Black Vivienne Westwood blouseMy friend Katrien gave me this black Vivienne Westwood blouse. She never wore it and thought I might like it. And I do. It took me a couple of hours to style it, while sending photos to Katrien for feedback. We both liked this skirt and these shoes best with the blouse.

Kitty and I chose a particularly windy day to do the shoot. The sun was shining but it wasn’t warm and I got blown off my feet a couple of times. My hair is wind-swept as you will see. As long as the wind is coming from behind me, I don’t mind. Wind in my face, blowing my fringe away from my face I hate.

Below: We started near the stairs of the Court House. It was supposed to be wind-free at that spot. Indeed, not too bad.

Black Vivienne Westwood blouse

Below: Court House. As it is a narrow street, you cannot stand back very far.

Court House Haarlem

Below: I decided to climb the stairs and got literally blown off the stairs. I grabbed the rail.

Black Vivienne Westwood blouse

Below: This is the street the Court House is in (the Jansstraat). You can see it isn’t very wide. Nice view of the big Saint Bavo church in the middle of town.

St Bavo Church

Below: We decided to move across the road, hanging onto a lamp post, with a bicycle already down. I had taken my fake fur coat out of winter storage again.

Black Vivienne Westwood blouse

Below: One wall of a secluded parking place was covered with green, my favourite background. I am wearing tights, without toes, by Wolford. They look a bit “old lady”, a bit grey, but it was too cold for bare legs. I know the British go bare-legged often, even in winter, but not me.

Black Vivienne Westwood blouse

Below: On the other wall was this scene of Haarlem, defending the town against the Spanish. With our female hero Kenau on the battlements. Read more about her here.

Defending ourselves against the Spanish

Below: As we walked on through a gate, we found ourselves in a little park, called Wijngaardtuin. Don’t try and pronounce this as you will break your tongue. With this cute house overlooking the park.

Pretty littl house in the park

Below: This statue is called Meeting. Apparently there are statues in every park.

Below: But the best thing was the swing. It was begging to be used. I still know how to do this.

Black Vivienne Westwood blouse

Below: We continued with a close-up of the blue earrings. These ones are from Ador by Ayesha.
I chose blue earrings because of the blue, sparkly velvet patches on the blouse.

Earrings by Lara Design (.nl)

Below: I changed the outfit with another skirt, different earrings, adding a yellow belt and yellow socks. No idea what you think of it. You will probably either love or hate it, nothing in between.

Black Vivienne Westwood blouse

Below: In front of a very old map of the province Noord-Holland (north of Holland, although actually north-west Holland). It dates from 1575 when there was more water than land.

Black Vivienne Westwood blouse

Below: Close-up of the socks. I hate those tights.

Yellow socks

Below: And a close-up of the yellow earrings, by Lara Design. You have seen them before.

Earrings by Lara Design (.nl)

Below: From where we were standing, we had a beautiful view of the Saint Bavo church.

Church in Haarlem

Below: Kitty told me where to stand to take this (iPhone) photo of her. She said: “That way, you will get a piece of the church in the background.” She’s got ‘the eye’.


Below: Despite the wind and the cold, we decided to have a drink on a terrace. You saw a photo of that last week as well.

Kitty and me wind-blown

Below: We had ‘bitterballen‘: crunchy deep-fried meatballs. Typical Dutch treat with drinks. You can dip them in mustard if you want.


Below: When we got back in the parking garage, our hair was like this haha.

Kitty and me wind-blown in the parking garage

I was amazed how well the photos turned out. All to the skills of Kitty.

What happened in my life this week

Visited mum on Saturday and upscaled the size of the letters and the cursor on her computer as her eyesight is not too good. No photos.

Sunday we had such a lovely day with sunshine. We went to Ron’s allotment garden and bonus daughter (previously known as stepdaughter) and her husband joined us. It was a jolly nice day. Ron tried to make sandwiches with a device that you put above the open fire of his outdoor fire place. That didn’t work out too well, but it tasted good. Nicky made a coco cake on a paraffin stove. Yummy. Not a crumb left. I only took a photo of part of the garden with dog Watson on the left, drinking from the pond. Forgot to take photos of ourselves. I was in the moment.
Nicky said she thought my pink croc print ankle boots by EIJK were the best she had ever seen (see this post). But that she would never pay so much money for a pair of boots. As it happened, the last pair of those boots were in the sale and they were Nicky’s size. I saw this as karma and secretly arranged that the boots were sent to her. I do love a surprise gift.

Allotment garden

Monday was again a lovely day. It is really summer now. 25 degrees Celsius. Did a bit of sunbathing in the garden in the late afternoon. In the morning I visited the physiotherapist as my knee, really my whole left leg, is playing up. Another visit next week, but it is already a bit better.
Had a phone call with a woman I met through Instagram: Timelessstyle. I met her in real life once (scroll down in this blog post). I was very interested in all her photo shoots and she filled me in with the details.

Tuesday Ron and I took Watson to the beach. I walked along the shore in my bikini at 10 o’clock in the morning. Summer finally started.
Of course Watson was a happy dog and we had cappuccino and smoothies on the terrace afterwards. I do like being retired.
In the afternoon I cycled into town to check the shoes that were ordered for me in the right size. They fit like a glove and were super soft, although a bit too warm now that the temperatures are so high. That never lasts very long in the Netherlands. Also found a pair of silver pumps with a low diabolo heel, tango style. They were in the sale and felt lovely. I am a bad, bad girl. Luckily I got notice from the tax people that they will be transferring my refund this week.

After the shoe spree, the girl of the shoe shop and Karlijn of kpa.haarlem (which is next-door) and I sat in front of the store and had ice coffee in the sun. Nice.

Wednesday was another great day. Friend Janneke came for coffee and strawberry cake and I had lunch in a restaurant (Het Gemaal) overlooking a river with friend Marja. Everything in the shade. Again, forgot to take photos. In the moment people. But I do have a photo of the view from the terrace:

View on the river at Het Gemaal Halfweg

Thursday I joined Ron at the beach after visiting the pedicure. He had been walking Watson together with his friend Vania and her dog Ziggy. They met last year at the beach and the dogs are so fond of each other that from time to time they meet. She is a very adventurous woman. I admire her spirit and fearlessness. We had lunch on the beach terrace, but (you guessed it) no photos… In the afternoon I finished the book about the 7th Sister.

Friday I got my second Pfizer vaccination. Yay. Ron stayed home to receive the repair man who fixed one of the sun screens. Apparently the guy from the air-conditioning had squeezed a drain pipe underneath the sun screen. This made it malfunction as it is electrically operated.

That day I took Marianne to the same terrace as where I was with Marja on Wednesday: Brasserie Het Gemaal in Halfweg. Such a lovely place with very kind staff, great food and great views. Now that it is possible we have to make the most of it. And I took photos guys!

Below: Het Gemaal is Dutch for water pump station. This is the old building (now museum) next to the restaurant.

Het Gemaal Halfweg

Below: Marianne, stylish as usual in orange with pink and some awesome necklaces. This woman knows how to dress.


I had put on an outfit I wore a couple of years ago. See the original post when I visited Alkmaar with Sylvia. I was determined to wear the sequinned sneakers again and couldn’t find them anywhere. I haven’t swapped the winter shoes for summer shoes yet, so had to search through boxes and go up and down a ladder. Finally on the last shelf I had not inspected yet, there they were. And it was sooo hot in my little room with the sun blasting.

Below: I am having fun with the young guys next to me. One of them said he didn’t mind being photographed with me but I replied that people might start thinking I am a dirty old woman haha.

Me at the river terrace

Below: Marianne and me having a scroppino (or sgroppino as the Italians say) and apple crumble cake with whipped cream. Better check the scales again tomorrow.

Marianne and me

Below: Close-up of Marianne’s cheerful leather summer bag.

Summer bag

It was a jolly nice week again.


No Fear of Fashion

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