red dress SportmaxRon and I went to the Groninger Museum to see the exhibition of Maarten Baas. He is a very special artist/designer whom we love for his “Real Time” art work. More about that later. If you want to know more about Maarten Baas, other than the link in the previous sentence, click here. I wore my red dress by Sportmax, this time as a jacket on my skinny jeans. When I buy something, I never think whether I can use it in more than one way, which isn’t very economic. All the more fun to discover afterwards that this piece is just as nice as a dress (seen here) as it is as a jacket.

Groningen is a town in the north of the country and for anybody living on the west coast it is really far away (2 hrs drive). People living in Groningen have no problem with the distance to the west of the country, which makes us “westies” a bunch of whimps. (More information about Groningen.)

The Groninger Museum is a lovely building. You will see part of the outside of the building in the photo below:

Below: a beautiful staircase with mosaic.

Below: there is me going upstairs (more outfit photos later on).

red dress Sportmax

Below: the building is surrounded by a moat with a view on beautiful old houses .

Below: I was wearing my purple coat by Max Mara, skinny jeans Denham and my silver pumps, which you saw last week. The bag is by Longchamp.

Purple coat Max Mara

Below: we started with coffee in the restaurant. Even though it is blurry and not a very flattering photo, I like Ron’s artistic take on it.

red dress Sportmax

Below: lamps in the museum restaurant made by Maarten Baas (Clay Collection)

Below: the chairs in the restaurant are also from his Clay Collection.

Let’s get started with the real thing.

The Smoke collection (I will link to explanations about his collections every time).

Briefly: he burns furniture and after the pieces are charcoaled, they’re preserved in a clear epoxy resin, which makes them usable again.

Below: the Rietveld zigzag chair burnt and treated.

Below: the result again from another angle.

Below: Smoke Vintage

Below: Close Parity. I love this collection. Never knew he did this. Wouldn’t mind a piece of this furniture in my house.

Briefly: Starting from a naive sketch, where gravity doesn’t play a role, CLOSE PARITY is executed in bronze plates that are kept in balance by counter weights.

Above: I adore this one. Watch the video below and you can see how he drew it.

Below: the Milan collection Baas is in town (circus)

Below: Mirror Joy (laughing mirror)

My biggest love with the work of Maarten Baas is his Real Time collection.

Briefly: the Real Time series are 12-hour films of performances indicating the time. With Real Time.

Below: my favourite one is the Sweepers Clock which features two handymen sweeping trash for 12 hours, indicating the time as they go. It was 11 minutes past 11 when I recorded this.

Below: the Grandmother Clock

Briefly: with the Real Time grandmother clock, a woman is filmed while she draws the hands of a clock from the inside of the interface. This film is integrated in the housing of a traditional floor clock. The woman seems to stand in the clock as she keeps on drawing the current time.

There is so much more to show you, but I think you might be bored with it by now. After all, this is a fashion blog. Well… outfit blog more like it. So let’s go to the outfit.

Below: using the old houses as background, this is a head to toe picture of my red dress. The belt is meant to be like this. It is partially underneath the dress. Wearing the dress as a jacket, I left the belt very loose.

red dress Sportmax

Below: one other shot.

red dress Sportmax

After our museum visit we went to see Groningen, which was a bit of a disappointment to me. Was it the time (Wednesday afternoon)? Was it the cold wind? I don’t know, but I didn’t find much to show you. As you have already seen so many pictures in this post, I will leave it at this.

I hope the amount of photos didn’t cause you any problems uploading this post. If it did, please let me know.


No Fear of Fashion

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