UK Blog Awards 2017Right… that was fun! I attended the UK Blog Awards 2017. Not because I thought I could win. All I have is a modest Dutch blog although I write in (pidgin) English. No, it was because two of my blogger friends in the UK were nominated: Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb and Nikki of Midlife Chic. They were cheered on by most of the members of the Over40Collective. This group of women promotes fashion and style of women over 40. Only the seventh member of this Collective, Lizzy, couldn’t be there because it was her son’s birthday and she has her priorities right. I met all of them (and more bloggers) in May last year at the 3040 Blogger Meet, remember? That was fun too!

First let me introduce you to the bunch you see in the top photo with me grinning like an idiot on the left. They are all gorgeous, but I know they all have their individual body styling issues. Don’t be deceived by this glamour, they are normal women. Women who know how to style themselves well. I was wearing my tuxedo suit (more pictures of the suit in this post from 2013. The trousers have a line of sequins at the sides). The Paris necklace did a fine job, this time worn in a row of three.

Below: top row first, then bottom row and from left to right:

Annette The Lady of Style, Catherine Not Dressed as Lamb and Michelle Michelle Tyler

Michelle The Barefaced Chic, Nikki Midlife Chic and Lisa The Sequinist

Annette, Catherine and Michelle

Michelle, Nikki and Lisa

And the last one of the Over40Collective (not at the awards but celebrating her son’s birthday): Lizzy of What Lizzy Loves.

Lizzy (What Lizzy Loves) I thought I ought to mention her too. It must have been hard enough for her to miss this.

Below: Mr MC (Nikki’s husband), Michelle and Nikki. As they arrived we had a little chat. Nikki was wearing a faux fur jacket on her blue velvet jumpsuit.

Mr MC,Michelle (B) and Nikki

Below: Annette and Lisa arriving. Big hugs and kisses. And no, Annette wasn’t flushed, just bad photography on my part.

Annette and Lisa

Below: Annette wore a little bolero on her dress. Lisa’s flower dress is see-through but with a dress underneath it.

Annette (The Lady of Style) and Lisa (The Sequinist)

Below: Michelle, Catherine and Nikki. Not only were they dressed like professional catwalk models, they were also smart in wearing colourful clutches. I didn’t….. must invest in these.

Michelle (B), Catherine and Nikki

Below: Michelle (Tyler). I adored this dress as well. See.. another bright clutch and orange shoes. They add even more interest to this already beautiful dress.

Michelle (Retrochic Mama)

Below: Annette had taken her bolero off, looking so elegant. With perfect accessories, as always. Sorry for the blurry photo.

Annette (The Lady of Style)

Below: Lisa, Andrew (Michelle (B)’s husband and Michelle (B – of Barefaced Chic). Lisa loves bling, hence the necklace. She loves this bling so much, she decided to sell them in her online shop.

Lisa, Andrew and Michelle (B)

Below: Catherine’s husband Keith was also present to take photos (haven’t got a photo of him, but you can see him on his own blog: Silver Londoner). That didn’t mean Catherine left it all up to him to take pictures. She is a professional photographer (taught it as well) and makes perfect shots. Here she is taking a photo of Annette.

Catherine (Not Dressed as Lamb)

Below: in anticipation….

Catherine (Not Dressed as Lamb)

The event was big, with lots of guests and many categories. Fashion was ours of course.

Then…. drumroll… the 8 finalists of the category Fashion were shown and… Nikki came Second !! Woohoo. (I got this picture below of Michelle (B)’s video on her blog).

UK Blog Award 2017 Nikki came second

Below: oh yes Nikki was very pleased and rather shy about it.

Nikki (Midlife Chic)

What Catherine hadn’t expected, as she has been nominated twice before, happened this year. She was the winner of the UK Blog Award 2017, category Fashion. What a night!!

Below: a very short video of the proud moment when Catherine picked up her award.

Below: afterwards there was a group photo. Which I photobombed haha. No, not really, they were kind enough to ask me to join. (Credits photo: Michelle of The Barefaced Chic, or rather her husband.)

UK Blog Awards 2017

It was a memorable night and I had lots of fun with the girls. The next morning Catherine, Annette, Lisa and Michelle (R) met for brunch but I cannot show you any photos of that. They were all terrible. The brunch was heartwarming though. Afterwards I walked with Annette through Notting Hill Gardens and had lunch with her before flying back.

If you want to see more pictures of the UK Blog Award 2017 you should click on the links below. They will bring you to the posts of some of the others.

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