Houndstooth blazer in green and creamApparently this is a houndstooth blazer, not a houndstooth jacket or worse, a checked jacket as I would have called it. I went back to the site of ME+EM, where I bought it, to see what they said about their garment: a houndstooth blazer it is. They showed it with green 7/8 trousers and black sneakers. The whole outfit was lovely, so I ordered the trousers as well. What a disappointment that was when I tried it at home. The trousers with sneakers looked ridiculous on me. For some reason 7/8 trousers and sneakers make me look very scruffy.

So I used the trousers from ME+EM which I had already bought one and a half year ago (see the post pretty in pink). I quite liked the outfit, even though Ron said it was rather a “corporate look” and I don’t lead a “corporate life” anymore. Hmmm…I see what he means. I will try and find THE perfect match for this blazer to fit my current lifestyle.

Kitty and I took the photos in the courtyard of the Haarlem town hall. That means pretty pictures.

Below: Coming in from the market square, looking into the courtyard.

Town hall courtyard Haarlem

Below: And the view from the back towards the market square side.

Houndstooth blazer in green and cream

Below: Beautiful sun dial and a wind-swept look.

Houndstooth blazer in green and cream

Below: We had cycled to the town hall and to protect my wide trouser legs, I had pegged them. Kitty never noticed that haha, as you can see below.
I also wore my crossbody bag as a shoulder bag, with the strap just a bit too long. It lifted my blazer.

Houndstooth blazer in green and cream

Below: Kitty took the photo again after I removed the pegs. I chose to wear my cream boots to elongate the trousers. I either have to wear a pump with them, showing some flesh in ankle and foot or I have to wear cream boots. This is something I discovered, after I wore these trousers with brown boots, not a good combination.

Houndstooth blazer in green and cream

Below: You may think “What’s with the hat?” Or: “Did she deliberately wear a blue bag because she has a blue hat?” To answer the last question, no I chose the bag because I wanted a different colour bag with the outfit and blue is what I fancied with green and cream.

Houndstooth blazer in green and cream

The hat is a new purchase and although lovely, it was wrong to buy it. I should know by now that hats don’t really suit me, whatever I try on. Every time I am in a good hat shop (and I was in one: The English Hatter), I am so tempted to give it another go. The English Hatter opened a shop in Haarlem and Ron bought his pork pie hat, while I browsed….

Below: The courtyard has many beautiful old items, like this water basin.

Houndstooth blazer in green and cream

Below: And a water pump. During this photo shoot, I held on to anything that was there. Taught me a lesson: DON’T DO THAT. It looks silly (as Ron has told me many times).

Houndstooth blazer in green and cream

Below: The back. Hopefully you don’t notice that standing up straight and walking upright is still something I have not mastered.

Houndstooth blazer in green and cream

Below: We moved into the street for one last photo. With hat. Never will I buy a hat ever again.

Houndstooth blazer in green and cream

I am going to study on combinations with this jacket. I want to tone it down from corporate to casual chic. But I get so tired of that exercise. Isn’t that strange? I love clothes and dressing up, but finding new combinations to style with items I already have…not my thing.

Below: As we left the courtyard, a bride and groom with their two children came out of the town hall. We didn’t think it would be very nice to stand in front of the photographer and snap our own pictures haha. Which is why you see the back of them. It has become quite the custom to marry after children are born.

married couple

Below: It was chilly and a reception indoors was forbidden because of Covid, so the bride had to wear a coat and they got elbow congratulations. Trying times.

Wedding in Covid times

Kitty and I had take-away cappuccinos at Vascobelo and were lucky enough to be able to sit on a little bench (at the appropriate distance from each other). We got chatty with a mother and daughter who also had take-away coffee. They were in desperate need of a toilet but the restaurants aren’t allowed to let you use the toilets. I nudged them towards a shop where I knew a friendly saleswoman would understand and help them. Aweek later, the city authorised a truck containing toilets to be situated at the market for public use. WITH somebody to clean it. YAY. Shops are open and allow two customers at the time, but shopping is out of the question if you cannot use the bathroom, right?

Below: Kitty didn’t take her coat off in town. Instead we took these two photos of her and her new dress in her garden where there was no wind. Doesn’t she look lovely?



What happened in my life this week

Not much, apart from forgetting my appointment at the garage for my car’s annual service. Duh.

Visit to the cobbler combined with a visit to my friend Marianne (forgot to take a photo). Been working off and on checking the earrings on laradesign.nl as Marcella (the owner) is updating her website and I am helping her by checking. We have a lot of fun together.

She also fixed 4 sets of earrings for me. They were all made with silver and I am very much a person for gold. All four of them (as many other earrings of mine) have a link at the top through which I stick my stud earrings. That way I am always sure that the button (stud) on my earlobe covers the hole. Before my earlobe operation, this was a necessary thing. You will see a close-up of this further down.

Below: These ochre earrings are a pair of the altered earrings, made from corrugated cardboard.

Ochre earrings

Below: I wore this outfit with the earrings. Black jacket by Reiss, blue jeans, black pumps and a very old leopard top. When you click this link to the original outfit, you will see the outfit with a black top and different jeans.

Black jacket, leopard top

Below: Another outfit with high heels I wore this week. Link to original post with much better photos. Oops, forgot to wear that necklace I wore before.

blue sequinned jumper

Below: These are the earrings I wore with them. They are a present from Nicolene (@stylecuratrix). See the post when I met her in Amsterdam. Her blog is called Fifty Fabulous.

Black and white earrings

Below: This is the trick with the stud earrings through the last link. As you can see, the new piercing is beautifully set in the middle of the earlobe, Still, the earlobes are a bit saggy and have a few creases. I could use fillers, but what the heck, the creases are everywhere and who will notice, right?

use of earring links

Other “events” this week

Walked along the seashore with dog Watson and husband Ron twice this week. The second time we arranged to meet neighbours and friends (Froukje and Petro) at the beach and have a coffee (and later French fries) together. Lovely French fries, so we only opened a can of soup for our evening meal. (For the Dutch: erwtensoep.)

Did a photo shoot with Kitty and as the weather was mild, we sat outside on a bench in town with take-away coffee (and cakes). We chatted for at least an hour or more. So nice. We had our cappuccinos at Vascobelo and I saw that they sold cups and saucers. And I don’t have one decent coffee cup at home, let alone cappuccino cups. So I bought two. I loved the wrapping very much.

cappuccino cups

My brother had his birthday this week, but…Covid, so no party. He will age anyway haha.

All in all, not too bad a week.


No Fear of Fashion

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