Cream jumperAlthough bright colours like red and yellow suit me best, I have a weak spot for cream. And this cream jumper has buttons on the sleeves! Fun. The photos were made on the 3rd of September when it was a particularly cold and rainy day.

My friend Helena and I had agreed to meet in Amsterdam for cappuccinos, chats and sitting in the sun on a terrace. Instead we ducked into Magna Plaza to be out of the rain. Magna Plaza is an indoor shopping centre, located in the former post office of Amsterdam, built in 1895-1899 and it is a fantastic building. Unfortunately the shops… it just never worked. The shops are not interesting enough (in my opinion) and because of Covid, all food places were closed, so we couldn’t even get a cup of coffee.

Below: Magna Plaza. I pinched this photo from the internet.

Former post office Amsterdam Magna Plaza

Helena and I ran through the rain to the nearest restaurant, ‘t Nieuwe Kafé, which is situated in the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church).

Below: Helena and I just before our cappuccinos and delicious cakes arrived.

Helena and me

We contemplated what to do afterwards and decided to go to the Amsterdam Museum. That is what people do when they are sightseeing and it is raining cats and dogs.

The very old Amsterdam items are supported with new technical stuff. Both tell you the hisory of Amsterdam. Very interesting actually.

Below: Goliath (nearly 5 metres high) and, to the far right, David. The figure in the middle is Goliath’s shield-bearer. They were made in 1650 for an amusement park (??!!) and have been installed around Amsterdam in various places. Goliath’s eyes could roll and his head could turn which was really scary in those days.

Amsterdam museum

Below: A very typical musical instrument of the old days, a barrel organ or street organ. Sometimes you run into one in the street, but there are only a few left. Hard work, low pay. They clink with a collecting-tray to get coins, while these days, people have less and less cash/coins on them.

Amsterdam museum

Below: The knight’s suits of armour. You can see them from inside the museum and outside.

Amsterdam museum

You just have to visit the museum yourself. It kept us interested for quite a while and lo and behold, the rain had stopped when we got out. PHOTOS!!

Below: It was cold for the time of year but not wintery cold and I was wearing my warm cream jumper. My leopard summer coat by Weekend Max Mara was the right choice.

Weekend Max leopard summer coat

Below: The courtyard of the Amsterdam Museum.

Amsterdam museum

Below: It would have been so nice to sit in the sun on this terrace in the other courtyard…Alas.

Amsterdam museum

Below: My friend Helena, sensibly dressed for the weather and still stylish.


Below: We turned a corner…

Amsterdam museum

Below: A very good head to toe shot by Helena. The brand of the jumper is Notshy, bought at one of my favourite shops in Haarlem: Lab Women’s Clothing (excellent clothes, styling and service). Boyfriend jeans by G-Star Raw, cream boots by a Dutch company called Paul Noyen. The ancient leopard belt is from Etsy and growing very weary (to be replaced by a similar one please). The bag is from the Max Mara outlet in Turin. Often, when I am there, I grab a bag just before I have to pay for everything and so far they have all been lucky grabs. This bag doesn’t get much use, but I do like it.

Cream jumper

Below: We headed towards a lunch place, passing through the cute narrow streets of Amsterdam.


Below: It was still dry and Helena was able to take this photo while I was getting a wet tushy. No idea why that little plastic bag was hanging on the fence or what was in it. Amsterdam mystery.

Cream jumper

Below: A view from the back. Remember, they are boyfriend jeans, they are supposed to be slouchy.

Cream jumper with buttons

Below: And because this was such a pretty street, another photo with more street and less me. My hair was giving up.

Cream jumper

Below: Beautiful canals but without the sun, it isn’t such a nice picture.


Below: Honestly, any building, sight or pretty place is ruined by these bicycles. They are everywhere and there are so many of them.


Below: Going home by train, looking like this. My hair and damp weather, they are so bad together.


Below: As soon as I got home, I fixed it and sent Helena a photo of the improved hair.

Cream jumper

What happened in my life this week

Let me start by showing you a photo of our friend Marla, who finally went to the hairdresser. Remember she had her hair in a ponytail last time I showed her photo? I have added that photo so you can compare. I say Good Job.

Marla back from the hairdresser


The weekend was very quiet and very rainy so no fun. With the exception of Sunday when Sylvia (40+Style) and I had our farewell lunch. Sylvia has gone back to Portugal.

Sylvia and me

I put on this in-between outfit which husband Ron thought was too summery. Sylvia and I totally disagreed. Just because the weather is dark outside, doesn’t mean you cannot wear something bright and cheerful. Quite the contrary: let’s brighten up the day.

Below: The head to toe shot. You can see that my eye is still black but it is rapidly getting better. I wore a blue/white striped top underneath the red/white striped jacket. I thought of it myself, but was very much inspired by Misja (MisjaB). Link to original post where I am still wearing a plain blue top underneath.

Outfit Sunday red and white striped jacket

Just because you have nothing to do, doesn’t mean you should dress in jogging trousers and old T-shirts (although admittedly very tempting). Below one of my outfits on an otherwise boring day. Link to original post.

Outfit Monday green Irie Wash jacket

We made a trip to the notary to have our wills adapted which was an excellent reason to get all dolled up, see below. Link to original post, when I wore the top over the skirt. I think that looks better, only I hadn’t checked the post and forgot it was styled this way…duh.
The notary was very good and gave us excellent advice.

Tuesday outfit, cream pleated skirt

Last week I started with lessons in Instagram given by the girl next-door. She is 14 and has got very good didactic skills. It is not that I don’t know anything of Instagram, but I haven’t kept up with the new features as I thought they were rather uninteresting. The only thing is, new features are built with 80% old features. If you keep up, you only have to learn 20%. If you don’t keep up, you will find yourself out of touch one day and then it will be far more difficult to get familiar with the new technology. I want to keep up with all the technical stuff. She pops over for an hour a week or so and I get to ask her all the dumb questions. So nice.

Another thing that kept me busy is checking a site of a new friend who sells jewellery. She is updating her content and I am the hawk’s eye trying to find the things that need improvement. Quite a lot of work but I am very much the person for this sort of work and we are having a jolly good time.

For ten weeks to come, Wednesday nights, I will be following a course on stand-up comedy. My idea was to be dressed comfortably (see below). Link to original post, although I am wearing a different belt and necklace this week.

outfit Wednesday Yellow jumper, jeans and black and white accessories

The evening was indeed very funny and I enjoyed it. I am rather apprehensive though as we have to write our own jokes and on average there has to be a laugh every 12 seconds. I doubt whether I am that creative. The other thing is, that I do not find it Covid proof. It is quite a large and high hall, but we are with 14 people. Masks would make it impossible to judge a face or to hear each other properly. So I am still thinking What shall I do?

On Thursday I had a little bit of a sore throat and headache. I took no risks and cancelled an appointment with a woman who perhaps wants to ‘hire’ me to assist on some days in an art gallery. Seems like fun but we have to meet each other next week. I also cancelled dinner with our friends Georg and Marla. Just cannot chance it. But the next day, around noon, I felt much better, so it was probably false alarm.


No Fear of Fashion

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