boyfriend jeans with white linen shirt and blush pink cross body bagAs it is holiday time, I decided not to do a complete shoot, but to show you outfits and rings which I have put on Instagram. Not everybody is on Instagram and those who are, don’t see everything. I also have a few new outfits to show, like the above one. I am in stitches here because husband Ron was trying to take the photo while fighting off mosquitos. Very funny sight. He was less amused.

I was so glad I could put on my boyfriend jeans. As this is a particularly good item for somebody wearing a knee brace haha. The temperatures were so high in The Netherlands this past month, we could only wear very flimsy fabric. We don’t know what to do with 38C = 100F. Last weekend temperatures dropped to normal 26C = 79F. Well, normal, that is actually pretty darned good for my country. It didn’t last though as it is hot again. The shoes were a lucky find when I was in Geneva two years ago (brand What for).

I will give you a couple of close-ups.

Below: The shoes, just in case you didn’t click through to the Geneva post.

Black and white block heel sandals

Below: The bag. Brand Sequoia Paris. Bought in the sale at Hudson’s Bay. I am not giving up trying to save this department store. It is sort of blush pink and goes with everything.

Sequoia cross body bag blush pink

Below: The necklace. Brand: Angela Caputi, one of my favourite necklace suppliers. The big black and white bracelet is from Little Mole Boutique. See my post about boyfriend jeans, lime duster coat and more of her bracelets. The smaller bracelet is from Bella’s Etsy shop: Citizen Rosebud.

Angela Caputi necklace black and white

Below: Next…. this pretty skirt is not in my possession. I ordered it in size 40 (EUR) and it fitted perfectly. After 5 minutes (I was trying out tops with the skirt), it started to hurt around waist and stomach. Strange. To be sure I ordered a larger size. Which was too large. I really liked the skirt but Ron said it made me look pretty big. Even when I wore my normal size. That ended the contemplation. A skirt that hurts for no reason which my husband doesn’t like, is no good. Returned both sizes. Pity though, I really liked it. Brand skirt: Marc Cain (in the sale). Orange T-shirt: Filippa K (a few years old).

Fun outfits Marc Cain skirt

Below: This summer dress from the Max Mara outlet, appeared before in this post, including the shoes with perspex heels. (Doing a strange thing here with my hand.) The little cross body bag you saw earlier in this post, is exactly the same blush pink colour as in the dress. Wearing an elastic tapered pencil skirt underneath the dress as it is just a little too short for my taste. Pencil skirt is by Bellamy Gallery.

Fun outfits: blue Max Mara dress with blush pink cross body bag

Below: Let’s talk accessories. Like five plastic rings and a brooch. (More outfits after that. Bear with me.) Photos are a little too close-up for a blog. Works better on Instagram.

lilac and cream plastic rose ring

mother of pearl ring

rosy red plastic ring

Black white and gold plastic ring

brown plastic ring

cross brooch

Below: I ordered this skirt from Kemi Telford. The print and the fabric is amazing. I am trying it on here straight from the box, creases and all.

wide red skirt with black top

Below: Tried it with a white top, black belt and black flat shoes. Ron liked it, but after wearing it a day, I decided this just isn’t me. Like Bohemian/Ibiza style is not me. I didn’t feel happy in it. Kemi Telford nor the skirt are to blame. Just a personal style preference. It is now in the capable sewing hands of a colleague, who is raving about the fabric. She is going to sew pleats in it and make a fitted waistband instead of an elastic one. I bet I want it back by then haha. (Joke, a gift is a gift.)

Fun outfits: wide red skirt with white top

Below: Did not buy this dress either. It was second hand by designer Claes Iversen. Again it wasn’t me and felt a little too tight.

Claes Iversen dress

Below: Before I show you some more nice outfits, let me show you a stupid thing I did. My friend Marianne wanted to know what the spray dye of L’Oreal Magic Colour did for me. So I took a photo before….

hair with outgrow

Below: …. and a photo after… Ta-da!

hair with outgrow died

Below: Unfortunaly… what NEVER happens… the dye came out in blotches. Normally I never wear clothes in the bathroom when I apply this. Only, because I had to send photos to Marianne, I had already put my white sweater on. I tried everything and in the end I had to throw it away. Need a replacement for winter. Cotton though, as I cannot stand wool. Too itchy.

ruined white sweater

Below: Went out for lunch with Sylvia of 40PlusStyle. Wearing a shirt by Marlene Birger, jogging trousers in a smooth material from Bellamy Gallery and blue espadrilles. Just as I was leaving the house, Ron called me back to warn me that my shirt was half tucked in. He shook his head when I told him that was trendy.

Marlene Birger shirt with blue jogging trousers

Below: The little bag is vintage from second hand shop Kat & Ko. And the necklace was made by Suzanne Carillo.

Marlene Birger shirt with blue jogging trousers 2

Below: As you cannot see the shirt very well, I dug up this photo, which shows you the fine line through the blue.

Marlene Birger shirt

Below: This outfit was on my blog in 2015. I wore it to a fair. Imagine white trousers at a fair.

Black and white trouser outfit

Below: My signature style: jeans with heels (pink suede with high block heels), a fun top and a terrific jacket. All old and still very much loved. Only the sandals by Vince Camuto are new. Purchased at Hudson’s Bay  😆

jeans outfit with white tuxedo jacket

All in all there was a lot to see in this blog post. Hope I kept you entertained.


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