Bright blue topNow, this, I believe, is a stunner of a photo. Ron had spotted a coleseed field and asked whether I had a bright blue top. Hah, as it so happened, I had this outfit lined up for the next photo shoot. The reasonable weather was over but the pretty yellow flowers were not going to wait for ideal circumstances. Rain was expected at 11 a.m and we left the house at 9.30 a.m. Talk about cutting it short. 

It was cold and windy. By now you know what I think of that. And although the yellow flowers were a great background for the top, we weren’t sure how to do the head-to-toe shot. Trouble was ahead.

Below: another winning shot.

Bright blue top

Below: first try to get a head-to-toe picture. The bag I picked up in Italy two years ago. Yes, at the Max Mara outlet. That is where I also found the pleated skirt (seen before in a winter version with brown boots and sweater). My shoes aren’t very visible…. Dog Charlie is photo bombing.

Bright blue top

Below: better, but still there are plants blocking the view. My legs are already tanned from a few visits to the tan bed (I know, I know.. bad, bad, bad. The blotches on my bare legs are old age/sun blotches. There is a price to pay for everything). Heels of my new pumps are sinking in the sand. Bought the black peeptoe shoes at Foof in Haarlem.

Bright blue top

Below: we tried a different strip of flowers. Only, there was such a fierce wind blowing that those pictures weren’t good. Showing you just the flowers.

Below: again we moved to another part of this area. I am wearing a different belt and….. socks in my peeptoe shoes. With some people they are a hit, others find it appaling.

Bright blue top with a camel pleated skirt

Below: I find them quite cute and very modern. But my heart is screaming: Why Wear Socks When You are Over Five Years Old?

Bright blue top with a camel pleated skirt

Below: close-up of the socks, bought at Stemm Voetiek in Haarlem.

Peeptoe shoes with socks

Below: then I climbed on the ledge of a fence.. Most pictures were very blurry. Unfortunately.

Bright blue top with a camel pleated skirt

Below: see what I mean?? A perfect Marilyn Monroe shot with the focus on the sign behind me.

We tried to recreate that shot. Which meant there was little time to focus the camera as the wind was very unpredictable. We laughed viewing these pictures. Hopefully you will too: a few shots of our trials …..

Below: an old age pensioner (well, nearly).. climbing on a ledge with high heels…

Bright blue top with a camel pleated skirt

Bright blue top with a camel pleated skirt

Bright blue top with a camel pleated skirt

Below: AAAAgghh… that was because of the wind messing up my hair.

Bright blue top with a camel pleated skirt

Below: hopefully there were no people in the building behind me, as they would have killed themselves laughing with this moment of a fully exposed bum.

Bright blue top with a camel pleated skirt

Below: this is the best “wind shot” we got. Apart from the shot where the skirt was blown so high you could see my underwear. Hope you don’t mind that I don’t put that one on the blog.

Bright blue top with a camel pleated skirt

Then the unhappy part of this shoot.

As I was a bit disappointed we didn’t really have a really good head to toe shot of the outfit with the socks, Ron drove to the another place. Where there was a road block. On we went and we passed a tulip field where you could pick the flowers yourself for a very small price.

Below: as a background this was a good idea.

Below: but… I had to stand in between the tulips, again with my heels in the sand and lots of tulip leaves blocking the view of my feet. And Ron was going to take the shot on his knees, close to my feet and upwards. If there is one position you should NEVER photograph me, it is this.


I was very cold by that time (it was no bare-leg-weather at all), I needed to go to the toilet quite badly and I got a proposition for a shot which lacked a lot of things I asked for.

Poor Ron… You see, I have rather a temper… and I flew off the handle. Which means, I stamped my feet (which wasn’t easy standing in the sand), shouted and screamed: “Right!! That’s it!! No more, I am fed up with this, I am going home, I will stop blogging, no need for you to take any pictures anymore… etc etc.”

Needless to say that this is not something you should do. To anyone and most certainly not to the loving person who is trying to help you while not even enjoying one single moment of it himself. It wasn’t easy to set this straight. Which served me right. We are good again, thank God.

My preferred wear of socks

Here is an iPhone picture of the socks with boyfriend jeans. I prefer wearing them with jeans. Socks and skirts… it will never be my love. I tried though.

Lime sweater, boyfriend jeans G-star and peeptoe pumps witjh socks


No Fear of Fashion

Linking up the blog of Not Dressed as Lamb, featuring I will wear what I like.



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