White trousers with a blue topOf course this combination is the easiest of all: white trousers with a blue top. To make it a bit more interesting I threw in two more colours: red and yellow. If you are a loyal reader, you will recognize the trousers, bag and shoes. They have been featured a number of times. The yellow necklace and belt as well, but they are older. (You cannot see the belt very well in the photos. Sorry about that; I wasn’t paying attention.)

I am trying to create more outfits with nearly the same components. The blue silk top is new in the sense you haven’t seen it before (I think). It is by Bellamy Gallery, one of my favourite sustainable brands. Great products, very transparent and very reasonably priced.

Loes and I chose the picturesque area of Haarlem called ‘Vijfhoek’ to take the photos.

Below: The yellow belt is showing a bit better in this photo. I either have to wear it a little more loosely or choose a different yellow belt as this one rides up.

white trousers with a blue top

Below: Here is Loes in a lovely dress. The colour of the bike makes a great combination. It isn’t her bike, just one that was ‘parked’ in the street.


Below: As we walked on, we saw the entrance of an almshouse which has already been background for a post in the winter of 2015. More information about this almshouse in my winter post of December 2015.

Brouwershofje, Haarlem

Below: I love how people ‘decorate’ the front of their houses like this. So cosy. Or as we say: ‘gezellig’. The heat or autumn makes these flowers look less pretty.

Brouwershofje, Haarlem

Below: Inside the almshouse courtyard, is this big wall with ivy, just begging to be used as background.

Brouwershofje, Haarlem

Below: Right… we gave in to the begging.

White trousers with a blue top

Below: This is a photo with the big ivy covered wall behind us, overlooking the courtyard.

Brouwershofje, Haarlem

Below: The houses themselves.

Brouwershofje, Haarlem

Below: In front of one of the houses were a little table and chairs.

Brouwershofje, Haarlem

Below: Couldn’t resist it…and nobody chased us away.

White trousers with a blue top

Below: How about this for a little pond? Cute, right?

Brouwershofje, Haarlem

Below: We continued our trip to one of my two favourite coffee restaurants: Het Koffiekantoor this time. And again I had a pastel de nata. Have to think of my weight but this is such nice pastry.

White trousers with a blue top

Below: The girl that took our order was kind enough to take a photo of Loes and me together.

Loes and me

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. I have no recollection of this day. Oh…now I remember, I cycled into town to get serum for my hair (expensive stuff from Balmain) as my hair felt like rope. I don’t really believe in these serums but I had to do something. Surprisingly it worked really well. The centre of the town was packed with people as there were jazz concerts on the main square and the Saturday market stalls had moved to the side streets. As it didn’t feel COVID safe at all, I immediately cycled home again after I got my serum.

Sunday. Had to go to the hairdresser to have my fringe cut. It was much quieter in town, but as I have to get a grip on my spending, I went straight back home again after the cut. Perhaps I should take a crucifix and garlic with me when I pass shops. Wore this Essentiel shirt below (link to original post with jeans and sneakers plus link to original post with these pink sandals):

Outfit Sunday, green checked tunic shirt

Monday. Exercises first. Then, on our way to my mum’s house to celebrate her 92nd birthday, we picked up the big cake we ordered. My brother and sister-in-law were there as well, so it was a nice family day. Wore my RIXO London dress as it was a festive occasion. (Link to original post.)

Outfit Monday RIXO London dress to mum's birthday

In the evening I had a long phone conversation with a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a long time.

Tuesday. Did a lot of chores like ironing, bookkeeping, cleaning the house, ordering pharmacy stuff, going to the dry cleaner etc. so I was happy I could cross so many things off my list. I love crossing off items from a list.

In the morning a lovely lady who designs earrings, facetimed with me to create the perfect colour, size and shape earring. She sells lightweight earrings on her site but I couldn’t find the right combination. Turned out you can customize your order. As my left earlobe is still not fully healed yet I will have to wait with showing it, but I can give you a link to her website anyway: laradesign.nl. The site is not in English yet. She is working on it but she does ship internationally. Wore this easy outfit that day. Link to original post jumper and link to original post flared jeans.

Outfit Tuesday yellow jumper with flared jeans

Wednesday. We were going to have new solar panels installed on the roof as the ones we have (16 of them) are from 1995. However, the storm François was really hitting the coast, so they just unloaded the panels and said they would make a new appointment. Very wise.

In the evening I had dinner with my friend Neiske in Amsterdam. She is a very intelligent and sweet woman. Well, really, all my friends are. It is a good thing I did my exercises again in the morning. All this eating out. Wore this (link to original post):

Outfit Wednesday orange jacket

Thursday. Had a jolly day with two of my five BVA girlfriends. Marijke and I took Marianne to the shopping mall of Amstelveen as it wasn’t very warm and Marianne needs a lot of warmth. Therefore no outdoorsy stuff. We had lunch and coffee and saw a lot of shops but didn’t buy anything. One exception: Marijke bought a little bag for her daughter in the sale. We were quite proud of ourselves. We were so busy chatting that I forgot to take any photos. Sorry. The girls looked their best again.
Below: Wore this easy outfit. Link to original post.

Outfit Thursday with yellow jacket

As I drove back home, Ron was on the phone and he suggested we would eat out: steak at our favourite restaurant. You cannot refuse to go out for dinner with your husband, now can you? But it is getting a bit much haha.

Friday. Sorry girls, again I had lunch. This time with my friend Maurits. He was best man at our wedding. I have quite a loud laugh and I laugh a lot. Maurits is exactly the same in this area. We both can bring the house down. One time, years ago, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant and were crying in our napkins with laughter. The people at a table next to us, offered us coffee as they had to laugh so much because of us. You get the picture, right?

Below: Maurits.


I wore something you haven’t yet seen on the blog, so you are only allowed to see a glimpse.

Lunch with Maurits

Simple dinner that evening. Tomorrow I will do my exercises again and hop on the scale to see whether my weight needs ‘adjusting’.


No Fear of Fashion

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