Khaki jumperAgain, the boyfriend jeans. This time with a khaki jumper. You have seen these jeans last week with my sequinned jumper and a couple of weeks ago with my cream jumper. Boring. Sorry, I am a jeans girl and boyfriend jeans are very comfortable in these Covid times. However, I would really miss it if I weren’t allowed to wear dresses or skirts anymore.

Having said that, I do feel a shift in my attitude towards clothes. I feel I have too many clothes and adding more won’t make me feel better. Plus, I want more comfort, also in heel height. Combined with my retirement (and Covid) this may lead to a different approach. Not that this is a sure thing because I have said “I am not going to buy any more clothes” many times before. Only, the amount of clothes has come to a ridiculous stage, not to say anything about sustainability.

Now how will this affect my blog? I can hear you say: “Why don’t you start creating different combinations with the clothes you have?” Well, and this might sound strange, I hate that. All those clothes and shoes out on the bed, me thinking some combination is going to be terrific, only to be disappointed when I look in the mirror, not my kind of thing. I am not a stylist. I am just very lucky to have many friends who know how to style and the help of stylists in the shops that I frequent. We will see how this develops dear readers. For the time being there are still new clothes in stock for a blog post.

Warm jumper

Over to the jumper in this post. When I found it online at ME+ EM I couldn’t believe my luck: it was in the sale for a third of the price. A discount of 66%. ME+EM has quality stuff, pricey but really good stuff. The first clothes I bought (in their London shop) were the pink jumper and cream trousers, a fabulous combination.

When the jumper arrived midsummer I thought it was really heavy, warm and thick and I wasn’t sure about the colour khaki on me. Now that it is autumn I love it. It is so snuggly warm. Does the colour suit me? Hmm, I still don’t know, but I like it a lot. I also like the shine of the material. It looks a little bit as if it is knitted with ribbons. Further down you will see a close-up.

Photo shoot in Amsterdam

It was supposed to be nice weather the Sunday Ron and I went to Amsterdam for the shoot. Alas, weather is still hard to predict. It was cold and rainy while it had been sunny the previous day, for which day the rain had been forecast.

Ron wanted to take photos with some other statues than the ones of last week. I wasn’t too keen as it meant going from one end of town to the other, ergo a long time doing the shoot and parking problems. My hair doesn’t last that long in damp weather. As we arrived at the first statue, it had temporarily been moved to a spot we couldn’t reach because of building work. Next plan: just take Amsterdam buildings as background, that is always nice.

Below: This row of houses with the red shutters has a special meaning to Ron as his grandfather, who he adored, oversaw its renovation. Address is Bloemgracht 87, 89 and 91.
See the three face bricks with the year 1642? They depict a way of life in those days: a man with a job in the city, a man living off the land and a man living off the sea. I will give you a closer look.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

Below: The face brick on the left. The man with a job in the city. A city slicker haha.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

Below: The face brick in the middle. The man living off the land.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

Below: The face brick on the right. The fisherman.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

To continue these face bricks, here are two more from 1752 and 1763.

Below: The one from 1752, sawing his acres, Bloemgracht 77.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

Below: And the one from 1763, a young man sawing, Bloemgracht 81.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

Right, enough about this and back to the outfit.

Below: Of course there are bikes, although all I see is my ample bosom.

Khaki jumper

Below: We crossed the bridge to the other side of the canal…

Khaki jumper

Below:…where I had a peaceful sit on somebody’s stairs. The bag is the same one as I used with my cream jumper.

Khaki jumper

Below: This is something you will experience in every nice city…You want to get a lovely shot, but there are (other) tourists with that same thought. In this case all four wanted to have their photo taken with the canal in the background. We waited (impatiently).

Khaki jumper

Below: Finally they were gone. I was freezing and my hair was drooping.

Khaki jumper

Below: Bridge over the Bloemgracht. With bikes.

Khaki jumper

Below: Did I say bikes? More bikes.

Khaki jumper

Because a lot of you appreciate the buildings I show (you say so in the comments), here is a little more Amsterdam.

Below: See that window in the middle? Ron imagined how grand it would be if that was your bedroom.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

Below: A close-up of the window. The letters give a Dutch saying which means “Unaware of any wrongdoing”.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

Below: Lots of the old houses on the canals have beautiful outside lamps.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

Below: I will throw in one more face brick. You guessed it…the sun.
It is a bit funny for us Dutch as ‘Son” is the old spelling. Nowadays it would spell ‘Zon’. What makes it funny is the fact that in Amsterdam dialect the Z is always pronounced as an S. It made my chuckle.

Amsterdam Bloemgracht

Below: Details. My earrings. They were a present from Ron about 30 years ago.
Thank goodness my earlobes have both healed now and I can wear whatever earrings I want, although not too heavy. The piercer warned me for that. He told me that, although I have new holes, my earlobes are thin. If I hang heavy earrings in them, I will have to do this whole circus of plastic surgery and piercing again in 10 years. No thank you, I will be careful. With a photo as close as this, you can also see that these old earlobes are a bit wrinkly. That cannot be helped.

gold earring

Below: A vintage brooch from my vintage brooch shop. Three metal colours: silver (coloured), copper and brass. You can also see how the jumper is knitted.


What happened in my life this week

Visited my mum. She is well but of course in these Covid times, she gets lonely. Below: she is looking amazing as always, without any make-up and being 92.


Wore my orange snake print shirt on jeans, yes, those boyfriend jeans. I (can) live in them. Link to original post where I wore the shirt on a classic pair of black trousers.

Orange snake print shirt

My friend Lia who doesn’t live far from my mother’s village, was going to come to my mum’s house and we were going to go for a walk. That fell through because Lia’s daughter and granddaughter unexpectedly came to visit her. Instead we chatted through Facetime, my mum as well. Mum hasn’t seen Lia for such a long time. We have known each other since we were 16, so my mum knows her as well.

Below: An outfit of this week. After I saw this photo I changed the belt to a simple black one. There was too much going on in the outfit. Link to original post.
Two new garments were on my officer’s wash basin behind me but they are still a surprise, so I covered them with a sticker.

Outfit Monday yellow jumper and jeans

As I didn’t have photos in stock, Ron volunteered to do another shoot on Monday when the rain stopped for an hour or so. Oh gosh, my hair was still drooping from the Sunday shoot and …well you will see it next week.

Work (well, between bracets)

I have told you about the earrings from Lara Design. I got chatting to Marcella, the owner of the site and she told me she was very busy. As I am not, I offered to help her. So I checked her site for flaws. That is such a good job for me. I had to stop myself from rubbing my hands together in glee haha. I gave her a lot of tips and she is implemented most of them. Which needed to be checked again. I have been working on it for two afternoons this week. On Tuesday Marcella came to visit me. So nice, seeing one another in real life. We had only had contact through mail and Facetime.
We talked about earrings, our lives, our house interiors, Covid, shoes … everything. And I forgot to take a photo haha. Stupid.

Horrible mice stories

Wednesday started horribly. My cat Sophie caught a mouse and brought it into the bathroom (her cave). I took it away from her and put it back in the garden which was a difficult and heroic deed because usually I just scream my head off. Not that I am afraid of mice, not at all, I think they are adorable, but I cannot cope with any human or animal suffering.

I kept the cat indoors for a couple of hours to allow the mouse to hide. No such luck, three hours later Sophie came back in with the same mouse. Which I rescued again and this time I put it outside at the front of the house where Sophie cannot come. Then I saw that poor mousy had a terribly broken leg and I cried. Together with the girl who was delivering the post. We both cried.

It would have been humane to kill the mouse than to let it suffer but I just couldn’t kill it. How do you that? Smash its head against the pavement? I couldn’t bring myself to do that. The mouse crept underneath a car and was out of sight and out of reach, leaving me feeling terrible and crying. Of course I know this is nature and of course I know there is so much more suffering in the world, but I just cannot handle suffering. Which is the reason why I do not read papers or watch the news. Trust me, the big news comes to me anyway, but at least I avoid all the terrible “smaller” news.

Two days later Sophie brought another mouse into the bathroom!!! And again Ron was out and I had to catch it. I think it crept in the scale for hiding. I took the scale and put it out at the front with a note on it: “Please do not take this with you. A mouse is hiding in it that needs to escape.” When Ron came home he thought it was nonsense and put the scale in the shed. Honestly that cat needs to find a new home, preferably on a farm or something like that.

Rest of the week

Still shaking I had to get ready for a photo shoot with Kitty. We had a lucky break from the rain: two hours of sunshine. After the shoot we got take-away coffee from my favourite place (Vascobelo) which we drank sitting outside on a little bench. You are not supposed to do that, but hey… sometimes….
We talked a lot about Covid and how worrying it is getting. More and more it seems like Russian roulette whether you catch it or not. The news on Friday said that it was proven that taking vitamin D can help you prevent getting it (or getting it badly). Which means that in two days there will not be any vitamin D left in the shops. Like there were no toilet rolls left at the beginning of Covid.

Some more bad news was the dog throwing up his food in three places, yuck. He has been doing that a lot lately. The vet said it was nothing, but he has to take some tests next week as it is not getting better. Ron had to take our friend to the doctor because something was wrong. They are going to test him on Monday and they think they know what is wrong and there are pills for that, thank goodness. That is the friend who was so very ill and hospitalized in the summer of last year, so we worry easily. Together with the news about decapitated schoolteachers in France, the increasing number of Covid cases, the rain and grey days, I am really fighting not to get depressed.

Some lighter subjects.

Below: Wore this on Thursday. Link to original post. I solved the ‘problem’ of the legs being too long by pulling the draw cord tighter so it sits higher.

Thursday red floral trousers

Below: Wore this on Friday. Link to original post where I wore it with an orange top and no earrings.

Blue Essentiel sweater

Below: Close-up of the earrings. I think they look smashing but they are heavier than I thought and I am rather scared my newly pierced holes might stretch.

Lime earrings Essentiel

Well, it’s been quite a week.


No Fear of Fashion

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