Red and cream shirtKitty, my usual photographer, was really busy so I pleaded pretty please to husband Ron to photograph my new red and cream shirt. He was kind enough to take these photos in Amsterdam, in Wertheim Park.

Below: The entrance of Wertheim Park. Aren’t these lamp holders magnificent?

Wertheim park Amsterdam

Below: The left sphinx. The right one is identical.

Wertheim park Amsterdam

Below: View from the back. (I love that shade of green of spring leaves.) The sphinxes have tails.

Wertheim park Amsterdam

Below: Close-up of the tail. Looks a bit…(I let you fill in the dots).

Wertheim park Amsterdam

Enough about the sphinxes, let’s continue with the outfit.

Below: Entering the park, you can see the shirt from behind. I am trying to squeeze my warm parka into my tote while walking.

Red and cream shirt

Below: It is a cute little park and it made for a lovely backdrop. Remember my cream boots in a post from a month ago? I like how they elongate the trousers. Cream boots or a pair of pumps, showing some skin, keep my outfit in proportion. Otherwise I look short-legged.

Red and cream shirt

Below: The details. Red and cream shirt by Mads Nørgaard and bought at kpa.haarlem. The sleeves balloon out just above the elbow. Belt Max Mara (birthday present from mum 2 years ago). Trousers ME+EM (seen before here and here). Crossbody bag in pewter by Midlifechic. I am wearing it here as a normal bag by shortening the strap. Nikki of Midlifechic still has a few of these bags but in blue mock croc and black mock croc. The pewter has sold out.

Red and cream shirt

Below: This is a fountain which is switched on in summer.

Wertheim park Amsterdam

Below: Now, it just serves as a background.

Red and cream shirt

Below: Shall I sit on it? Is that a good idea with cream trousers? No, better not.

Red and cream shirt

Below: By this time Ron was off to photograph boats, geese and seagulls, while I was standing there without a coat on, with a reddering nose and my hair collapsing. I had a ‘talk’ with him about where his priorities should lie haha.

Below: The more interesting subjects. (Am I being sarcastic?? Yep.)


Below: The focus on the camera had shifted from Auto Focus to Manual Focus without Ron knowing, which meant a lot of blurry photos. In this photo the house across the road was in focus. I like the two Delft blue porcelain figures above the door.

Below: Ah… the camera decided to focus on the seagull.

Below: Ron focussed back on me and we went to the other side of the park, to a bench that was cleaner than the fountain edge. As you can see, these trousers are rather tight and if I sit down…hmmm…

Red and cream shirt

Below: It was a great place to sit and overlook the grass where people let their dog play. This (French) man had just lost his slipper to his dog… I love bull terriers ever since I read The incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford as a child. Disney filmed the book, but I never saw the film. I think I wouldn’t have liked it.

Wertheim park Amsterdam

Below: It was hilarious, the dog had a field day. Of course you couldn’t catch him (if he knew you) as he thought you wanted to play with him. Ron stepped in and threw a treat to the dog. The dog instantly dropped the slipper and the lady boss could retrieve the shoe.

Wertheim park Amsterdam

Below: Time to leave again.

Red and cream shirt

Below: A sip of some Amsterdam water outside the park.

Red and cream shirt

Below: I photographed the houses across the street for you, as I know you love to see them.


Below: Ron spotted this funny view: crates of Heineken and Amstel beer on a fancy balcony with the mythological figure Atlas holding everything up haha.


Below: One last photo of the details (and because my loyal Spanish reader Jose-Maria likes these shots). Small pearl earrings mirroring the floral pattern of the shirt and a small gold with (tiny) diamond necklace.

Red and cream shirt

What happened in my life this week

This must have been the most boring week so far.

Saturday before Easter was a lovely day though. The weather was nice and I cycled into town to pick up some hosiery from my beloved shop Stemm Voetiek in Haarlem. Also picked up another white T-shirt from kpa.haarlem as the one I had bought from her seems to be forever in the washing (I use it a lot). Finished the afternoon with a cappuccino and a Portuguese pastel de nata from Vascobelo. I was a happy woman.

Little confession: in between hosiery and T-shirt, I bought a lot of bras with matching briefs and a new bikini. I passed the store that I always frequent (Lincherie) and remembered they had sent me a voucher for 10 euros. A well-known marketing trick to create store traffic as it is called in the trade. And I am such a sucker. Knowing I will get a tax return soon, I am already spending the money.

Below: My new bikini: blue, white and yellow.


I also decided I was done with body shapers. I have been wearing them for about 12 years now to rein in my tummy and bulges etc. With all this new underwear I felt I was spoiling it so much by adding a body shaper. I know nobody but Ron and I see it, but I KNOW. So to control the tummy I decided to stand up straight and sit up straight from now on, holding my tummy. I have tried this 20 times before and failed. Nevertheless, I might succeed this time. I am motivated.

Sunday wasn’t too bad either, but a lot colder. We never really celebrate Easter and as we are both forever on a diet (not really, but always watching what we put in our mouths), we never have much food in the house. Below: This was my ‘feast meal’.

eggs at Easter

Below: I should have gone to the neighbours, who posted this on Instagram.

In the afternoon Ron and I went to Amsterdam to take the outfit photos for this post. Cold but a very nice thing of him to do. When we drove back into our town, we succumbed and I fetched a Magnum ice carton and a chocolate bar. A double dose of sea salted caramel chocolate. The scale told me the result the next day.

Monday. The weather changed to around freezing temperatures. One minute the sun was shining, the next hail stones or snow came down. An hour later the sun came out again, but only for a little while and the next snow fell. The wind was like a storm and it was cold. Not funny, not circumstances to go outside of your house.

Below: Picturesque pear blossom indoors. So like spring.

Below: See those white stripes? That is the first snow coming down. Poor plants in the garden. Ron had fetched plants for various baskets and bowls, way too early of course, but I wanted some colour, some spring in the garden. I hope they will survive.

I did do my exercises and I even cycled Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I deserve a pat on the shoulder for that.

Tuesday Marcella of Lara came round to our house again to hear a few PR ideas Ron has thought up for her earrings business. We had lunch together and I photographed her in the garden in between two snow showers.

Below: Marcella. I was bossing her around on how to arrange a pose with her feet but my instructions could have been a lot better.

Marcella of Lara

Below: Marcella’s earrings: ice blue with brown, great combination with the camel jumper.

Earrings Marcella of Lara

Wednesday…plain boring. Did some blogging and reading.

What was fun, was the Facetime conversation with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge; we had some good laughs. So the day ended well.

Thursday I went to the doctor to have a spot removed from my right breast. It suddenly manifested itself three weeks ago and grew into one ugly looking lump. Even though I am nearly 67, my breasts still look good and I am not going to have “an old lady wart” (or whatever it was), spoil that. The doctor agreed, examined it and treated it with nitrogen. All done, took half a minute.

Karlijn of kpa.haarlem put another video on her Instagram, showing some of the new collection that came into her shop. And I fell again. I got on the bike and 15 minutes later I bought a black linen dress and more. Yes, that tax return money is going swiftly.

Below: Wore this on Thursday. It is a mix of things I already have. And I am not going to use the outfit for another blog post. Did I do the matchy matchy thing again? Boots and bag? I cannot help it, I like it this way.

Boyfriend jeans with green jumper with French Kande necklaces and bracelet

Below: Close-up of the French Kande necklaces and bracelet, seen before on this jumper last spring.

Green jumper with French Kande necklaces and bracelet

Friday morning Ron took photos for next week’s blog post. The man is a pillar for this blog. Always ready to save me.

In the afternoon I visited Marianne for her to try on socks I have, with which you slide into boots. She has to use plastic bags to get into her boots as her leg muscles don’t work due to Multiple Sclerosis. Before I rang her doorbell I stopped at the cobbler to drop off some boots. I arrived at Marianne’s without the socks. They were still in the bag for the cobbler. So I thought.
After a coffee and 2 hours’ chat I went back to the cobbler to fetch them only to find out they weren’t in the bag. I must have left them at home. So I thought.
End of this stupid story? They were in my coat pocket all the time. I will go back on Saturday.

Below: Marianne, always cheerful.


Below: My outfit that Friday. Another outfit I am not going to feature in a blog post because it is so similar to the original post. The only difference is the jacket instead of the jumper and I added my red and pink earrings. Again pretty matchy matchy haha.

Black pleated skirt with red and pink accessories

Till next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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