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Now onwards with this week’s post.

Again that bag…I know…I can hear you say it. After standing idly by in my room during the summer months, the bag has now become a go-to bag. It goes well with autumn outfits.

For these photos Kitty was my photographer and boy oh boy, did she exceed herself.
Braice yourself; you will see a lot of photos in this post.

It was cold and warm at the same time which called for a coat. It was difficult to find a coat that could accomodate the wide sleeves of the puffer vest. My old fake fur coat fit the bill. Glad I didn’t give it away.

Below: Hanging from a fence is doable, even at my age, even in high heels.

Hanging from the fence

Below: The sun came out; the coat came off. A puffer vest gives me just enough warmth.

Puffer vest

Below: Kitty wanted to take photos in the park as it is autumn and the sun shone through the trees. She was right, she took some stunning photos.

Puffer vest

Below: The back. I am carefully choosing my steps.

Puffer vest

Below: Lumberjack Greetje. Throwing another branch on the pile. (Only for a nice picture, no other reason LOL.)

Puffer vest

Below: We found a bench and Kitty asked me to sit on the backrest. Further down you will find a little video of me climbing onto this bench and climbing onto the stump of a tree. Believe me, you will laugh. It is pathetic.
Age combined with a bad knee makes it hard to climb onto things. Add some high heels and it is a really awkward sight.

Puffer vest

Now for the details: the puffer vest is Copenhagen Muse and I bought it at kpa.haarlem. The jeans are by Denham and frayed at the bottom, the striped shirt is by Joline Jolink, a quality and sustainable Dutch brand, the boots are Fly London and the bag is a vintage Mulberry from Vintage No 5.
It is a bit sad for all you overseas readers that a lot of my links are Dutch, which isn’t uselful for you. I hope the outfits will at least give you inspiration.

Below: That light through the trees… sooo beautiful.

Puffer vest

Below: Luckily Kitty is still young enough and without ailments to be able to squat and take the photo the way she wants to.

Kitty photographing me

Below: Funny photo as Kitty came nearer and squatted. The earrings are porcelain from lilibo.design.

Puffer vest

Below: Two beautiful autumn collages.



Below: Lovely house in the park.
Walking or standing without slouching is something I still can’t master, sigh.

Puffer vest

Below: We came to a few tree stumps and I climbed onto them.

Puffer vest

Below: Well…climbed onto it sounds a lot better than how I did it. Even climbing down was hazardous.

Puffer vest

Below: For your amusement, see the short video of this photo shoot (1 minute and 42 seconds). I am speaking Dutch and English.


Below: And we’re off again to find a restaurant for lunch.

Puffer vest

Below: Kitty at the restaurant with meadows behind her.

Kitty at the Stinkende Emmer

It was a glorious photoshoot. Kitty is such a good photographer.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday Ron suggested we’d go into town and have a cappuccino on a terrace as it was nice weather; my favourite pastime, especially with him. I immediately put make-up on my eyes, dressed up and was ready in an instant. That was a happy hour, just looking at the people and (softly) commenting on everyone haha. Then, at noon, Ron went to the market and I went to my seamstress to have her adjusting two pairs of trousers for me.

In the afternoon I did my standard round to the cobbler and then to see Marianne.
Below: As usual Marianne was stylishly dressed. One of her other friends was visiting her so I didn’t stay too long. (Link to original blog post with this outfit.)

Marianne and me

On Sunday Ron and I saw mum (below). We took her shopping at the supermarket and had an ice cream at the village square. Below: mum, looking younger every day.


Monday was a suppliers day. On the phone to mum’s energy company, that nearly tripled her monthly payments. The call took an hour but I got it down with 20%. Fortunately mum is being supported by the government and if the winter isn’t too harsh she might not be too badly off, moneywise. If not, then we, her children, will always be there to support her.
After that I was on the phone to the television/internet provider about the bad reception on the iPad’s TV app. Another call which took nearly an hour. “Somebody who knows more (…) will call you back.”
Such phone calls drain you.

Tuesday Loes and I had another photo shoot as my photo stock ran out. Contrary to the forecast, it was excellent weather for a shoot and we thoroughly amused ourselves.
Then, lo and behold, a tech savvy man from the television/internet provider, called me back. He identified the problem and said he would send a technician the following day. I was so surprised, I nearly fell off my chair. What speed!

Wednesday the technician came at 8 o’clock and after some searching identified the problem to be in the cable underneath the pavement. Another technician was scheduled to come and open the pavement. “He could come this afternoon, if you have time…” Yes please. Tsss…again, what speed!

I quickly drove to the camera shop to ask the man who sold me the camera, why my face was blurry in some photos and not in others. Of course it was only a matter of customizing a setting, but what do I know? The darling man educated me (for the fifth time) in the basic principles of photographing. This time I think it sunk in. He is the best.
In the afternoon the technician came (hurray) and identified the spot where to dig, although his cable map was contradictory about the spot. He would return the next day; “Could you perhaps, have the cars removed when we come?” I could and I did.
After he was gone, I did a ‘cobbler/Marianne tour‘ again.

Thursday, the technicians came, cracked open the pavement at a length of about 4 metres and fixed the problem (the cable map was indeed not accurate).
I still cannot believe all this happened in the course of just 4 days. At last, problem solved.
The rest of the afternoon I blogged, did laundry, washed my hair and such. Late afternoon we drove to Georg and Marla for a pea soup dinner.

You must gather from the above rant, there wasn’t an awful lot happening in my life this week.

Friday Monique (friend and neighbour) and I visited an art exhibition in Amsterdam. The exhibition was in a former jail that was stripped bare. We saw weird things, beautiful things, things that made you stop and think, which means it was worthwhile. I will not show you all the photos I took as there are enough photos in this post. Just this one, a piano by the Dutch artist Luuk de Kok (his artist name is Pallotti). The piano and the stool are made from styrofoam, would you believe it.

Piano by Pallotti

To my email subscribers…about the changes in the email

If you are wondering why I do not send you the whole blog post by email anymore, there is a simple reason. Mailchimp, which is the program that sends the email, does not include video links. And I will include more and more videos as video is the future. I don’t want you to miss out on them.
Therefore, in future, I will only send you the warning that there is a new post by sending you a few sentences and 1 photo. You can click on the link ‘Read more on the blog‘. So, it isn’t really that much trouble, is it?


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