Lime leather jacket with houndstooth trousersWhen you don’t want to spend money on new clothes all the time, you will have to create new combinations with the things you already have. So I combined the lime green leather jacket with my houndstooth trousers and even added sneakers instead of sleek boots. Very sustainable but such styling isn’t easy for me, contrary to what everybody thinks. And to tell you the truth, I am not fond of this combination. You saw the jacket before in this post and the trousers in this post. Small confession: the top is new, a sale score from Bellamy Gallery.

Ron took the photos (reluctantly) with the river Spaarne as background. Fortunately my new camera behaved so much better than the old one.

Below: Of course this photo would even be better with green leaves on the trees. Pity it is winter. Which also means I am freezing throughout the shoot.

Lime leather jacket with houndstooth trousers

Below: Ships and drawbridges are great items to create a pretty picture.

Lime leather jacket with houndstooth trousers

Below: Detail photo by Ron.


Below: Why don’t I like this outfit? To me, the jacket is too short; it should cover my tiny bum and the sneakers are too casual for these trousers. I found out the trousers sit better when I wear the waistband exactly on the waist and not any lower. Of course that makes the trouser legs shorter. So I had to find shoes with no heel and chose these sneakers. Taking the trousers to the seamstress to elongate the legs and wear them with sleek boots is a better solution.

Lime leather jacket with houndstooth trousers

Below: Ron directed me to this spot and I said: “Yay, something to hold on to;  I will do an impression of the Titanic scene.”

Lime leather jacket with houndstooth trousers

Below: Across the road were pretty houses.

Lime leather jacket with houndstooth trousers

Below: Such doors offer the opportunity to lean on the banister. Easy pose.

Lime leather jacket with houndstooth trousers

After the shot above I was so cold, I didn’t care whether the shoot had been successful or not. Let’s go home and get warm. It was a pleasant surprise to see that all photos were sharp.

What is a bit odd in the photos is my fringe. It had grown too long and I couldn’t be bothered going to the hairdresser. Which is stupid as I am in their street often enough. I just hacked away at the fringe which resulted in the much dreaded Too Short Fringe. I hate that.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday I picked up the multi-focal contact lenses from the optician and also collected a pair of black trousers from the seamstress. It was a quiet day with buying flowers and such. Nothing special.

Sunday mum called and said she wasn’t feeling too well and we’d better stay home. I had her call the doctor on Monday and by Friday she got medication and hopefully everything will be fine. As we had nothing else to do that day, it meant I could twist Ron’s arm in doing this shoot.

Monday we took the decision not to go to Paris this April but to postpone it until next year. Hoping Covid will be less severe and my knee will be totally fine. A third reason is that Ron has an assignment starting the first of April, so he’d rather start this than having to ask whether he can start a month later.
It meant that I Facetimed with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge again as we had agreed to meet in Paris. Poor Susan. I keep saying I will meet her in Paris or in London and I always cancel. Luckily she is a forgiving soul and we had a few laughs while facetiming.

Tuesday I was already totally fed up with my new multi-focal lenses and I asked the optician how much time it would take for my vision to get better. He asked whether it had improved from day to day, which it hadn’t. My brain is stupid when it comes to this, so I returned the lenses. Then I booked an appointment to assess my eyes at the eye doctor and schedule the cataract operation after that. I will have to settle for normal lenses with which I can look in the distance and wear reading glasses when I need to read. Ugghh, that means I have to pick up reading glasses all the time, perhaps even have them dangling on a little chain around my neck. No matter how practical that is, it will make me feel very old. For now I am not allowed to wear my regular contact lenses (bi-focal) for six weeks until the assessment. I have ordered new glasses for this period. On the bright side of things…I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the multi-focal lenses.

After walking on low heeled shoes for two weeks, I decided to try my orange boots with a little heel. Only the heels are rather thin and some of the streets damage these heels. So I tiptoed across the market square. This tiptoeing, combined with doing exercises to enforce my upper legs, was fatal. At night my left leg ached so much I couldn’t sleep. No position was comfortable. What agony. Luckily I had already booked an appointment with the physiotherapist on Wednesday and that helped (a bit).

In the morning, before going to the physiotherapist I had another photo shoot, this time with Loes. Sore leg, cold weather…man…the things you do for a blog. When we got home the camera refused to cooperate when I tried taking a photo of Loes. I had to call the camera guy again. Even by telephone he knew what I had done wrong. I had moved a wheel to a setting which wasn’t that clever. Shame on me.

Thursday my leg was a bit better but I still walked as if I were 96. I had arranged to meet Yvonne who is a long-time friend and also my supplier of vitamin supplements, brand Beyuna. One of my readers advised me to take curcumin for my knee (thank you Judith). Many things that are wrong with our body can be solved with supplements and by the way we eat. Of course not everything…I am not daft. But I decided to inquire with Yvonne whether Beyuna had something with curcumin for my knee. And indeed they have. She gave me a bottle as a sample. So nice.
As the lockdown has almost completely been lifted in the Netherlands since Wednesday, we had coffee in a restaurant and chatted for 2.5 hours. Of course I totally forgot to take a photo but here is one from this summer.

Below: Yvonne.


Don’t get me wrong, the Covid contamination rate is huge but the amount of people in hospital and Intensive Care are not that high. No idea what it will be next week.

The rest of the day I “worked” for Ron and his website, did my Duo Lingo French and this blog. Nothing exciting.

Friday I had a hairdressers’ appointment. I told her to leave my fringe alone and that I would come back for it when it has grown again. In the afternoon Marcella of Lara Design paid me a visit. She is creating more and more ‘ear parties’. I had never heard of ‘ear parties’ which are multiple earrings as a set, for people who have multiple piercings on either ear. Below: Marcella being content.


Below: Here is a close-up of one of her ear parties. I like the little snake creole.

ear party

Marcella brought me this lovely little vase with beautiful flowers as a thank-you for something I had done. Which was only being enthusiastic about her earrings to somebody who was interested and that person happened to be a stylist. They now collaborate.

flowers in a vase

Signing off with this picture of mimosa to give you a spring feeling.



No Fear of Fashion


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