Flared black midi skirt styled in a modern wayStyling a rather classic skirt, like this flared black midi skirt, isn’t easy for me. I tend to make it look frumpy, old-fashioned. I will show you a couple of previous styling to prove my point.

Below: I will start with the most unflattering styling of all. This is the skirt with the matching jacket. I bought both at the Max Mara outlet in Turin. Especially the shoes make this suit look very old-fashioned. I have always had a problem with modern shoes.

Flared black midi skirt

Below: Again the shoes are too old-fashioned and the belt sits far too high in my waist, making my short torso even shorter.

Flared black midi skirt

Below: The boots made it better but the turtleneck made my breasts look even bigger than they are. No turtlenecks for me. (I had to let these boots go because they were too wide which hurt my knee. Such a shame.) You can see the structure of the skirt fabric very well in this photo.

Flared black midi skirt

Below: We are moving on. This styling isn’t too bad, although still rather classic.

Flared black midi skirt

Below: I like this styling with the red cowboy boots and the oversized necklace. The jacket is back but this isn’t an old-fashioned look.

Flared black midi skirt

Below: And this is how I styled it this week. With a sweater and my combat boots. I really like this now.

Flared black midi skirt styled in a modern way

Loes took the photos with the new camera. We tried a couple of camera features which didn’t really work out. But no biggie. The photos turned out very nice.

Below: Loes in a perfect bokeh photo.


Below: With all that red in the outfit, I had to wear my red earrings by Lara Design. That was a no-brainer. (The tip of my nose is red too.)
Remember that my niece saved this sweater by printing a few rose petals on the 4 stains? It looks as if they have always been there. The red belt is Max Mara and a birthday present from my mum a few years ago.

Red earrings by Lara Design

Below: Trying a pose which didn’t work out that well haha. “Here’s looking at you, babe”.

Flared black midi skirt styled in a modern way

Below: We were in a park with beautiful houses, called Kenaupark. As soon as Loes saw the bench, she directed me to it. She knows me well LOL.

Flared black midi skirt styled in a modern way

Below: Bright sunshine is just as bad for photography as taking photos inside. Well, not really, I should have used my flash but that is still in its package. I never used a flash before that you had to mount on to your camera. Anyway the tree is nice.

Flared black midi skirt styled in a modern way

Below: In the old days rich people had houses around this park, often as their summer residence.

Houses in Haarlem

Below: One of the statues in the park is of Hannie Schaft, a famous Haarlem girl who did excellent work in the resistance during World War 2.

Hannie Schaft

Below: There were other people in the park but not many. Monday afternoon everybody is at work.

Flared black midi skirt styled in a modern way

Below: And it was COOOOLLLLDD.

Flared black midi skirt styled in a modern way

Below: Loes, back at my place to warm up.


What happened in my life this week

Saturday went by without me doing anything. The shops were open again, but the restaurants and terraces were still closed. Only that Saturday there was a ‘demonstration’. Meaning the terraces were full with people drinking from 12 till 5 p.m. Oh well.

Sunday I visited mum. She was all dressed in black, which is highly unusual for her.
Below: I told her I would take the photo from a low point of view to make her look taller haha. She is tiny (5ft1 / 1m54).


I found some old photos. Below: Mum and my brother. Wasn’t she a beauty? 19 years old.

Mum and my brother

Below: And this is my dad at the age of 30. He was very debonair, a great dancer and always beautifully dressed. He swept my young mother off her feet.


Monday Loes and I took the photos for this post and the only exciting thing that happened on the Tuesday was my trip to the cobbler. Luckily I had a Facetime conversation with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge in the evening. Always great to talk to her.

Wednesday was dull with just a visit to the physiotherapist…Really, if I have to fill this section of the post with drivel like this, I’d better stop writing. Of course every day we have French conversation lessons and French lesson on the app. Baby steps…

Thursday was a better day. Marcella came and we created a little video. We now have to see how we can edit it. In the afternoon I went to the cobbler to pick up Marianne’s boots which had to be widened. We both shouted ‘hurray’ when I was able to get them on her feet in a few seconds instead of the 25 minutes it took before. Below: Marianne.


Friday was a wet day. I bought Smart LED light bulbs that work with an app. You can change the colour of the bulb from very white to yellow to almost orange with the app. Plus switch the light(s) on and off. A new innovation in our home. There will come a time we will operate everything with an app on our phone. Some of our friends are ‘tech savvy’ and already operate their television, the lights, the front door and their music system like that, but we are late adaptors.

So all in all, rather an uneventful week. On the bright side: my knee is improving a lot.

Saying goodbye this week with a photo that promises spring.



No Fear of Fashion


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