Green midi skirt Essentiel AntwerpWhat do you know?? I shopped my closet again! And found this green midi skirt by Essentiel Antwerp. You have seen it once before with a fuchsia top and black boots (photo at the bottom of this post). I like it with the fuchsia top but to me it is equally nice with the brown blouse. This is making more use of what you’ve got. Something most people do of course. I am just late to the party. Call me thick.

The knee is improving, but we are a long way away from being cured and wearing high heels I am afraid. Like at least a month? Then again, what is a month? Last Sunday when we took these photos, I only walked 100 meters (on flat shoes) and the whole shoot took 10 minutes. But boy oh boy, did that knee hurt in the evening. I was clearly too optimistic, thinking I was fine again …. 4 days after the injection… duh. What did I just say? Thick.

Ron kindly offered to take photos on that sunny day with little wind. Unfortunately, the spot he had chosen was blocked by a fence, so we went elsewhere and ended up in Zandvoort. Which is a very popular place by the sea. There are some streets with nice houses and little to no cars parked in the street, as they all have their own driveway (rare in The Netherlands). Posh area.

Below: At some point I saw this cute house.

Green midi skirt Essentiel Antwerp

Below: Ron tried to photograph me on those stairs but there was too much sunlight.

Green midi skirt Essentiel Antwerp

Below: To the other side of the street. Better, more shade. Found out my skirt was hanging lower at the front than at the back. “You have to pay attention to these things yourself”, my dear husband said. How can I? I cannot see myself, he can. Never mind, better luck with the next photo.

Below: Forgot to smile. I look a little sad. The cute brown mini bag makes its first appearance on the blog. The blouse is ancient, like 20 years old?

Green midi skirt Essentiel Antwerp

Below: Close-up of the brown bag. I bought it from a vendor at Etsy while ordering another mini bag. It is so cute and so totally useless. I can fit my credit card in there, my comb and my phone. But no lipstick and no contact lenses container. Using it as a clutch is an option but I prefer to use it as a shoulder bag.

Green midi skirt Essentiel Antwerp

Below: Here I am wearing it as a clutch. (It was sunny and there wasn’t much wind, but COLD! The cold makes my face age and my hair go funny. Tough titty.)

Green midi skirt Essentiel Antwerp

Below: The fabric of the skirt up close. It is rather thick (like me hahaha).

Green midi skirt Essentiel Antwerp

Below: By this time I just wanted to be in the car for warmth.

Green midi skirt Essentiel Antwerp

Below: Close-up of the peridot jewellery I was wearing: earrings, small necklace and ring. Isn’t this transparant deep green wonderful?

Peridot jewellery

Below: Close-up of the brown boots I bought at the Max Mara outlet a couple of years ago.

Brown boots Max Mara

Below: Let’s put that coat back on and go home. Tassels everywhere.

Green midi skirt Essentiel Antwerp

Below: This is the skirt with the fuchsia top. In case you forgot or didn’t see it.

Fuchsia top and green skirt by Essentiel

Next week I will give you a full report (lots of photos) of the goings-on behind a professional photo shoot.


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