pink and orange broochThese boots are definitely made for walking. Their third appearance on the blog is with this red and pink pleated skirt, nicely matched (haha) with an orange and pink brooch. I adore the brooch but it is a pain in the you-know-what, to wear it. It is heavy and pulls the top down. Also, it is fastened with 5 pins (the 6th one fell off) which is so fiddly to attach.

Anyway, one cold morning husband Ron took the photos in a little square in Haarlem.

Below: The pretty little square with a playground in the middle for little children. Fenced off, so really safe. See the building on the left??

pretty square

Below: The building on the left in the above photo is a former bathhouse. Lovely architecture with a rounded structure on the left.

Former bathhouse

Below: We started the photo shoot near the houses.

pink and orange brooch

Below: Walking towards Ron with a standard lens created a lovely bokeh as it is called. Which means a blurry background. The jumper (sweater) is by Uniqlo, the skirt is by Idano and bought at kpa.haarlem.

pink and orange brooch

Below: Ron walked through an alley and found a little secluded corner with a brick wall. I am killing myself laughing here because Ron said to me: “Now pull up your skirt really high.” Yeah, as if…

pink and orange brooch

Below: Another moment of great laughter. I saw a bench which was of course, an opportunity for a pose. When I arranged my clothes, Ron said: “Ah… the Alfred Jodocus Kwak pose”. Alfred Jodocus Kwak is a world famous Dutch cartoon duck. When I asked him what he meant he sang: “So happy, so happy…” which is what the duck always sang. He was always very happy. And me pulling my smiling face for the blog photo, reminded Ron of that haha.

pink and orange brooch

Below: He found more backgrounds to photograph me against. Dark backgrounds are the best with blonde hair.

pink and orange brooch

Below: I love this photo best. Alas, not razor sharp but a beauty in my opinion.

pink and orange brooch

Below: Close-up of the brooch. You have seen it before in this post on a white cotton top. The artist who made it, is Xenia Walschikow. It was a present from my mum and Ron a couple of years ago.

pink and orange brooch

Below: As I was getting noticed quite a lot at that square (and getting compliments…so nice), Ron took a photo of this poster, advertising the space where you can hang your own poster. It says in Dutch: ‘Stands out, doesn’t it?’

Below: We left the square on the other side.

What happened in my life this week

First a note: Ron already has his appointment for his first vaccination. He is 6 years older than I am, but my time will come too, hopefully in 3 weeks.

On Saturday I returned to Marianne with the socks I wanted her to try. This time I didn’t forget them. Had a lovely couple of hours with her.

Below: Marianne in a blue jumper.

Marianne in blue

Below: And this is what I was wearing (I have no plans for a new outfit with this jumper this year). I prefer these shorter lime earrings with this jumper. (See the post with my green trousers for the longer earrings.) Both pairs of earrings are from Lara Design.

At Marianne's

Sunday the sun was all over the place and I had cancelled another photo shoot with Kitty because of the forecasted bad weather. Weather is still very unpredictable. Luckily she was still available and up for it. So at the end of the day we went on our mission. The sun was out, the location was great, the temperature was really low, brrrr. We went back to my house to get warm again with a tea. Ron said he was going to get Chinese food; would Kitty like to eat with us? She would. Ever so nice, even if there were two metres between her and us.

Monday wasn’t too bad, but we did have some showers with hailstones. Ron and I managed to fix a lot of little things around the house which have been wonky for years. Tightening a screw here, fastening a plug there, all little things, but boy oh boy do they bring joy when they are fixed. We finally take the time to do these things. I also tried a couple of new outfits with stuff from my wardrobe but failed this time.

As I was getting dressed, I had put my phone on the bed and slung my belt on the bed too… The buckle hit the glass of my iPhone and broke it. Long story short, I bought another one. Expensive action. Bummer.

By Tuesday, the weather got better. Lots of sunshine and good forecasts. Temperatures were to rise to 16 degrees C on Sunday. I visited Helga in the afternoon. At a distance. I keep saying this, so you won’t think I am taking risks. I am not showing you a photo of Helga as it wasn’t nice. I wore a dress as I finally had a person to show it to. It is my red Sportmax dress. You can see the original post when I wore it in Turin. I think I have modernised the styling by putting a funky pin on it, which goes nicely with the striped shirt underneath it.

Below: The red Sportmax dress.

Red Sportmax dress with pin by Citizen Rosebud

Below: Close-up of the fun pin, created by Bella, The Citizen Rosebud. You can buy them in her Etsy shop, Bloomtown Vintage. I love how a pin like this adds a whimsical feel to the outfit. Reminds me not to take ourselves too seriously.

Pin created by Citizen Rosebud

Wednesday was supposed to be a beautiful day. It wasn’t. We did see some sunshine but rain and cold were the things I remember most.
Visited my best friend Lia, whom I know since we were 16.
Below: here she is. She still hasn’t got any grey hair; amazing.


Below: I wore my shirt of last week’s post, now combined with skinny jeans. A nice outfit, but not special enough to do a blog post about it.

jeans with red and cream shirt

Thursday Katrien came to visit me and we went into town. It was cold and windy, sometimes a little tease from the sun. After she went home again, the sun came out full blast. Irritating.

Below: Katrien with coat, which she made herself.

Katrien with coat

Below: Katrien without her coat, nice and colourful. I like the clash of colours.

Katrien without coat

I had to go to the Apple Store in the afternoon to pick up my new iPhone and I spent the rest of the afternoon installing it. Yes, I had made a back-up copy in the cloud so most of the installing was done, but there are always things that need extra attention.

Friday it was my birthday: 67 years old. I know you all wish me well and I appreciate it, really I do, but please don’t congratulate me in the comments. My replies will be such a bore, such a repeat. I just want to share my week in an honest way and that is why I mention it.

Ron got me a big flat parcel and a music card. The music card played a happy birthday song and had 70 on it. Next to that he had written: “Well…almost”. When he mentioned to the card sales lady that I was 67 she tut-tut-tutted him. Not knowing that I would grin over it.

In the parcel was a clothes hanger with a note saying that I could pick out an outfit at my favourite shop, kpa.haarlem anytime I wanted. He had arranged with Karlijn, the owner, that she would bill him. He had another surprise for me. After I had been to the hairdresser, I crossed the street to Karlijn in her shop where she treated me to cake and flowers. We chatted and the clients she had appointments with, cancelled one after another, so we kept on chatting. Then I helped her by photographing her in several outfits for Instagram and her website. She is in the early stages of recovery from a complicated broken ankle and doesn’t move around very fast. Now to others this might not sound very exciting, but for me it was the perfect birthday celebration. I just love doing these things.

When I got home, neighbours/friends from down the road had a big bunch of tulips for me. Together with Karlijn’s flowers and Lia’s tulips it is spring in our house.

birthday collage

Hope you enjoyed yourself reading this post.


No Fear of Fashion

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