of clothing! I don’t really wear my blazers outside of work either but I am trying to mxi my wardrobe a little a bit to get more mileage out of my

    • 31 May 2013 / 19:49

      Yes I can also do a lot of damage on my own. You would think he would not want to make matters worse, but here you go.I like your remark about “getting more mileage out of my clothes”. You are just as bad as I am: you have so much, you don’t need to get more mileage out of your clothes. Hahaha

  5. 31 May 2013 / 19:41

    Greetje, the soft yellow jacket and the Kenzo shirt are outstanding! I also like the first blouse because of its oft hues and texture.I like the fact that you like to dress up just to be around the house or around your husband and there is nothing wrong with that.As a Latino women, I’m used to dress up even to go to the supermarket.I like the fact that you make sure to let us know that you are an independent women and I’m glad that you got yourself a good man. By the way does he has any single bother around 48 years old? I’m asking just in case!!!!

    • 3 June 2013 / 02:15

      Well I’m not into either one of those (older or married) but thanks for letting me know!Have a great week my dear,

  6. 1 June 2013 / 00:09

    I really like that Kenzo blouse – great choice! I think the colors and patterns make it really unique but it would still pair well with a lot of other items.

    • 1 June 2013 / 22:01

      I am still looking for other options. It is such a nice blouse, that I want to wear it without a jacket as well, but the sleeves are a bit short for my wrinkled arms…(Thanks for commenting again. After I deleted you by accident twice.)

  7. 1 June 2013 / 08:46

    A woman of my own heart. I love sitting around in my bathrobe. The only difference is I never feel any guilt what so ever.He seriously lit the path with candles? That is wonderful!

  8. 1 June 2013 / 21:59

    Lots of women have asked the same question. Alas, his brother is older AND married.

  9. 2 June 2013 / 15:24

    Love the jacket & both tops. A jacket that doesn’t wrinkle is a great find and perfect for traveling. And I agree with you about putting a little more thought in our downtime clothing. It’s nice to look nice for our guys.

    • 2 June 2013 / 17:12

      It certainly is nice to look good for the guys. This morning (Sunday) I sat on the couch in my nighty, having a cup of coffee before getting ready. Looking like death warmed up. My husband looked at me and said he felt “in love with me”. Now that made me laugh!!! Still it is sweet.

  10. 2 June 2013 / 20:08

    Yellow is such a fun color! I love the jacket on you. I’m sure it will get lots of wear.

    • 2 June 2013 / 20:35

      Together with a blue Kenzo jacket and two other tops, I have a lot of options.

  11. RedTagChicLosAngeles
    2 June 2013 / 21:04

    Hahaha… the age of Google, it’s not hard to research before you leap!!! The 1st top (love the high-low hem) is too pretty to hide beneath that equally pretty yellow blazer. I see you’re really so tall my friend….you’re as tall as that cute garden house!!!Rebecca

    • 2 June 2013 / 21:44

      I found Ron at work. So corny. But it was way before internet dating.And I am 5ft74. I will do a post about the shed, the fence and the garden soon.

  12. 2 June 2013 / 21:49

    here I am at last! The kenzo blouse is delightful with its fake pocket. I think the sleves are all right and your arms too. But what I find even more delightful is you in your 4° photo…

  13. 2 June 2013 / 23:28

    I don’t own anything in yellow and even don’t know if and which tone suits me! However, I have seen quite a few pieces in this trend colour. The blazer looks great on you and I especially like the first blouse – it looks great in pic.3 as it shows the unique asymmetric cut.You are so slim and with your sling pumps it is an allround great look, Greetje!AnnetteLady of Style

    • 3 June 2013 / 05:53

      There are people who say you should not be rigid with a colour scheme. And I agree. Still it has helped me a lot after I did one of these colour styling sessions. I knew 80% already by looking in the mirror but that extra 20% I did not know, makes a difference.

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