The police and IAbove: Isn’t this a fantastic photo? My yellow blazer and the yellow stripes in the police uniforms differ but I think we are still a match.

Further down the post I’ll tell you how this photo came about.

Loes was photographing my outfit in Haarlem, in a park called Kenau park. The park was designed in 1865 and the villas and apartments looking out on the park were the place to be for rich people from Haarlem.

Below: There are some grand houses surrounding Kenau park.



Below: How about this white villa?

Yellow blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: Same house from another angle.

Yellow blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: Loes and I were happily doing the photo shoot with pretty flowers in the background.

Yellow blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: Then Loes saw a tent, hidden in the bushes. Strange.

Tent in the bushes

Below: A few minutes later we saw that policemen were investigating the tent.


Below: We moved on to photographing at the side of the park where this listed house is being renovated. If you think “why doesn’t the council do something about all of these weeds in front of the house…?”, the answer is, we let them grow for the bees. Along all roads, plants (weed) used to be cut to the ground, until finally everybody understood, they should leave them for the bees, whose existence is threatened without the plants.

Old house in Haarlem

Below: Detail of the facing brick at the top. I couldn’t find out what it meant. I did find out that Zoar is a place in the bible, along with Sodom and Gomorra, but less hedonistic. Gen 13 10 is easy (in the bible Genesis 13 10), where Sodom and Gomorra are mentioned and Zoar. I guess 1881 is the date the house was built? The text underneath 1881 is intriguing. It says “1996 I will do it anyway”. Was this the text of someone who decided to buy the house although being advised against it? No idea.

Old house in Haarlem

Anyway, as we were busy there, the policemen walked past us and I inquired whether they had found someone in the tent. They hadn’t and they explained how such matters are handled. Cheeky as I am, I asked whether they would let Loes take a photo of them with me and could I put it on the blog? They said yes. On one condition: I had to link through to their Instagram account: wijkagent_haarlem_centrum. Which is of course, only relevant for my Dutch readers. So glad these two strong men are keeping the neighbourhood safe.

Below: Because I like it so much, here is the photo again.

The police and I

Below: Back to the rest of the photos we shot. The sitting pose, gazing adoringly at that gorgeous plant pot.

Yellow blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: Actually, there were two plant pots.

Yellow blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: And here is Loes, bridging our outfits with her yellow bag.


Below: Loes’ new shoes. Dainty, aren’t they?

New shoes Loes

Below: Some more houses for you.

Old houses in Haarlem



Below: We saw this sweet little doggy. She is called Gwyn. Unusual name for a dog and a beautiful name.

Doggy in the park

Below: Last two photos of the outfit, in front of someone’s house. I was matchy matchy with the blue earrings, the silver belt and the silver boots. But I like it. And I am wearing a green and an orange bangle to break up the matchy matchy! That’s new to me.

Yellow blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: I think I should have pulled my jumper out of those trousers a bit more. Not the most elegant pose anyway LOL.

Yellow blazer with wide leg jeans

What happened in my life this week

Happily did a lot of shopping on Saturday, buying things like a present for my friend’s new born baby. It was difficult to choose as I fell in love with nearly everything. So tiny.
Below: Paid a visit to Marianne in the afternoon, just for a coffee and a chat. Every time the cat (in the photo on the right) hears the coffee machine, she comes begging for a treat. Once you’ve taught them that, Pavlov reaction sets in.


Marianne is a gifted ceramics artist. She created the rose below, which sits on a little stand in her garden. Love it.

ceramic rose, created by Marianne

Sunday I persuaded mum to sit outside on one of the nursing home’s balconies. It was a bit too cold for her liking to go outside, but I wanted her to profit from the sunshine. The balcony was sheltered from the wind and close to her front door. Easy to make coffee and get it out on the balcony. Because she likes to be really warm, she brought a cardigan and covered her legs with it.


Monday my doctor checked all the spots on my body, to see whether they were still benign and not developing into skin cancer. She does that regularly with me, once every half year I think. I got the all-clear.
Marcella of Lara Design came round for coffee and to talk about her website. She was wearing new bangles and I immediately bought two of them haha. You see them in the outfit above.

Bangles by Lara Design

In the afternoon I picked up two pairs of trousers which were altered. One shortened and one lengthened. They did a terrific job. I had to seek another place for my alterations as my seamstress is really too ill to work again. Poor thing.

Tuesday Marjolein and I went back to Delft where we had such a good photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. It was beautiful sunny weather so I started to complain that there was too much sunshine to photograph. We Dutch do know how to whine.

Wednesday was a bad day as my physiotherapist did an echo on my shoulder and concluded that my main shoulder tendon had snapped. It wasn’t cracked calcium, but a really broken tendon. I still have a few back-up tendons but I have to be really careful in the future and not lift any heavy things with my right arm and certainly not above elbow height. I am adjusting and it is not simple.

Not much to report about the rest of the week. We did things like going to the beach with the dog and such.

Have to dash now as we are going to have drinks with our friend/neighbours.


No Fear of Fashion


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