Floral red trousers with side stripeI’m in a different phase of life now that I am retired and Covid gives me little opportunities to start new adventures. It means that I tend to go for easy and comfortable outfits. I still put on dresses, skirts and high heels, but they do not take precedence anymore. Not like in my working days.

My neighbour and friend Froukje gave me the red trousers with side stripe. When she bought them (last winter? the winter before that?) I loved them on her. Which is why I tried to convince her to keep them. They are so gorgeous and suit her so well. But no, they weren’t her style. She knew they were very much my style and I got them. YAY.

The styling was easy: with sneakers and they were already in my wardrobe. The off-white jumper is a recent acquisition from Uniqlo. It only cost € 29 and is lovely quality like everything at Uniqlo.


Then a friend of mine said: “When it is this cheap, child labour is almost certainly involved.” Shoot! She might be right. I have always said this myself, just never associated Uniqlo with child labour. So I started a little research. On their website they look very good, very sustainable, but hey, it is their own website. Is that trustworthy? I searched on and found a site called Good on You. They rate companies on behaviour towards animals, people and the environment and rate Uniqlo “It’s a start”. Not that good, also because Uniqlo isn’t transparent about their efforts. Now I know that big companies cannot always afford to be completely transparent (the competitors may use the information) and it takes time to turn around a big company like that. So I will cut them some slack, but will also be cautious.
My friend and fellow blogger Michelle Tyler, knows a lot more about this subject and where to shop sustainable. Check out her blogpost with useful tips.

Back to the outfit

Husband Ron scouted this adorable little…house? I have no idea what it is and what it is used for, but I bet it was a little tea house on an estate in the old days.

Below: The ‘tea house’ with Loes sitting on the bench in front of it.

Pretty building

Below: It is a square building and here am I standing on the stairs just around the corner, adjusting my bracelet.

Floral red trousers with side stripe

Loes pointed out there was a little park across the road, with a pond, trees, flowers. YAY.

Below: At the pond, fiddling again.

Floral red trousers with side stripe

Below: I tried to entice the little crakes but they ignored me. Very flattering shot. Note the little black piece of fabric above the edge of my heel…

Floral red trousers with side stripe

Below: These little pieces of fabric are very annoying for trousers that aren’t cropped. Here is another flattering photo of me trying to free my trousers.

Floral red trousers with side stripe

Below: The hydrangeas were lovely as background even though fall set in. The gardeners were cutting off a lot of flowers which I gathered for Loes and myself.

Floral red trousers with side stripe

Below: Feeling happy with my find. Alas, they only lasted a day.

Floral red trousers with side stripe

Below: There were sculptures as well.

Floral red trousers with side stripe

Below: And here is Loes in a charcoal polka dot jacket and blue polka dot trousers. She is looking a bit serious but that is because all her photos with a smile were blurry thanks to my camera incompetence.

Loes in polka dot co-ord suit

Below: Shoes of Loes and close-up of the polka dots on the trousers.

Shoes Loes

Below: Close-up of the red trousers with side stripe. I have to have another look whether I should wear the trousers higher on the waist or shorten the hem.

Floral red trousers with side stripe

Below: Close-up of the brooch. Half an hour before the shoot, I dropped the brooch and two pieces of glass fell out. Usually that is not a big problem. A bit of glue and Bob’s your uncle. Only now I had dented the part where the glass fitted in. Let’s say, I got the job done, but it won’t last very long. It is a vintage brooch, bought a few years ago for peanuts.

Blue brooch

What happened in my life this week

My wonderful cobbler is not alone. His wife and son are terrific cobblers too and now the son found a girlfriend who is also a cobbler. And the latter has special skills. Remember the red patent leather peeptoe shoes in this post? I said they had big black marks on them so I was about to throw them away. Girlfriend cobbler is a genius and fixed it!! Small matter, big joy. I am grateful for these little things. Visited my friend Marianne for a chat. Always lovely to see her.

We had dinner at Georg and Marla’s. Ron had planned to cook a Surinamese dish and drove to a specialty shop in Amsterdam, only to find that the main ingredient (fish) wasn’t in the shopping bag on his return. He decided to slightly divert and use another fish.
As he was about to cook everything he saw that it was becoming a mish-mash. In a hurry he went for mussels and they were delightful. A resourceful man.

Below: Wore this jeans outfit on Monday to run a few errands. The white stripe near the left shoulder is a pearl brooch. I decided jeans, leopard and lots of pearls. Why not? I felt pretty good in it. Boots are by EIJK Amsterdam.

outfit Monday, jeans, leopard and pearls

Now, something many of you have been asking me about and that is: “What is that thing behind you in your iPhone photos?”

The answer: it is a zinc wash basin used by an officer in the Boer War (and schlepped around by a soldier from place to place). I hang jeans on either side and removed them for this photo.
Below you can see it open and closed. When it is open, there is a mirror in it (the yellow part you see on the left, is our bedroom wallpaper). The inside was painted blue against flies.

Officer's wash basin open and closed

Below: See the mirror? The officer would pour water over his head and face with a jug. The water would go down to the bottom through a pipe (see the little hole in the basin?) where it is collected in a bowl (for the soldier to throw out).

Top of Officer's wash basin

Below: This is what I store in it: beauty products. You can just about see the drawer in between the top and bottom door/flap. The content of that is even worse.

Inside of officer's wash basin

Right. Satisfied??

We had workmen in the living room, sealing a wall. For some stupid reason, the paint was coming off that wall in a particular place, right in the middle. We treated it for 25 years and nothing helped. Now it is sealed behind plastic and a new “wall” is put in front of it. It was done in a day and two days later, very early in the morning (7.30 a.m.) the plasterer finished it. Now we have to wait 14 days for the painter.

work done in the living room

work done in the living room

Below: I “supervised” the work dressed in this. You have seen this Max Mara sweater loads of times. It is such an easy piece.

Outfit Tuesday colourful Max Mara sweater

While the plasterer was in the living room, I had cleaned the tiles in the corridor. Then walked on the still wet floor with nylon soles under the heel of my boots…OUCH !!! I slipped, fell on the floor, smashed my glass of water against the floor, the water gushing over my head and while my face hit the ground, a piece of broken glass cut me just above my left eye. Blood, glass, water… the plasterer helped me, the darling. It looked worse than it was. I cleaned it up, soaked cloth and silk blouse to get the blood out and sat down with ice on my eye. Not that it is going to help, I am going to have such a black eye for weeks. You might see photos with sunglasses or just my right side for a while. Thank goodness, I didn’t break anything and the glass didn’t hit my eye. Apparently research proves that most accidents happen in and around the house. I believe it.

Below: Left what my eye looked like the first day and right what my eye looked like the second day. Not to worry, I am in no pain and I didn’t break anything. These things happen and will pass. No biggie.

Black eye

My lovely ex-colleagues invited me for two online meetings: one was to participate in a virtual pub quiz and the other one was about an award ceremony (our advertising campaign didn’t win). It was wonderful to chat and giggle with everybody again. I do miss them.

The pub quiz had a theme: Oktober fest (October festival), a German (Bavarian) celebration with lots of beer. There are particular clothes to wear and I had bought a little hunters cap in a party shop. Below: me and the hat. (No questions in the quiz had anything to do with the October festival but we will let it slide haha). One of the questions was rather ambiguous:

“Who said this?…Once you have had a big one, you never want a small one again.”
The answer was multiple choice. The names of four colleagues were given and mine was amongst them. I hadn’t said it, but 100% (a hundred percent!) of my colleagues thought it was me hahaha. I have a bad reputation.

Me and a hunter's cap in the Teams meeting

Ron took dog Watson to the trimmer and all the excess fur was removed. He looks very slim now. He is such a good dog. The other day he fetched the paper when it arrived and brought it to Ron. We never taught him this. It was the third time he did this, making us all lovey dovey over him. Another story: Ron went to the beach with a friend and her dog Ziggy. As Ron’s friend went to the bathroom, Ziggy started to softly wine and Watson went over to him and licked his head. Isn’t that sweet?

Watson after his trim

The painter came to assess the wall and the amount of paint that is necessary and thank God the repair man came to fix the dish washer. I have been doing the dishes by hand for 10 days.

I was uninspired and just threw on the jumper I had worn earlier with jeans and sneakers. Not my finest outfit, but there was nobody to see it.

Outfit Thursday pink jumper

On Friday I felt a bit better and tried out a new outfit, which of course, you do not get to see yet.

Let’s hope the black eye will become normal soon (I am using special gel for this purpose) as I lined up Kitty for a photo shoot on the 11th of October.


No Fear of Fashion

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