Wide cream skirt with black and yellow polka dot blouseThe Haarlem Bloggers (THB) got together again. Misja wanted to take photos and we all agreed. I decided to wear my wide cream skirt by Marella again. Wel.. again. that is a bit much as I only wore it on the blog twice: when I bought it in Turin (almost last picture of this post) and later, after I styled it with the fun leopard sweater and the bright blue silk top.

I really wanted to style it with a tight top, but because of the fashion these last years, I only have wide tops. I remembered a trick and tied this transparent blouse to create the waist.

As it is hot here in The Netherlands and especially in my little work room, I will make this post with little text and lots of photos. After all it is holiday time. Is anybody reading this post anyway?

Oh… and the outcome of my little survey: text above the photo won. Really, no lie. I don’t ever lie.

Let me introduce the THB again.

Below(grin): Anja, the Curly Traveller. We all met for … (NO, you are wrong, not for lunch)…. tea and coffee, before we headed to an industrial site for the photos.

Below: Sylvia of 40+Style.

Below: Misja, our photograper, whose blog carries her name: MisjaB.

Below: And me. (Josep-Maria, this one is especially for you.)

Wide cream skirt with black and yellow polka dot blouse

Below: As I said we started at an industrial area. A little run-down.

Below: As Dutchies we were all on a bike, except Anja, who walked. Blazing sunshine.

Below: This photograph was the first one Misja shot of the four of us. She made such a nice blogpost about it. See her story and great photos here.

Below: Misja knew this wall with graffiti. Anja, graffiti lover, is inspecting the works.

Below: What do we think? Will it work? (photo Misja). I am wearing my Essentiel Antwerp sneakers here. Easier to walk around in. The blouse is by Spijker& Spijkers (Dutch designers).

Wide cream skirt with black and yellow polka dot blouse

Below: Setting the scene.

Below: Director at work. Misja is not only a good photographer, she is also a blessing for fashion bloggers. She pays attention to details like a stylist would do. Normally photographers hire a stylist to make sure the clothes are straight, the collar is up, the hair isn’t being funny etc etc. All these things of which my husband Ron says they are my responsiblity. I don’t have a mirror in front of me when we do a photo shoot!!!

This time Misha brought a tripod as she wanted pictures of the four of us. Have you already spotted her new glasses?

Below: Ta-da! Or is this blocking the graffiti too much?

Below: How about this?

Below: Hey… cute guy popping out of the building behind us. Hellooooo!??!

Below: Checking the results.

Below: Again.. checking the results. (I brought my camera too.)

Wide cream skirt with black and yellow polka dot blouse

Below: We decided to move on to a park just above the main railway station of Haarlem.

Below: Trying to pose naturally. Failed as usual. Peeptoe pumps: Sergio Rossi (very old).

Wide cream skirt with black and yellow polka dot blouse

Below: Anja checking with Misja again. See how yellow the grass is? That never happens in The Netherlands. It is so hot and dry here and has been for months.

Below: Here is good impression photo, made by Anja on her mobile phone. The next morning she sent me this photo and a couple of others with the title: “I am a starr..”.

Below: This is how it goes for a photo with the four of us … Misja is setting the camera on the tripod and we adjust clothes etc…

Below: And then she dashes to be in time for the photo. This one is particularly nice.

Do check out Misja’s post about this afternoon. She made such good ones. You can hire her to do a photo session. Details and price on her blog.


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