With Jacqueline of Petite Silver VixenLondon in April. Let’s start with the obligatory photo of two people on a terrace haha. There are always people willing to take a picture of the two of you (or more). Although this doesn’t do much for the artistic side of things, at least you have documented a happy occasion. In this case my meet-up with blogger Jacqueline of Petite Silver Vixen. And petite she is. With me being rather tall, the difference in size between us was magnified. That is only the outside. Inside we are much more alike. I met Jacqueline in May last year at the 3040 Blogger Meet, and I wanted to meet her again, if only for coffee.

I had been walking through Regent Street, Oxford Street and Covent Garden. The latter being by far the nicest area. As public transport in London is great and certainly the underground, you have no problem getting from one end of town to the other. I met Jacqueline in the hall of Liverpool Street Station.

Below: Jacqueline at the station, arriving from work. Trailing a trolley with work related stuff. Bit of a bad photo but it was really dark there, so forgive me.

Jacqueline of Petite Silver Vixen

Below: this is a proper photo of her. A bubbling, cheerful person, honest, funny and upbeat with terrific skin genes.

Jacqueline of Petite Silver Vixen

In the photo at the top I am wearing a new blouse which I had just bought at COS. Ridiculous really. There are enough COS stores in The Netherlands, so why buy something in this shop when you are in London? Cannot help it, they had lovely things. I could have bought 5 things, easy. Didn’t do that. I wasn’t that bad. Perhaps because I had the hand luggage to think of?

Below: Covent Garden. COS was right nextdoor to Eileen Fisher and I adore the simple lines and excellent quality of Eileen Fisher. I went in there first as this brand has no stores in The Netherlands. Alas, most of the colours were neutrals with only a bit of lime/yellow and I wanted lots of red and green, no yellow.

Covent Garden

Below: at the end of the passage above, is a pretty square with Jamie’s Italian restaurant in a corner. The food there was very tasteful and inexpensive. Nice staff and a very popular place.

Jamie's Italian

Below: street artist. Underneath his head is a piece of wood with nails sticking up. Very flexible guy.

Covent Garden

Below: on Long Acre from Leicester Square Station to Covent Garden Station. A nice green area with lovely shops. There is T K Maxx, where I was very tempted by an orange bag (Lancet), at a discount price. Only one street away from Long Acre are the expensive shops like Burberry in Kings Street.

London in April

I fell in love with mini bags displayed in the shop windows. Only the prices of the mini bags weren’t that mini. Which lead me to Zara when I got back home. They have loads of cute mini bags looking like a million dollar and costing little. I stacked them.

Below: the more expensive bags. Very cute I will admit that.

London in April, Covent Garden

Below: Regent Street. The Café Royal to be precise. I saw a lovely door with a doorman. I had to ask what was so important that he needed to be there. “Well, madam, this is a 5 star hotel. Would you like to see it?” Of course I would. He passed me on to a charming lady who showed me the original Café Royal from the old days. Now that is glitter and glamour.

Café Royal in London

When I told her that booking a room in a 5 star hotel was out of my league, she said: “Oh but you can also have lunch here or just drink a coffee.” She led me to the coffee salon.

Below: real flowers and artificial flowers in the windows of the café, making a pretty picture. Can you spot the guy in the bottom left corner of the first picture? He was such a good looker and sooo well dressed. His friend was even nicer. Less slick and no, they were not gay (I think). I had a very good view in all directions haha. The waitress agreed with my assessment.

Café Royal in London

The cappuccino in the café was very good. Only it cost 6 pounds 75, which is € 8. For one cappuccino. I went back to the nice lady who had shown me around and said I was very glad I only had a cappuccino and not lunch. We had a good laugh. It was a good thing I was on my own. So many of my friends (and Ron) would have been sooooo embarrassed.

Below: lovely pub. I waited forever to get a picture without people in it.

London in April

Below: lunch in a vegetarian restaurant where you had to assemble the food for your plate. Of course I never noticed the restaurant was vegetarian and inquired about a dish: “Is this meat or fish?”. Yeah right. You better think twice before going out with me. I do tend to embarrass a lot.

London in April

Below: in a street near Oxford Street I saw this beautiful building.

London in April . near Oxford Street

Below: Oxford Street itself was terrible. Touristy (in a very bad way), cheap shops, souvenir shops (tasteless ones), phone shops and an enormous amount of building activities. The only decent building I found in Oxford Street, as in good looking and modern, was Zara!! Looked very classy.

London in April, Oxford Street

Below: from Oxford Street I walked through a short street (Soho Street) to find a lovely little park. Big contrast.

London in April

Below: back to Covent Garden. From there I went to Liverpool Street Station. As I was looking at my map, a gentleman (my age) offered to guide me to the station. We had a nice chat while walking. Upon arriving at the station, he said: “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I find you very scrumptious. Do you know what scrumptious means?” Oh hell yes, I know what that means. I thanked him, mubbled something and ran off haha. I have only been picked out by a man because of my looks four times in my life. This was the fourth time. It made me giggle. Never too old.

London in April

Over to Saturday morning. As I said in my post of the UK Blog Awards, the photos of the girls and me having brunch are too aweful to show. After brunch Annette (The Lady of Style) and I went to Notting Hill Gardens to wander around and have lunch. Brunch, lunch.. you have to eat right?

Below: Notting Hill Gardens is a beautiful and posh neighbourhood, as you can see below. Look at that building in the middle with the lavender blue wisteria….

London in April, Notting Hill Gardens

Below: that is this house. Poor people who live there. Although I suppose they know what they are doing. Every tourist walking through that street did what Annette and I did…

London in April

Below: … posing in front of the house to take a photo. Lovely Annette.

Annette of The Lady of Style

Below: and at the side of the house hahaha. When I packed I thought the necklace would add a bit of pizazz to the outfit. Totally forgetting I was wearing sneakers. Sneakers and a statement necklace… hmm not that good.

London in April

Below: but the necklace itself is pretty. A friend of mine made it. I have about 15 different ones. See this post Chunky Necklaces.

chunky necklace

Below: had to take a photo of this fun car.

London in April, Notting Hill Gardens

Below: and this post ends the way it started… with a photo of two friends at a table haha. Having lunch this time. Have a look at Annette’s blog: The Lady of Style. She not only reports on this beautiful area but also gives tips about other areas to visit and places to eat.

With Annette of The Lady of Style


No Fear of Fashion

Head over to Adrienne’s and Jill’s How I wear my… ladylike elegance, this month. Amazing how much beauty there is to see. When we want to, we can look very, very good. Adrienne’s How I wear my.. shows different outfits than Jill’s How I wear my.. So be sure to visit them both.


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