Multicoloured jacket with jeansIt was about time this multicoloured jacket got another outing. You saw it once before as I left hospital last year. I called it a patchwork jacket, which it is, of course. Coming out of hospital I ‘styled” it solely for comfort. This time I wanted to style it in a way I liked it.

Marjolein and I did the photo shoot in The Hague and the weather behaved itself for once. Brace yourselves as I couldn’t choose only 4 photos and therefore posted the lot.

Below: Nearly fell off the post from laughter. No idea what it was about.

Multicoloured jacket with jeans

Below: After the shoot with the jeans we had lunch at this bakery. Great place.

House and bakery in The Hague

Below: At the bakery. You saw this photo in another post. We both had taken off our jackets so we wouldn’t spoil it for this post.

Marjolein and I

Below: Marjolein, head to toe. A few readers will be very pleased to see her favourite colour again (purple). It goes well with the lime leather jacket. Marjolein knows how to style.


In the WC of the restaurant I changed the jeans for white wide leg trousers and we continued the shoot. The white trousers are my second purchase of the 10 items I have restricted myself to this year.

Below: In front of a beautiful flower stand. They had silk flowers and real flowers. What an abundance of colour.
I haven’t added much to the outfit as the jacket wants all the attention, just orange earrings and bright patent leather orange booties. The black bag is a mistake. It looks odd. I have no idea what colour bag I should have chosen, but I have bags in many colours, so I can sort this out.

Multicoloured jacket with white wide leg trousers

Below: The other side of the flower stand. Flowers are relatively cheap in the Netherlands.
The trousers are still too long, so I just turned them up. But I will have them shortened.

Multicoloured jacket with white wide leg trousers

Below: Marjolein took me to a beautiful bookstore in The Hague, called Paagman. They have such a cool children’s section. The light indoors makes the colours look different, but the photo opportunities were wonderful.

Below: A pink swirl sofa. Yay.

Multicoloured jacket with white wide leg trousers

Below: A member of staff suggested I move a chair and put it underneath the draped curtains. Isn’t it lovely when somebody helps you in this way? We were more of a nuisance than valued customers. Great store.

Multicoloured jacket with white wide leg trousers

Below: I had to be careful with my stiletto heels, not to punch holes in the steps. Tip-toeing.

Multicoloured jacket with white wide leg trousers

Below: They have so many great children’s books and entertainment for children. Plus this vintage contraption. I think it’s an organ.

At Bookstore Paagman The Hague

Below: Outside we saw another great flower shop. You can see that the colours are totally different in outdoor light. Less of a saturated yellow.

Multicoloured jacket with white wide leg trousers

Below: We were both very smitten with this purple/black plant.

Plant in pot

Below: Look at the side of this house. Gosh, they don’t build them like that anymore.

House in The Hague

Below: This is the front of the house.

House in The Hague

We had a wonderful day again. Tell me…too many photos?

What happened in my life this week

Of course I visited mum and took her out for a drink. That was Saturday.
Below: My Saturday outfit (link to original post).

Green suit outfit

Mum’s grandson and her great granddaughter visited mum the next day. And that Sunday I picked up Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge from the Amsterdam station where she arrived with the train from London. She was delayed a couple of hours in Brussels, darned, but she arrived. Ron cooked mussels for dinner.

Below: Here she is on Monday in Beurs van Berlage Café Amsterdam, the former stock exchange building. Susan could try out her raincoat as we had rain all day. We were outside when it was dry and made sure we were inside when it started raining again.

Susan in Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

Below: My outfit. As you all liked the puffer jacket outfit so much with the pink top, I wore that. Especially because Susan gifted me the French Kande necklace which looks so good on bright pink.

Me in Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

Below: Close-up of the French Kande necklace.

French Kande necklace

In spite of the wind and rain, we had a lovely time together. We are very like-minded and can laugh together. We visited the Rijksmuseum, which wasn’t just because it rained (although an added bonus to be inside), Susan also really wanted to visit the museum. It is so big, we could have been there for hours more. Only poor Greetje got tired.

That day we experienced so much gallantry. Several times, people got up and offered their seat to us on public transport. I have never experienced that before. Also, I forgot a bag and phoned the shop where we had just been, to ask whether they found it. No, they didn’t. So we reckoned it would be at the tram stand. The girl of the shop said: “I’ll run to the stand to see whether it is still there and I’ll phone you back”. Still out of breath, she called back and said “Got it!”. Isn’t that lovely? We hadn’t even bought anything in that shop.

Below: Susan and me at lunch on Tuesday. She sure knows how to work a scarf. You will find several tutorials on her blog.

Susan and I

Below: When the rain decided to descend upon us again, we visited the Saint Bavo Church in Haarlem. A very impressive building and an even more impressive organ.

Organ in Saint Bavo Church Haarlem

Below: Tuesday late afternoon, the rain stopped and I drove to the tulip fields. We didn’t have time to see the Keukenhof, but at least we saw tulips.

Tulip field

Wednesday Susan took the train to Paris where she would spend a few days and then return to London before flying back to America. I took the car to the hairdresser. But as soon as she was gone, there was this feeling of missing. I really loved having her around.

Below: One last photo of an outfit I wore this week. (Link to original post.)

Jeans outfit with white blazer


No Fear of Fashion


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