Sabine, Anke and meAll my friends are dear to me and my heart is capable of loving them all equally. When you make a new friend, it doesn’t take any love away from your old friends, your heart just expands. It is such a magnificent phenomenon.
You are about to see many photos of my day with the Shopping Saturday gang, wearing my wide cream trousers. Sabine took 295 photos and I narrowed it down to 27 which is a quite an achievement but still pretty much for one post. If you think it is too much, just scroll through them quickly.

Below: It was a beautiful sunny autumn day. We had arranged to meet each other at the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam, starting with eating the world famous apple pie at café Winkel 43. Well, world famous it is; there were at least 20 people queuing to order. I bet the place is on Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and
The staff didn’t serve or take orders on the terrace anymore (probably another case of staff shortage). We decided to move to the neighbouring café.


Let me re-introduce the Shopping Saturday ladies to you.

Below: Anke.


Below: Sabine.


Below: And of course me, myself and I (before the eyelid operation).


Below: At the market you can buy flowers, farmers’ products, jewellery, vintage stuff, cheese, sweets etc.

Wide cream trousers

Below: And you can buy caps. Sabine used to live near this market and always bought her caps from this stall. She was torn between these two.

Sabine trying on caps

Below: The girls had fun.

Sabine and Anke trying on caps

Below: We all loved this purple hat, what a beauty. Alas, it was too big for the both of them.

Sabine and Anke with a purple hat

Below: Anke pretended to phone me on this very old dial phone. We call this old stuff, brocante, like the French do. It is a fancy word and should refer to anything which is lovely and old but not yet antique. Antiques should be at least 100 years old.
Not everything is that beautiful, there is also a lot of junk. Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder LOL.

Anke at the Noordermarkt

Below: A word about the outfit. The cream trousers I bought in Amersfoort was also the day I scored the Wandler bag I am wearing. I like the wider trousers trend and bought this pair mainly to go with my oversized men’s jacket. That is indeed a nice outfit as you will see in the future.
For this Shopping Saturday I chose my Marc Cain top. That was a bit of a mistake. From the font it looks flattering. For a sideways view, you’d see a bulging stomach and belly. Of course I did not include those photos. Anke and Sabine never said a word about that. Sweet, but I wouldn’t have minded if they had pointed it out. The top looks much better worn with a skirt as in this outfit. Or perhaps my body has changed in the last 4 years.

Wide cream trousers

Below: As I photographed Sabine at the cap stall, a man behind her noticed that.

Sabine with man behind her

Below: Spontaneously he wanted to be in the photo with Sabine haha. He is quite a dish.

Sabine with man next to her

Below: As we left the market to wander through the ‘Jordaan’ (an old and much loved area of Amsterdam), we saw this bench. I had to sit there and have my picture taken with all these lovely flowers surrounding me. As I stood up, I noticed the little sign ‘Private’ (too late). Someone already came to the window.

Wide cream trousers

Below: Anke wearing the cap Sabine decided on. I think she looks like Jacqueline Kennedy in this photo.

Anke with Sabine's hat

Below: No idea what was so funny. We just laugh all day.

Wide cream trousers and Anke

Below: We crossed the Lindengracht market (big market) where these two men singing old Amsterdam songs. I could have stayed with them for hours and sing my heart out (off-key but with a lot of enthusiasm).

Musicians at Lindengracht Amsterdam

Below: The store below sells samples of clothes that have been worn on the catwalk. I fell for this very cuddly vest, only to find out at home it is very difficult to style for my figure. Will I never learn???

Wide cream trousers

Below: Anke found this elegant autumn jacket.

Anke with her new second-hand jacket

Below: I did not buy those silver boots. I drooled over them, but high heels are out of the question nowadays.

Wide cream trousers

Below: Continuing our shopping spree in Haarlemmerstraat. So far Anke only had one bag, which was about to change.

Anke and Sabine

Below: In Haarlemmerstraat we found a couple of vintage clothes stores. The dress Sabine is holding up would never be my pick, but I know that if Sabine would have bought it, she would have made a smashing outfit with it. She is so good at styling. Don’t you just love her jacket? We loved her silver boots as well which you can see better in the first photo of this post.

Sabine and Anke

Below: It was way past lunch time so we stopped at this café/restaurant (the one in the top photo). Poor Anke got a lot of attention from this (obviously inebriated) man who claimed he was a singer and insisted on being photographed with Anke.

Anke with man

Below: In one of the vintage shops we saw this chair. I love it, especially the Barbie doll in the back pocket.


Below: Anke bought this vintage shirt; the trousers, however cute they may be, were too tight. She scored very well that day. Sabine found the cap and I only bought that cuddly orange vest (didn’t cost too much).

Wide cream trousers and Anke

Below: Anke carrying two bags now (and more inside the bags). I wore my leopard print summer coat with a puffer jacket underneath from Uniqlo. Such a great solution for spring and autumn.

Wide cream trousers and Anke

Below: One building on the Haarlemmerstraat for you, a former Catholic girls’ school.

Haarlemmerstraat Amsterdam

It was one of these days you want to play on repeat.

What happened in my life this week

Below: This Saturday I saw another group of friends, the BVA girls, the ones I went to Spain with this summer. Our sixth member, Marianna, was under the weather, health wise and couldn’t come. A shame as we haven’t seen her for a long time. From left to right: Claudia, Marijke, Marianne, me and Jilske.

BVA girls get-together

I have never had so many compliments on a garment as this day with my Big Bird/Pino jacket. At least 8 people stopped me to say they loved the jacket. And we were in Veenendaal which is not exactly a place of high fashion (understatement of the year).

Sunday I saw mum, she was attired fashionably in purple. On Tuesday I picked her up and we went to see an eye doctor and an ear doctor in the hospital. Everything went very smoothly. We want to preserve her hearing and eyesight as much as possible.


Monday Marcella visited me in the morning (forgot to take a photo). We hadn’t seen each other for weeks as she has been ill. We had a lovely chat for a couple of hours and then went our separate ways. Me to the seamstress to get another cushion cover for dog Watson.

Wednesday my friend Selma hit Haarlem with me. We both had store credit with kpa.haarlem so that was our first stop after coffee and lunch. We both found a pair of trousers; hers is vegan leather (I love that term) and mine are pleated trousers.  I should have left it at that, but I wanted to show her Paragons where I bought my vintage Kenzo men’s jacket. On our way to that shop we popped into foof, a clothes and shoe shop. Darned, I bought bordeaux coloured boots. Do I need them? Of course not. Am I getting into a financial dip because of my spending habits? Of course I am. I need a psychologist. Or would a hypnotist help? Perhaps I should start looking for a job two or three days a week. It would give me colleagues to laugh with, money in the bank and no time to spend it.


Thursday was a day of errands and bike repair etc. In the afternoon my friend Yvonne came for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Friday. In the morning I had a 2 hour conversation with a former colleague and that was so nice. We were close but due to Covid, hadn’t spoken one another for 2 1/2 years. We made an appointment to meet.
Rest of the day was a strange day. I got an epiphany concerning a money matter and that was a bad one. I was right and it would have been soooo much better if I had realised this 8 months ago. Oh dear. It ruined the rest of the day.


No Fear of Fashion


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