Cognac coloured trousers with a black blazerIt’s time to be elegant again, which I think I am in these cognac-coloured trousers. The black blazer is part of a trouser suit which I never really wear. You can see the suit in this post. That was before I had the jacket taken in and the trousers shortened. Let us just say I had a black-out when I bought this suit. When would I ever wear it?? OK, at the time I was still working in an office, but for my office environment this was way too formal. Anyway, they work better as separates.

Loes and I went to a viaduct nearby to do this shoot. It was bloody cold and my leg and knee were still hurting a lot that day.

Below: I had spotted these lines, this green, those stones in mosaic shape and was very taken by all of it.


Below: It is a railway viaduct and underneath it runs one of the main roads into the centre.

Cognac coloured trousers with a black blazer

Below: Casually putting my hand in my pocket, with the mosaic bricks behind me.

Cognac coloured trousers with a black blazer

Below: Leaning against the banister.
I chose my pale slate bag to go with this outfit as I wanted to add another colour. The shoes are by EIJK Amsterdam, the trousers are by FRNCH, bought at kpa.haarlem. You have seen these trousers before in this post. I am serious in trying to create new outfits with things I already have.

Cognac coloured trousers with a black blazer

Below: The sitting down opportunity.

Cognac coloured trousers with a black blazer

Below: The earrings I wore with the outfit. Just to add another colour and have something bright near my face. They are made by a Dutch goldsmith with semi-precious stones.

Bright blue earrings

And that concludes the photos of this outfit. I had a lot more but dear husband thought it was too much and pretty boring; thank you Ron.

Below: All of a sudden my camera only took blurry photos. I had to photograph Loes in her lovely new jumper in my garden with my iPhone. Loes looks a bit flustered, but that is due to the iPhone. I must have the camera settings of the iPhone wrong as the photos usually turn out red.


Below: Close-up of her adorable earrings.

Earring Loes

What happened in my life this week

On Sunday we visited mum, who is recuperating nicely. I was able to convince her to spend money on a gadget which enlarges the subtitles on her TV and on a new iPad as the one she has, is at software update IOS10 and we are already at 15.3. Some of the apps don’t work anymore. It took me quite some convincing as my mum is very frugal but she can afford it.

Monday I took the trousers of last week’s outfit to the seamstress. I know that 95% of you readers like the outfit with the sneakers but I don’t. And I have to be happy too, right?
I also had some physiotherapy for my knee and leg. I am nearly there, apart from 5-10% ache. I made another appointment for next week. At least I can go up and down stairs again.

Tuesday was a relaxed day in an otherwise busy week. I came up with another outfit created from things in my wardrobe.

Wednesday Marjolein and I roamed The Hague. We chatted, had coffee and lunch and she took photos of my newly created outfit with pretty The Hague as background. She is my bonus photographer.
Below: Marjolein wearing a ridiculous and funny mask (can I emphasize that this is not her nose nor her mouth haha).


In the evening our friends Georg and Marla came for dinner and Ron made sole, which was delicious.

Thursday morning I went to a specialised physiotherapist for my pelvic floor. I have been doing pelvic floor exercises for about 10 to 15 years now and these exercises prevent sudden ‘urine loss leakage’. Lately these accidents occurred again, although only one or two drops every so often, but I don’t want any loss. I know I shouldn’t accept this and do something about it while it is not that bad yet. The cause is probably (as I thought) a case of doing the right exercises but executing them the wrong way. I excel at that. After a while I cannot really remember too well what I am supposed to do and start ‘winging it’. I hope this problem will be solved in a couple of months. You might consider this a case of Too Much Information, but I believe in sharing these things to help others. Usually everybody is too embarrassed to talk about it. As I have little shame, I don’t mind sharing. After all, 1 out of 4 women is dealing with this and often the right exercises (executed in the right way…) can remedy this.

In the afternoon Marcella of Lara Design and I had our weekly ‘earrings brainstorm’. In the evening the girl from next-door taught me how to create videos and what to do with iMovie. The younger they are, the more they know about these devices. In one hour, she taught me a lot and she assisted in creating this video, which is terrible in my opinion, because it was dark and indoors, with a lamp behind me. But I am going to share it anyway. This way you can follow my journey from crap to (hopefully) a lot better as I intend to make more of them. Every time I play the video and see myself, the only thing I can think of is “Oh my God… how awful” LOL.

Friday I was supposed to meet my friend Selma, but she forgot to write our date in her agenda haha, so it fell through. No biggie. It was a busy week anyway. I did some work for Ron’s website, ran some errands and cycled in very stormy weather.
Friday night we went out for dinner with Froukje and Petro at restaurant Loetje, where they serve the best steak in the world (IMHO). Afterwards we went to their house and had a delicious dessert. You can imagine it was a fun evening.


No Fear of Fashion


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