Brown A-line skirtWhat a nice change to see brown clothes in the shops again. It has been so long since there was a good selection of items in that colour.
Because a friend of mine tried on this brown A-line skirt at kpa.haarlem, I could see what it would look like on me. I can never imagine the fit from a hanger. My friend bought it, then I tried it on and bought it as well (she doesn’t mind at all).

One gloomy Monday, my friend Marjolein and I captured this outfit for the blog in the town of Voorburg. Voorburg is adjacent to the Hague and an old small town.

Below: A row of beautifully finished and renovated houses. Above you can see a close-up of one of the houses; the photo where I am trying to hop over the pole (as if…).

We wandered through Voorburg, looking for a place to have coffee and lunch, totally forgetting that everything is closed on a Monday morning; restaurants, shops, the lot. It started to drizzle and I had to go to the ladies’ room. A chemist was open and the staff directed us to a restaurant at the canal, which perhaps, would be open. Not being overly confident about this, we searched for it. Hurray, it wasn’t only open, it was also lovely and had good food (plus a ladies’ room). What a relief.

Below: Marjolein, looking at the menu. As you can see, I am not the only one who likes colour. Purple is Marjolein’s favourite colour.

Below: When you look at this couple on the terrace of the restaurant, you’d think it was lovely weather, but look at the clouds! The bridge was open to let the ship pass through.

Below: Nice picture even though the sun is absent.

After lunch the drizzle stopped; we were ready to take some photos.

Below: In many cities the council or a shopkeepers’ association will organise flower displays in the streets.

Below: Old town, old church.

Below: There were many ‘sitting pose’ opportunities like in front of this beautiful house. The batwing lime green top is from a local shop and exactly the model that I like on me. I will go back for some other colours. First I want to see how it holds up to being laundered.

Below: I wouldn’t mind living in such a house. I would, however, mind the mortgage.

Below: The second sitting pose. That bronze metallic bag suddenly suits every outfit. I had a hunch it would be an autumn/winter bag.

Below: Zooming out, showing you the beauty shop. It is not as nice in autumn as it will have been in summer.

Below: Pretty gate to close off the alley between two shops.

Below: Marjolein asked me whether the belt was meant to be crooked. I replied yes, but wasn’t aware that it was this crooked.

Brown A-line skirt

Below: Close-up of the belt, a unique and old piece. You cannot prevent the belt from being crooked as it is a horizontal piece of leather but you need to push the top buttons into the bottom pins and that’s fine. I just should not have pushed the belt down further on the lower side, as I did.

Below: A lot of the houses were built at the end of the nineteenth century. This is what we call a stair gable; no further explanation necessary.

Below: In the main shopping street, we found another model with their photographer. They were taking outfit photos for their shop. See the rack with clothes underneath the hanging flowers.

Below: Looking at the women taking the photos for inspiration.

Below: They chose a terrific old building (1639) and the model came down the stairs a couple of times to capture the pose. I tried that as well, but I either pulled a silly face, had a big belly or the belt was totally stupid. So, no stairs photos of me.

Below: Ron really liked this photo and so do I. Leaning to one side gives the impression of a straighter belt.

Brown A-line skirt

Below: Marjolein wanted to try a pose where you can see past me. The door, however, was too close to the street. Next time we will look for a door further inward.
Earrings are by Lara Design.

Brown A-line skirt

Below: A head to toe photo of Marjolein, looking terrific in her fashionable wide trousers with trendy purple cardigan and orange/bright pink items.

Below: Close-up of the cute belt.

Below: Demonstration of my face without and with a smile. That settles it, I will keep on smiling.

Sour and happy face

Below: As we were walking back, we passed this ditch (it stank) with a beautiful house behind it.

Below: Another example of a pretty house. Voorburg has a lot of them. Built in 1893, end of the nineteenth century.

Below: Close-up of the finishing at the top. This house is well maintained; no skimping on paint.

Below: The last houses we saw are a bit more modern and quite fancy; not some quick building job.

Below: With rooftop gardens.

What happened in my life this week

Not an awful lot really. I have been laying low to let my eyelids heal after the operation and they are healing well. To my surprise one eye is slightly bruised, a hematoma. That is to be expected with any facial operation but I have always been so lucky; it never happened to me.

For those who don’t know what ‘work’ I have already done to myself (snigger), read this blog post of 2015. Since then I have also had my teeth straightened with Invisalign (this is no paid promotion; I paid for it myself and it was worth it). I also had my teeth whitened twice since 2015 and I had the piercings of my earlobes sewed up and re-pierced after 8 months. The old piercings made wearing earrings look as if they were going to tear my earlobes and fall on the floor. This month I had my eyelids done a second time.
The danger of starting to ‘modify’ yourself is that, after the first ‘improvement’, you also want this done and that done and you become addicted. Apart from the fact it is expensive, surgery is always a risk. Surgeons are humans and humans make mistakes; sometimes silly little mistakes but when they are working on your body, a little mistake can have enormous consequences. The sad story of model Linda Evangelista proves that nothing is without risk. I have been lucky so far and I will stop before my luck changes.

No photos of mum this week as my brother and sister-in-law visited her on Sunday and I stayed home.

Monday it was Ron’s brother’s birthday and we paid him a visit. In the afternoon we walked dog Watson in the park.

Below: Isn’t he a handsome boy? Watson will be 4 in January.

Dog Watson

Parks and woods in autumn are so beautiful. Couldn’t help taking photos of these mushrooms, although I am sure you see them where you are. Had a bit of trouble trying to create the collage (understatement…I tried and tried for more than an hour), but here it is below. Eureka. Persistence.

Collage mushrooms autumn

The cobbler repaired a pair of Marianne’s shoes, so after I picked them up, I spent a very pleasant afternoon chatting to Marianne.

Below: At Marianne’s, the day before the eyelid stitches were removed. (Link to original post with this outfit.)
No photo of Marianne as Wednesday is her PJ day and she doesn’t want to be photographed like that.

Colourful outfit with zigzag jumper

Thursday the stitches were removed. Hurray, a milestone. Just another week and I can put on eye make-up again (I hope). You don’t feel the stitches being removed apart from a little itch, that’s all. It took a couple of minutes.

Below: Here is what my face looked like after the stitches were removed, which means, a week after the operation. No make-up, not even concealer, just a red lipstick and red earrings to make the picture a bit brighter. I am not allowed to scratch the scabs which is really hard for me; I am sitting on my hands. There is still a bit of swelling; I am very curious to see the end result. Even with this result I am happy; the ‘curtains’ on either side of my eyes are gone.

Eyes, a week after the eyelid operation

Friday nothing at all happened. Just some blogging, replacing a pot plant for a newer version, making granola, doing the laundry, washing hair. That kind of day. Nothing to report apart from the fact it was gorgeous weather. I had to change boots and jumper for something more summery, wearing this blue skirt below (link to original post). I decided to take a little walk as it was so warm. On my way home I met my friend Janneke who came home with me for a glass of wine (only one).

Wide blue maxi skirt

Hopefully, next week will be more exciting.


No Fear of Fashion


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