purple blue trousersThe purple blue trousers, the brightly coloured jumper and the golden boots create what I call, a smashing outfit. Perhaps it is too colourful for you, but this is sooo me.

I found the trousers as I was shopping in Amsterdam with my friends Sabine and Anke (the Shopping Saturday girls). It was far too tight in the waist, but I noticed that there were two darts at the back and that the lining of the pockets was the same fabric. It made me confident that my seamstress would be able to fix it, just like she did with my leopard print trousers in November. And indeed, she fixed it.

These trousers are the same fit and style as the leopard print trousers, which made the choice to wear them with the champagne-coloured boots (EIJK Amsterdam) an easy one; a combination tried and tested. How did I ever manage without these boots?

Ron and I ventured out with my new camera to document it all. He had seen a yellow container by the side of a road and thought it would make a good background. I sincerely doubted that but I have learned not to argue about creativity with my photographer. After all, I know I don’t have ‘the eye’, so I’d better accept that others know better. As I said in a previous post, the camera performed beautifully. The only difficulty we have is the colour of the trousers. It comes up bright blue in all photos except for the first one. That first photo reflects the true colour: purple blue. When I adjusted the colours of the other photos in Photoshop Elements, my hair turned orange and that is not nice, so I left the trousers bright blue.

Below: Ron startled me by saying: “There is a stain there”. Me going: “Where? Where?” Joker. Not a stain in sight.

purple blue trousers

Below: Standing in the grass or in the mud or in the sand, is never ‘my thing’. Unfortunately it is something that Ron usually does not take into account.

purple blue trousers

Below: The green earrings by Lara Design are great with this outfit and they photographed well enough. Further below you will see a portrait with yellow earrings which was less successful.

green earrings by Lara Design

Below: Across the road was a field. Ron took this pretty picture of …no idea of what but talk about bokeh!


Below: This is my Christmas Day outfit. We were at my mum’s house and the temperature in her living room is quite high. A transparent blouse is no problem there. At my age I wear a tank top underneath. The days of wearing a see-through blouse with a pretty bra underneath, are over. I even wore that to the office in the old days. Mind you, I was 28 and working in an advertising agency, where any kind of clothing was acceptable.
I told Ron I didn’t want him to take the photos of this outfit against the same yellow container and he came up with this field. I do love this new camera.

purple blue trousers

Below: A relaxed  pose, having fun.

purple blue trousers

Below: The trousers from behind. OK, it is still a small arse, but I think it doesn’t look too bad. See the perfect heels of the boots?

purple blue trousers

Below: I cannot remember what Ron said to me but I bet it was cheeky. The golden bag is a present from my friend Marianne.

purple blue trousers

Below: And here is where we have to adjust the camera focus. My face is sharp (perhaps even a bit too sharp haha) and the Lara Design earrings are blurry. As you have seen them a couple of times before, I didn’t bother taking another photo later on.

yellow earrings by Lara Design

Below: The light was fading, the shoot had been successful, so home we went.

fuchsia Max Mara coat

What happened in my life this week

I cannot remember a thing about Saturday; I really should ‘document my activities’. On Sunday Ron and I both visited my mum and we stayed for dinner (which we brought with us). Below: mum and I played a game of cards; usually she wins, but this time I crushed her. LOL
Different colour top, different setting (not the sofa). She should be content.

Mum in purple

As we arrived at mum’s house, I suddenly started sneezing etc. which worried me no end. A Covid test came up negative, but that is not conclusive. Monday I got up, still sneezing and with a runny nose, so I cancelled my appointments with Marcella and with the physiotherapist. As soon as I had done that, the sneezing stopped and my nose was dry again. The end of the cold. So weird.

We took down all the Christmas decorations. Ron helped a lot as I couldn’t climb ladders.

No appointments meant I had enough time to do my French Duo Lingo lessons. My knee was progressing so Paris was getting more and more feasible. Tuesday I even tried going up the stairs again the way a normal person does instead of like a crab with legs spread wide as not to bend the knee. It went fine the first time. The second time went fine as well until I was at the top of the stairs. SNAP…the knee said. HELL…I yelled in pain and I was back on square one, being very angry.

Tuesday night wasn’t funny, a lot of pain and anger but Wednesday morning things were getting better fast. So I held off ringing my doctor asking to refer me to an orthopaedic surgeon. Marcella (of Lara Design) came round, we did a video, talked about some ‘work’ for me and I got another pair of earrings. Sooo nice.

Below: I was wearing this that day. See the original post with cream boots.

Red and white striped jacket

My knee got better much quicker than last week and on Thursday I had another session with the physiotherapist. She was quite pleased with the way my knee is developing, even though I wasn’t. Fingers crossed. Didn’t do anything else that day apart from Duo Lingo French and this blog post. Boring days. I did come up with a ‘new’ skirt outfit, taking clothes from my own wardrobe. Not spectacular but I will show you next week the differences between three outfits with the same skirt.

Friday was another boring day with little to do. But as I cycled (for health and knee), I passed kpa.haarlem, the shop of Karlijn, who just happened to have this pair of excellent black trousers…(to be continued).


No Fear of Fashion


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