Olive coloured trousers with a pale blue blouseThe struggle of styling. I will show you a few photos of this outfit, taken by my friend Marita and then I will show you how this puffer vest outfit came together. This post is slightly different from my usual offering.

Below: Marita wore a smashing jumper, with little pleats at the bottom. Love the scarf as well.


The weather wasn’t friendly so we did a quick photo shoot. Ron thinks this blog post is dull, but I let you be the judge of that.

Below: We found a little alley with flowers and a yellow door. How nice to serve as background. Don’t know what I did to the camera settings but the colours of the bag and the vest don’t correspond with real life.

Olive coloured trousers with a pale blue blouse

Below: The gold-plated earrings by Lara Design, echoing the chains of the necklace.

Golden earrings Lara Design

Below: As you like the scenery of Haarlem, we took a photo of this street.

Street in Haarlem

Below: Of course, there is a sitting-down photo.

Olive coloured trousers with a pale blue blouse

Below: A good looking house.


Building in Haarlem

Below: A good looking building.

Building in Haarlem

Below: And a good looking church.

Church in Haarlem

Outfit Styling

As you might know, my friend Misja (blog MisjaB) came over to help me style clothes I already have. She was quite taken with this puffer vest (link to original post).
I told her, I only wore it a couple of times as I cannot style it. She said: “Wear it on these olive coloured trousers you have on! Looks great.”

I was still in doubt, but if you seek advice, it is not wise to be pig-headed.

In her pursuit to give me several options, Misja asked me the following questions:
“Do you have a pink top?” Yes, check.
“Do you have a bright green top?” Yes, check.
“Do you have a striped top?” Yes, check.
It was rather embarrassing as I had it all.

Below: I was holding everything for future reference.

Olive coloured trousers with a pale blue blouse

Below: Misja continued: “Do you have a pale blue silk blouse?” Yes, check.
“We need a necklace to go with it.” No problem.

Olive coloured trousers with a pale blue blouse

Below: This is the outfit with a pink top. I don’t think it is worthy of a whole blog post as the only differences are the top, the earrings and the belt. Although, perhaps, with 37 blog posts still to go this year, I should be more economical with every created outfit haha.

Olive coloured trousers with a pale blue blouse

Below: When I came home after the photo shoot, I turned the collar up to see whether that would have been nicer than turned down (and fastened with two safety pins). I don’t know.
I wore the vest open at first but that made me look even broader than I already am, with a long neck rising in the middle, and balancing upon it, a small head. Not flattering.

Olive coloured trousers with a pale blue blouse

I hope you found my styling dilemmas interesting. If not, let me know in the comments and I will refrain from it in the future.

What happened in my life this week

Ron took me to the fabric (or cloth) market in Amsterdam (Noordermarkt), which is always on a Monday. Again he offered to take photos for the blog. I love that man. You will see the photos in two weeks’ time.

Below: We had cappuccino and apple pie at the best place for it in Amsterdam (Café Winkel 43) and after that we walked around the market.

Ron at the Noordermarket, eating apple pie

Below: I scored two bracelets at the market (only € 3 for both; what a bargain). The structure is raised in a conical shape with a silver rim (only slight usage damage). And no, they don’t count for the 10 items a year challenge LOL.

Yellow bracelets

In the afternoon I went to the pedicure for the first time this year and she put bright red nail polish on my toenails. A good day.

On Tuesday morning I saw Marcella (below) in town for a tea/cappuccino and a shared lemon cake. She looked ever so nice with the orange belt and the peach top. I would never have thought of wearing this golden scarf with it, especially not positioned trailing at the back. It works like a dream and the scarf stayed put as well. My silky scarves always slide away.


Had the dentist take a look at a gum problem. He gave me tips and a few tools and it should be fine in less than two weeks.

We took dog Watson to a park where we met a friend who is recently retired and she is willing to ‘babysit’ the dog whenever we need to go away. It was a first test to see whether Watson would listen to her. Luckily he did.
Below: While she was walking Watson, we sat on a terrace in the sun. As long as you were shielded from the fierce wind, it was nice. Life is good for us.

View from a terrace in spring

This week I have been busy preparing a room for a guest. Susan of the blog Une femme d’un certain âge is coming to stay with us for a couple of nights. It is so nice that she is coming to Amsterdam before travelling on to Paris.

As spring is nearly here, I like to share an old post which will make you roar with laughter, for sure. It is a story about trying on bathing suits in spring by an unknown (to me) writer. Readers who have read my blog for a number of years, might recognise it as I have linked to it a few times. The title of the post is Just for a laugh’. I read it again and again and it never fails to make me laugh.


No Fear of Fashion


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