pale slate Demellier bagBuying this pale slate Demellier bag is pure madness for me. It is expensive and as I already have so many bags it is also embarrassing. Certainly not sustainable either, but I adore this bag. Ever since Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge showed bags from this brand, I have been ogling their site. I was very much in love with the white croc mini Venice although it was very similar to my black Chloé Marcie bag. Nearly ordered it when it was briefly in the sales. Before I could snap it up it was back to its full price. Then there was this sharp rectangle bag with a prominent fastening which I didn’t order either.

Until a couple of weeks ago when I saw Susan (again) with a new Demellier bag in a sand colour. Strangely enough I had seen such a model before and I wasn’t keen on it. But now I fell really hard for it, like falling in love with a cupid and an arrow. The pale slate colour which I ordered is a versatile bag (I think and I hope). It screams quality and smells so nice. I am happy as a kid with a new toy and all the tax return money which still has to be transferred to my account, is now gone. Bad, bad girl.

Kitty was enjoying a holiday so Ron took the photos while we were at my mum’s. Just a little walk around the corner, no great buildings in this post and not much variation in poses, I’m sorry.

Below: Let’s start with the bag. It isn’t grey and it isn’t green. The bag is called the midi Los Angeles.

pale slate Demellier bag

Below: The sun was on full blast however leaving the temperatures to be desired. This is the main street of my mum’s village. Not very exciting.

pale slate Demellier bag

Below: We tried several spots and poses. Staying out of the sun was the best. Especially with my suede shoes as the sun makes them look worn.

pale slate Demellier bag

Below: I hid from the sunshine against a building with a pretty bush to keep me company.

pale slate Demellier bag

Below: The tunic top is from the Max Mara outlet in Turin, several years ago. You saw me wear it with my python boots and my black pleated skirt in this post. The trousers are also from the Max Mara outlet. The pumps are Panara.

pale slate Demellier bag

Below: No sunshine and a fierce wind. Pity about the red car reflecting in the windows.

pale slate Demellier bag

Below: When you have little time and the place doesn’t offer very exciting spots, the difference should be made by my poses. Alas, I have to go through that book with poses again as I suck at it.

pale slate Demellier bag

Below: Ron’s shouted: “Can I get your attention please?” Haha.

pale slate Demellier bag

Below: A close-up of the necklace one of my readers sent me. I have showed it before. It is such a beautiful gift. Because the necklace is the thing to get the attention, I kept my earrings simple.

Green necklace

Right, that was the outfit. Ron didn’t like it one bit that we had to do a shoot in such circumstances and surroundings. But I needed photos and the opportunity arose. Don’t blame him, blame me.

What happened in my life this week

Before I forget, below an outfit of which I wasn’t sure whether I would use it for a blog post or not. These ochre trousers are a present from my husband 8 years ago. I have a hard time styling them. Really the only way I like them is how I originally created an outfit with them back in 2013 (see this post where my hair is still brown and my fringe too short). But walking on stiletto heels isn’t that much fun anymore, so I needed another way of styling.

The jacket is green and so are the boots. Although comfortable, I am not really satisfied with this styling, so it is not going to be the focus of a new post. Detail: this is how you are supposed to wear this bag.

Ochre yellow trousers with Demellier bag

Below: The jacket isn’t as light green as in this photo, but it will have to do. The golden bird brooch is from Claudia, whom I follow on Instagram. She has started designing jewellery and is selling it on Etsy under the name Clovis Jewelz. I like the simplicity of this brooch. It stands out but doesn’t outshine the outfit.

golden brooch bird

Things have been hectic this week. During the weekend, after the parquet floor had dried, we had to put everything back in the living room. Hurray for strong neighbours who helped carrying the heavy stuff back into the house. We are very grateful.

Of course we worry about my brother and sister-in-law who got Covid. One of their daughters created a family Whatsapp group so we get updates. So far, so good. The fever and nausea have gone and they don’t have respiratory issues but they are sooo tired.

On Sunday I had my IT guy come in to change a few things, mainly making things a little more secure. (An IT woman is helping me with the technical stuff of my blog and an IT guy is helping me with my computer/Microsoft. Too complicated for me.) Unfortunately I asked him to give me my own Microsoft account instead of being on Ron’s account. Oh brother…Let me just say, it doesn’t improve my mood.

Went to my mother (an hour’s drive away) because her e-reader suddenly stopped working. She couldn’t do anything with it. I tried to solve it by phone but that didn’t work. I felt quite clever I got it back to working again. Mum said her e-reader might be breaking down more often in future as she quite likes my visit haha. As if I hadn’t been the week before.

From my mum I drove to my friend Lia as she lives close to my mum and I had to give Lia something. Stayed there for a short while and when I was already back home, I saw her text: “Forgot to serve the apple pie”. A shame but better for my figure.

Tuesday the weather was beautiful so we walked dog Watson by the sea. Such a delight. Cappuccino at the end of the walk, which is not a good thing. Headaches are back when I drink coffee, so coffee is off the menu and instead I drink a lot of water again (I don’t like tea). That day it was King’s day. Before Covid, everybody would be celebrating, wearing orange clothes, or being dressed in red, white and blue, our national colours. This year nothing of course. Some people ignored everything. Hopefully the hospitals won’t be filled with many more cases the next couple of weeks, but I am afraid they will. If you want to have an idea of how big this day is in the Netherlands, have a look at this King’s Day post of 2014. I love that post.
Traditionally, everybody gets their junk from the attic, spreads it on the pavement and tries to sell it for next to nothing. And the shops sell of their last year’s collection at small prices too. And so did Karlijn of kpa.haarlem. I stopped by her shop in the afternoon and scored a green summer coat. Sort of a wide trench coat. Plus a pair of summer trousers and a white skirt. As Ron had given me ‘an outfit from kpa.haarlem’, I asked Karlijn to send the bill to Ron.

Ron liked the coat and trousers but hated the skirt. Karlijn said: “Oh that is awful, considering it is his birthday present. Come to the shop and give that skirt back.” Normally with sales garments you cannot do that. I was grateful and exchanged it for a pair of black suede slippers.

Below: The next day I could spend an hour in my garden on my stretcher…oh heaven.

Sunbathing in the garden

In the meantime I was online selling the leather sofa of a neighbour who shies away from such things. It was gone within a day for a good price. I was quite pleased with myself.

Had some car trouble this week. As I was driving, all of a sudden the power steering stopped. And my car is heavy!! I managed to get it to the side of the road and did what you do with computers: I turned it off and on. Bingo, power steering was on again. To be on the safe side I had it checked at the garage a couple of days later. It turned out the sensor in my steering column is on the blink. This is an expensive repair. The garage suggested to use a refurbished second-hand part from one of their trusted suppliers and pay half the price. I jumped at that but it is still a lot of money.
It always feels wasted money to me. You pay for something you already had, in this case a good running car. Nothing to show for that money. I know it is stupid to think like this as everything needs maintenance but still.

We finally put up the new bathroom roller blind. Yay. This time we ordered the right size (grin). Never mind, we were able to make somebody happy with the wrong sized blind.
I learned a new saying: Measure three times and cut once.

Friday Marjolein and I met in a shopping mall in Leidschendam as the weather had turned cold again. (Honestly, why do I bother buying summer clothes when most of the time it is cold and rainy in this country?) We had a lovely time. The mall was pretty crowded as the kids are on holiday from school and sometimes I didn’t feel comfortable. But I have to say, people were only too close together in cues and we didn’t cue.

Below: Marjolein and one of the mannequins in the mall. She removed her mask for the photo. The mannequins weren’t dressed in proper clothes but the artist created really good outfits anyway.

Marjolein and a mannequin in the mall

Below: Three more mannequins.

Mannequin in the mall

Mannequin in the mall

Mannequin in the mall

Below: This cat is a playground for kids. Isn’t it fantastic? It was closed for the kids because of Covid, but that one little girl couldn’t read yet. Her mum did so the fun ended quickly.

Cat as playground for kids in the mall

And of course there was my vaccination. YAY. Had my first shot with Pfizer. Easy peasy. No side effects whatsoever. A bit of a stiff arm, that was it.

Let’s hope Ron and I make it without catching Covid the next 8 weeks. After that we are fully vaccinated.


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