Light blue pinstripe shirtWhat is interesting about this outfit? I would say the striped sections in the necklace corresponding with the light blue striped shirt. Of course, indulging in my matchy matchy tendencies (I cannot help it and I really should lose that desire), I have yellow earrings and a yellow bag to go with the two yellow beads of the necklace. I should have gone for a different colour bag, red or green perhaps. Still learning folks.

As you might remember, Ron and I had apple pie before we hit the Monday Noordermarkt fabric (or cloth) market. It was a beautiful day. I so wished Susan would have come a week earlier than she did and been in Amsterdam when there was sunshine instead of rain. Oh well, we still had a good time (scroll down last week’s post to read about her visit).

Below: A small impression. Sorry about the vans blocking the view.


There aren’t just fabrics and cloth at the Monday Noordermarkt. There are bags, jewellery, vintage stuff and…buttons.

Below: I adore buttons.

Looking at buttons at the Noordermarkt Amsterdam

Below: They definitely have my attention.

Buttons at the Noordermarkt Amsterdam

Below: Just think how an average shirt would look like with buttons like this? For sewing aficionados, I would say there are 5 buttons that will make them sigh. That pincushion one on a hand-made coat?

Buttons at the Noordermarkt Amsterdam

Below: Oh, I forgot to mention, there are also (vintage) clothes. Ron was playing paparazzo.

Light blue pinstripe shirt

Light blue pinstripe shirt

Below: I spotted this beautiful woman. So, of course, I asked whether I could take her photo and would she be willing to feature on my blog? She said yes.

Great looking woman at the Noordermarkt Amsterdam

Below: With her jacket and sunglasses on. My kind of woman.

Great looking woman at the Noordermarkt Amsterdam

Below: Sometimes, an unexpected photo can be a bit awkward. See the hand? The way I am holding my bag? Mustn’t do that anymore. I was feeling the scarf to see what material it was. I was looking for wool with silk. As if I could distinguish that by feeling it. I am certainly not that good.
The necklace, by the way, is by Angela Caputi. The bag is Coach. I purchased the bag online many years ago from the USA and quickly learned that shipping cost and custom fee add a significant amount of money to an already pricey bag. No more ordering from the USA. And since Brexit, no more ordering from the UK either.

Light blue pinstripe shirt

Below: And we continued. Without a scarf.
Looking at the outfit photos in this post, I found out that the jeans shrunk in the wash. I tried to postpone washing as long as I could, but there comes a time you have to. Now I have to think of a trick to elongate them again. Perhaps my seamstress can add a stroke of denim.

Light blue pinstripe shirt

Below: There is always live music in a market. This time, a violinist.

Man playing the violin at Noordermarkt Amsterdam

Below: Ron directed me to the swing. A bit low as it is obviously for children.

Light blue pinstripe shirt

Below: Do you see my anxious face while I am checking out the beam the swing is hanging from? It made an alarming creaking sound. I immediately got off the swing.

Light blue pinstripe shirt

Below: And again we continued. As you can see, the shirt is longer at the back and it has two pleats.

Light blue pinstripe shirt

Below: There aren’t just buttons at the front to close the shirt, there are also buttons on each side for decoration. I bought this shirt in Paris in a boutique with clothes from young designers.

Light blue pinstripe shirt

Below: Just an impression of the market. Ron thought the kid was funny.

Noordermarkt Amsterdam

Below: You never know what you will find at a vintage market…who wouldn’t want a horsy?? LOL

Noordermarkt Amsterdam

Below: As we sat in the car near the canal, waiting for the truck being unloaded behind us, we took this photo. Can you make head or tail of it?

Boat in Amsterdam

What happened in my life this week

I visited mum who was feeling quite poorly. Fortunately she got better the minute she saw me haha. And a couple of hours later she beat me at Rummikub twice.

Below: I wore Ron’s suit to see mum. He forgot that he threw it out and that I snatched it up. He thinks it looks good on me. Link to original post with this suit. Below I am wearing it with different jewellery, different belt and a different bag.

Men's suit outfit

Saturday night was my turn to feel poorly. Tummy flu (again). Apart from the obvious disgusting things that come with this illness, I slept for 33 hours on end. Well, with a break of twice an hour when I was “up”. Monday I was feeling a lot better again, but still a bit wobbly. I was supposed to have lunch with Marianne and Marijke, but that was obviously not a good idea so I cancelled.

Did a photo shoot with Marjolein in Delft which was a fantastic day. It was a very smooth journey to get to the centre of Delft, an old historic town by parking at a shopping mall near the motorway. For free I may add. From there we hopped on a tram which took us straight into Delft. No trying to find a parking spot, no delays, no hefty parking fees, brilliant. The weather was glorious, sunny and no wind. Anyway, I’ll tell you more about it next week.

Saw my friend Lia which is always a treat as we have known each other since we were teenagers and share so much history. We just stayed in and talked and laughed and drank coffee.

Below: Lia. She is not used to have her picture taken haha; the look on her face is a bit startled.


Below: I wore this outfit that day, which is really comfortable and still stylish. Link to original post. The differences to the original styling: below I am wearing a size larger shirt, gold-plated earrings, champagne coloured booties and a pale slate Demellier bag.

comfortable outfit

Below: Lia took this photo with the Portrait mode of the iPhone. It is really vague but I still liked it because you can see the earrings quite well. Lara Design of course.
Why does your upper lip get thinner when you grow older? And I wasn’t wearing any lipstick either.

Gold-plated earrings

It has been a full week.


No Fear of Fashion






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