Man repeller jeans with oversized orange blazerAnother newly created outfit with stuff from my wardrobe: man repeller jeans with an oversized orange blazer. I like the addition of the silver bag, but every time I wear a bag cross body, my blazer rides up.
Above: The brooch is pinned horizontally, as you can see. I would have put it on vertically but Ron said: “No, is should repeat the stripe of your shirt”. Ever so handy to have a stylist in the house.

WARNING: many photos to come.

Marjolein and I went to the old town of Delft, by tram and got out at Museum Prinsenhof. This used to be a convent and the home of Prince Willem van Oranje, who was killed in his home. Before it became a museum it was the town hall of Delft.

Below: It is a beautiful place and of course, now that the trees have their leaves again, even more beautiful.

Man repeller jeans with oversized orange blazer

Below: Close-up of the building.


Below: That is one way of decorating a lamp post. As it is Delft, it is done in Delft blue.


Below: The Prinsenhof garden with a statue of Willem van Oranje (oranje=orange).
With all the orange I am wearing, I am totally upstaging him LOL.

Man repeller jeans with oversized orange blazer

Below: We walked to the museum for our first coffee.


Below: The entrance with its gorgeous shutters. Goofing here. Still, I can stand on one leg wearing a stiletto heel, albeit a modest heel.

Man repeller jeans with oversized orange blazer

Below: In the museum café, Marjolein wearing a marvellous jumper.


Below: While having coffee, Marjolein gave me a present for my 70th birthday last month. A versatile pretty little scarf by Essentiel Antwerp. Very sweet although she shouldn’t do that as we don’t normally exchange birthday gifts.

Scarf present Marjolein

Below: Trying to point out there is another gate at the end, leading to a canal. (Have you noticed that I am wearing the bag with its back towards the camera all the time?)

Man repeller jeans with oversized orange blazer

Below: The canal at which I was pointing.


Below: We headed into Delft. The weather was so nice and sunny (FINALLY), the terraces started to attract people. It was still early and a Monday, so not a busy day. I love terraces at the foot of a church.


Below: They do have many churches in Delft.


Below: Marjolein head to toe, looking good as she does.


Below: Searching for a restaurant which is open on a Monday, we passed this house with its charming greenery.

Man repeller jeans with oversized orange blazer

Below: We found restaurant Het Postkantoor (The Post office). It is decorated as an old-fashioned living room.

Below: There is a seating area around a fireplace. Furniture is vintage. It is a very popular (and cheap) way of decorating a restaurant. Although I do like the atmosphere it creates, I have mixed feelings about the old furniture.

We continued walking around and couldn’t skip the Delft Blue shop Heinen. I am going to show you a couple of items we saw. (No, I do not get any commission.)

Below: How about this vase? Mind you, that one doesn’t come cheap (€ 1,008).

Delft blue porcelain vase

Below: Plates with animals.

Delft blue porcelain

Below: A tulip vase.

Delft blue porcelain tulip vase

Below: Adorable crockery.

Delft blue porcelain

Below: The last stop was a terrific shoe shop (Nolten). Marjolein bought these pink trainers but took them back again a few days later as they hurt her feet.

Marjolein with new pink trainers

Below: Instead, she bought these silver trainers.

Silver trainers Marjolein

Below: And I bought two pairs of summer shoes. The ones on the right are flat and dreamy soft; the ones on the left are very soft as well and have elastic bands across the instep. By the way, shoes don’t count for the 10 items a year challenge. And one pair were a birthday gift from my mum.

new green summer shoes

Below: Some random stuff to finish with. Grand vase we spotted in a window. Mind you, it is an attention drawing piece. You cannot put a busy bunch of flowers in it (IMHO).

Beautiful vase

Below: Leaving Delft after one last shot of the old centre.


What happened in my life this week

Saturday was King’s Day in the Netherlands and especially in big cities like Amsterdam, there are huge celebrations. But as my family was coming over for a visit on Sunday, I visited mum on Saturday. A matter of priorities, right? Mum and I went out and did see some festivities but as she lives in a small village, there wasn’t much going on.

Sunday we had a nice family day with brothers and SIL’s plus Ron’s daughter and her husband. Small gathering but I care about getting together once in a while as we all live in other parts of the country, so we don’t see each other an awful lot. And there was cake! Apple pie to be precise.

On Monday Ron invited me to go to the beach to walk the dog.
Below: It was a beautiful day but still, at the seaside there is more wind than anywhere else, so I opted for a winter coat.

Taking the dog for a beach walk

In the afternoon my friend Misja (blog MisjaB) came round to help me create some outfits for the blog. She came up with combinations I would never have dreamed of. Unfortunately, the weather changed so suddenly to hot that most outfits will have to wait until the temperature drops again. I don’t mind holding on to them till autumn though.

Below: Misja, dressed to the nines. With new trousers. Great combination.

Misja with new trousers

Below: With the coat the outfit was even better. Friends of Misja discovered this coat in a vintage shop and immediately got in touch with her. After seeing a photo of the coat, Misja commissioned them to buy it for her. Her friends knew her taste so well.
See how one sleeve is different from the other?

Misja with splendid coat

Tuesday: A check at the optician assured me that my reading glasses are still good. As the shop was offering a discount, I bought a pair of glasses for computer work.
When I came home in the afternoon, I took the sun lounger out of the shed and had a nice hour of sunbathing in the not-so-bad-for-your-skin hours of 4 to 5. The sunspots on my skin are already there, so a few more won’t make a difference.

In the sun in the garden

However… while I was organising space for the sun lounger in the garden, I made a move with my right arm to the right and…screamed with pain. I screamed a lot that afternoon. Luckily, I could see my physiotherapist the next day and after some tests she told me that my (wonky) shoulder probably had some scar tissue / calcium as my tendon is teared a bit. Nothing to worry about but calcium will build up in your shoulder when you have tears. You don’t need to feel anything for years and then all of sudden you make the wrong move and it cracks. And that is very painful. She put some electric device on my shoulder (shock waves?) and after that taped it. Monday I’ll attend an ultrasound to check whether this is the right diagnosis. Keeping my right arm close to my body, not reaching of anything far away and not lifting anything is the advice for now. Sigh.

Below: Over to nicer news. Wore my new French Kande necklace again, together with one I bought a few years ago.

French Kande necklaces

Below: An update on the garden. It has been raining nearly non-stop until last week, with low temperatures. Nevertheless, the plants in the garden are beginning to grow. The two trees you see on the right are catalpas and they will get leaves in June. Quite handy as in spring when I want to sunbathe, they don’t give shade and in summer when it is too hot for sunbathing, the trees provide shade.

garden overview

Below: Some close-ups of the garden.


campanula and rhododendron

Below: I bought several of these flowers and they are peonies. Charming and different from the usual ones, until they lose their yellow stamens. My goodness, what a mess.


Below: One of my outfits this week. I had to cancel meeting a friend (because of the shoulder) and another friend cancelled meeting me. Still, I managed to get out. Link to original post, when I wore it with booties, different jewellery and another bag.

Outfit with oversized mint green shirt

That was quite a read, wasn’t it?


No Fear of Fashion





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