Red jumperDon’t I look like Little Red Riding Hood in the woods? Even though the hood is missing from this red jumper. Dog Watson will protect me from the big bad wolf.

Ron took the photos of this outfit. It was really cold and damp outside and my hair still hadn’t recovered from the Sunday photo shoot in the damp weather. To me, this is not my best outfit, but you can be the judge.

Below: Ron made me stand in a mountain of leaves with my high heels.

Red jumper

Below: And he made me stand in the sand on a very windy spot.

Red jumper

I don’t know why I don’t like this outfit. I think the boots underneath a (long) skirt are not my taste.

Below: A lovely little dog joined me to look at…no idea what was so interesting. It seems that my attention span is short and my memory full of holes.

Red jumper

Below: I gave up the photo shoot and put my coat back on.

Brown coat Marella

Below: When I sat down for a minute, Watson started to dig a hole underneath the table. Can you see his head peeping from under it?

Brown coat Marella

Below: One last good shot even though I am rather white faced because of the harsh light and feeling so cold. I can still smile.

Red jumper

Below: Close-up of the dollar brooch by Essentiel Antwerp (current collection).

Dollar sign brooch Essentiel

That was the shoot. No beautiful buildings, no great story.  What I do want to show you is one of my try-outs. You see, the jumper has a long “tie” on each side which you can knot at the front or the back. It is rather good on trousers, but not really on a skirt.

Below: My try-out with the ties knotted at the front of the skirt, fighting for attention with the belt. And with different chunky ankle boots. One tries and one often fails.

Red jumper with flaps knotted

What happened in my life this week

A mixed week. It all started with fun as my friend Misja (MisjaB) and I visited an artist who makes (a.o.) beautiful brooches: Sylvia Blickman. Needless to say, I got one…oops…two as I couldn’t choose. (Further down you will see one of them.) We wore masks and kept our distance but had fun as well. After the brooch purchases, it was cappuccino time (take-away).

Below: Misja, enjoying her cappuccino on a bench outside. It was nice weather.

Misja having coffee

Misja was looking for another lime shirt to go with her lovely dress. And we found it in the second shop we went in. See below. Misja is a person who loves details, hence the lime yellow socks, peeping out of her boots.

Misja in the shop

Below: I went to the hairdresser, dressed like this. Any occasion where you can meet people is a reason to dress up these days. Link to original post with peeptoe shoes instead of boots. It wasn’t the best choice as all those tiny bits of hair got stuck in my neck.

Orange leather skirt with IRO boots

Flu vaccination

We oldies (above 60) were all due to have our flu vaccine shot. Only three days prior I got a message from the government, asking healthy people between 60 and 69 not to go. They were afraid there wasn’t enough vaccine as the demand was high this year. They did order quite a lot more than last year but feared it might still not be enough to protect all of the vulnerable people. I was a good girl and didn’t go. A few days later I phoned and said: “If you have some left, I would like to be vaccinated”. Sure enough, I was invited the day after to get my injection.

Covid test

The day after my flu vaccination I got quite a cold. I am sure the two things are not related. Sneezing the whole day, working my way through a box of tissues, meant I had to be tested for Covid. Such are the rules. I phoned at 2 p.m. and they could make an appointment for me at 10.15 a.m. the following day. Ten minutes’ drive away. Amazing. You hear stories about people having to drive to the other side of the country or having to wait days for a test. It also meant I was house bound until I got the result and had to cancel my date with a friend plus a photo shoot with Kitty. And it was beautiful weather. Damn. The result came in 26 hours later: negative. No Covid. It didn’t come as a surprise as I stopped sneezing and blowing my nose the day after it started. It was intense but short.

Outfit from clothes in my wardrobe

I failed (again) trying to create a new outfit with clothes from my wardrobe. Misja to the rescue. I sent her some photos of my “creations” and asked for help. She kindly gave me suggestions through Whatsapp for a whole hour before we were satisfied. Is it an outfit which makes me really happy? Nope. It is nice but not fabulous. Perhaps I am too tough on myself, perhaps the skirt is from a fashion style too long ago. I will show you the process in a couple of weeks. Which means a lot of boring shots of the same outfits, a little different each time. Perhaps you will be disappointed, we’ll see.

And the rest of the time I read and blogged and spent time indoors, being quarantined until the result of the test came through.

Below: A crappy iPhone photo with my new bag from Nikki of Midlifechic Boutique. She also had this bag in black mock croc and chocolate mock croc. Both were really nice but I have both colours. The bags were sold out within a week. She is now waiting to see whether she gets enough pre-orders (back-orders?) to make it worthwhile ordering a new batch which then hopefully will arrive before Christmas. A blue croc version is added. So, if you want one, be quick. I think she decides this Sunday.

pewter bag on jeans

Below: My pewter crossbody bag. I had to look up the word pewter as it wasn’t in my vocabulary. It is a very handy colour. Like most metal shaded shoes and accessories, it goes with everything. Beautifully finished.

Pewter crossbody bag

To cheer me up I wore my new brooch on Thursday while being chained to the house.

Orange brooch by Sylvia Blickman

Below: Close-up of the brooch.

Orange brooch by Sylvia Blickman

Below: And this is the whole outfit (link to original post with orange top and lime rubber necklace.

Orange brooch by Sylvia Blickman

The next day I decided to wear the brooch again, this time on my green co-ord. For warmth I wore an olive/gold speckled top underneath.

Green trousers and top co-ord

Update on the smear and losing a little blood

The echo (transvaginal ultrasonography) revealed that the biofilm of my uterus was thin as it is supposed to be at my age. And indeed, I have myomas. As long as I don’t get any more complaints or blood loss, this is no big deal and they will not operate. Standard procedure. However, at the first sign of trouble I must call the doctor immediately.
The doctor couldn’t give me any results on the smear as there weren’t enough cells to go by. In a couple of weeks I have to go back and have it done again. Just to be on the safe side.

It has been a strange week.


No Fear of Fashion

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