Oversized pastel green shirtTalking about a garment which covers “all sins”, how about this oversized pastel green shirt? And it wasn’t for that reason why I fell for it. It is because it reminds me of the kind of thing an artist would wear to create a painting. It is fun and quirky (in my opinion). It really is a shirt dress called Steve but I find it too short on a tall person like me (5ft74).

The colour is tricky as any pastels tend to wash me out. Lara Design‘s earrings to the rescue. Amongst the load of earrings I have bought, is this bright fuchsia pair. I love this colour and it brightens up my face.

That Sunday late afternoon, Kitty and I went to an industrial site to take these photos. It used to be the place where the electricity for our city was produced and distributed. Now it is all run down which is a shame. What a waste of beautiful architecture.

Below: This building is now called Lichtfabriek (which means Light Factory) and is used for (music) events.


Below: Kitty at work.

Kitty at the lichtfabriek

Luckily our city council agrees that the buildings should be preserved and this whole area is getting a make-over, while still respecting the original architecture.

Below: See the glass bit behind me? They have attached it to the old building.

Oversized pastel green shirt

Below: You can see it even better on the photo below. The glass part sort of hugs the old building.

Oversized pastel green shirt

Below: They haven’t gotten round to doing all the buildings yet, but they will. The white round thing is for winding cables and it says ‘stroom‘ which means power.


Below: It makes a great background.
Now for the outfit: I bought the oversized pastel green shirt at…(you guessed it)…kpa.haarlem as well as the striped T-shirt. The stripes add more interest to the outfit, I think. The blush pink bag is several years old and by Sequoia. The bag appeared on the blog in this post and in this post.

The pink ankle boots are also several years old, by EIJK Amsterdam and very comfortable. They still sell this model, but in pink croc print there are only 3 sizes left: 36, 37 and 40. The successor of the pink croc is the Denis blush pink, very versatile as this colour goes with any other colour. Some Denis blush pink photos on the EIJK site look a bit orange, but they are actually pink, as in the photo with the woman in the gorgeous skirt.

Oversized pastel green shirt

Below: This is how the Steve dress shirt looks in the shop window of kpa.haarlem. There are still a few in stock.

Shop window kpa.haarlem

Below: Kitty put me on this low road sign. We call this a ‘paddenstoel‘ which translates to ‘mushroom‘. The English word ‘pedestal’ is pronounced nearly the same as ‘paddenstoel‘. There must have been a connection in the old days.

Oversized pastel green shirt

Below: For the time being it is not the kind of neighbourhood you want your daughter to venture to. The shirt is heavily pleated at the back.

Below: Going up the steps.

Oversized pastel green shirt

Below: During the day it was safe to prance around.

Below: The sky was turning darker and darker. Was rain afoot?

Below: A few minutes later the sky cleared again.

Oversized pastel green shirt

Below: A gorgeous ‘bokeh’ (blurry background) photo. See the bows on my cuffs?

Oversized pastel green shirt

Below: Close-up of the earrings by Lara Design.

fuchsia pink earrings by laradesign.nl

Below: In the car, ready to go home, Kitty photographed her right finger, her camera operating finger. It had turned white from the cold.

Kitty's frozen finger

Below: Back at my place, nice and warm. Kitty blends in perfectly with the colours of my home. Cute jumper (sweater) with that zipper at the side.

Kitty at my home

It was a cold but fun and fruitful photo shoot.

What happened in my life this week

The weekend was filled with birthday stuff, not only mine but also Ron’s as his birthday is two days after mine. On Saturday we visited my mum as she cannot travel anymore. The easiest solution is to go to her. Usually my brother and sister-in-law join us but of course not this year. Which turned out to be a good thing as later in the week we learned that they both caught the virus, just a few days after their first vaccination. Poor things. I so hope they will only have mild symptoms and will recover soon. Very worrying.

When we were at mum’s I went through her button collection (see below). Like most people her age (and mine…) she has boxes filled with buttons. Mum even had buttons from her mother and her grandmother. She is not prepared to sew on any button anymore and gave me permission to take half her stock. They weren’t for me, but for my friend Katrien, whom you saw last week. Katrien popped by on Monday to give me a birthday present and was really pleased with the buttons.

Sorting buttons

Below: Katrien gave me this little tile. Isn’t it pretty?


On Sunday my stepdaughter and her husband visited us. They brought 4 Covid tests and we all used them. All negative. Yay. This meant we could be less careful around each other which was lovely. They brought a big apple pie, home-made and the best.

One of my presents, wrapping paper, caused a jolly moment. They ordered bespoke wrapping paper with my photo on it. Only my repeating photo was supposed to be small. Well…it was repeating all right, but small? No, not really haha. Killed myself laughing and I am definitely going to use it.

Bespoke wrapping paper

Tuesday I had a couple of hours Facetiming with Marcella of Lara Design to discuss the PR ideas Ron had come up with. We developed a friendship over my love for her earrings. A dangerous friendship as I get exposed to all the new earrings she comes up with and I insist on paying the full price. Friendship and business should be separated otherwise it will cause trouble.

Wednesday was a tiring day. Our parquet floor was to be sanded and treated with oil which means EVERYTHING had to be moved out of the living room. Small stuff in boxes, lamps, chairs etc. we moved upstairs and in the afternoon we got the next-door neighbour and a (young) friend of Ron to help us move the heavy stuff into the shed. That’s when you realize you are getting older.
After it is all done and dried, we have to move everything back again of course. Dog Watson is ‘on holiday’ in a doggie centre which he loves. Sophie the cat was locked into a room during the Wednesday otherwise she would escape through the front door into the street.

Below: I am pretty good at stashing away things. This is Ron’s upstairs man cave, now transformed into a living room with a dining table, comfortable chairs, side tables, lamps and even flowers.

Upstairs emergency living room

Thursday was the day I had to give the parquet men coffee. And I had a very nice Facetime conversation for 2 hours with another friend called Katrien (very confusing I know). This Katrien, although Dutch, lives in South Africa.

Friday was an odd day. In the morning the parquet floor got its protective layer and it looks gorgeous. Has to dry for 26 hours. By the time you are reading this post we should be back into our living room. It was a delicate balance between keeping the living room door open to air and keeping the cat outside.

Below: Isn’t it lovely?

Parquet floor

Friday afternoon I took a stepladder to Karlijn of kpa. as I didn’t like it one bit that she was climbing on a little wooden stool with that recovering ankle of hers. That stool was even dangerous for me. I had this stepladder spare so why not give it to her? I transported it on my bike but had to walk next to the bike. How do these people in China do that? They seem to balance their whole house on a bicycle and are still able to cycle. Anyway, I bet she is going to store it in a place that is difficult to reach and use the stool anyway.

We went out for French fries for our Friday dinner with ice cream afterwards. Ron didn’t want to cook in a small kitchen with the TV cabinet in the way.

See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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