Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbonsAs it is a highly unusual design, I bought this Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons. Was it wise? Will I wear it a lot? Hmmm, time will tell. It is one of my biggest pitfalls when buying clothes. So far I managed to have a wardrobe filled with unusual pieces and every piece demands all the attention, making sure you can never combine them as they would compete with each other. Basics are so much more sensible.

Alas, I am not a sensible woman and very impulsive, which means not the smartest shopper in the world. And there is another thing “wrong” with this sweater, it is white with black, my worst colours. To avoid my face being drained completely I looked for earrings in vivid shades. The bag is a lovely and simple addition of a pop of red but it is nowhere near my face. I already have one pair of earrings like the ones in this post and knew where to look: laradesign.nl. Although there are hundreds of earrings on this site, the one I was searching for wasn’t among them. I sent an email asking whether she would do custom-made earrings? YES, she did. In a FaceTime conversation I told her what I wanted and she composed it. Simple and it didn’t even cost more.

Below: I think the shape of the earrings goes really well with the sweater and the colours (bright pink and red) are a delightful clash, brightening up my face.

Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons

Kitty and I planned a shoot on a very cold and rainy day. Blast!! In order to have some protection from the elements we went back to the cathedral of Haarlem, de Saint Bavo. We were out of luck as there was a service in the cathedral and there were posters and banners everywhere advertising an exposition. We therefore couldn’t take really lovely pictures, but if you want to see more of the cathedral, click through to a previous post.

Below: The cathedral is rather majestic and lovely as background when the sun is out.

Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons

Only it was freezing cold, the wind blew and often it rained.

Below: You might like this look below, but I don’t. I am wearing my thick winter coat with hood to protect me from the elements.

Below: We could use doors, cellars and so on as backgrounds, as long as it didn’t rain and the wind wasn’t blowing me apart.

Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons

Below: Sometimes I swiped a ribbon from front to back….

Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons

Below: …and sometimes the ribbons just fell as they liked and gently moved in the wind.

Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons

Below: Talking to Kitty behind me who is trying to get the cathedral in the picture with me. It is a huge building.

Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons

Below: Kitty walking towards the side entrance.

Kitty from the back

Below: Kitty with new trousers, a new shirt and a new batwing jumper.

Kitty in new clothes

Below: Innocently walking around the cathedral…

Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons

Below: …we stumbled upon this statue: ‘grieving woman’.

Mourning woman statue

Below: It turned out to be a memorial for 10 resistance men, randomly picked from the Amsterdam prison, who were shot by the Germans in the second world war. It was a revenge for the death of a German policeman by the resistance. The names, dates and places of birth of the men who were shot, are on the tiles around the statue. On the 4th of May we traditionally commemorate victims of that war which started in 1940. On the 5th of May we celebrate our freedom.
We stopped and paused for a while.

Below: As I said, huge building.

Cathedral Sint Bavo

We shook off the sadness, the photos were taken and we headed to a café.

Below: Kitty, enjoying her coffee at the Wapen van Kennemerland. We both had cake. (More about this café and its rural surroundings in this very old post and this post.)

Kitty in the café

Below: Wapen van Kennemerland is what we call ‘an old brown café’. You can see why, but it doesn’t really apply to this place anymore, as it is a good restaurant now as well as a pub.

Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons

Below: Masks are now obligatory in shops, confined spaces, public transport, preferably all the time.

Dries van Noten sweater with black ribbons

Below: A last close-up of the ankle boots.

white ankle boots

What happened in my life this week

Not an awful lot happened really. We did have dinner at my stepdaughter’s, really good Italian food.

At the beginning of the week I met my ex-colleague Wendy Tuns. We hadn’t spoken each other for 15 or 20 years, we couldn’t remember how long ago it was. Thanks to social media, we knew a little about what was going on in each other’s life, but that was it. We live quite far apart so agreed to meet in a town in the middle. Wendy recognised me from afar (at least 100 metres) and called me to check whether it was really me. We chatted, drank coffee, had lunch etc etc. from 10.30 a.m. till 15.30 p.m. There was a lot to catch up on. Thoroughly delightful day. Wendy ventured into a new career, an unusual one. She gives speeches at funerals on behalf of the deceased or their loved ones. She is bloody good too. A warm and caring person. Her job is a sort of storytelling and there were so many stories leading up to the funeral services which she felt needed to be told, that she wrote a book. How about that. When we met I totally forgot to take photos, but below a photo of her, proudly holding her book. I read her book and it is touching, warm, a bit like a book of short novels.

Wendy Tuns

The stand-up comedy course is over for me. Two reasons: I really didn’t feel Covid-safe in the ‘classroom’. Last Wednesday the class split into 7 on the premises and 6 in a Google hang-out. But really, it is impossible to do this kind of course, theatre with expression, through internet. The second reason is: it is so very much harder to become a stand-up comedian than I imagined. Going on stage isn’t my biggest worry but writing your own material and jokes and having to perform time after time to get even 10 minutes of stuff that works…. I haven’t got the creativity for that and neither the passion nor the perseverance.

I also had to cancel yoga class. Again, I didn’t feel Covid-safe and because I have a bad left knee, I cannot do half the exercises. Even with alternative exercises I managed to hurt my knee and had to go to the physiotherapist 4 times in 2 weeks. Yoga…not a good idea for me.

Other courses which I would like to follow are cancelled or will have the same Covid problems, which means it might become a lonely autumn and winter. Fortunately I have husband Ron, dog Watson, cat Sophie, lovely neighbours, nice house and garden…I will not complain. So many people have far bigger problems.

Friday was a day with a star. Ron took me to Amsterdam early in the morning for a photo shoot (he is a darling). The shoot went very smoothly, we were lucky with several things. Afterwards we looked for coffee-to-go and found a terrific place, had a lovely chat with two young ladies, school teachers, went to the beach to walk Watson where we had French fries with Froukje and Petro (friends who live in our street). And then, on our way home, we bought fresh fish in the harbour and delivered a portion to our friends Georg and Marla. They spontaneously invited us to dinner to eat the fish which was lovely. A great day.

Now for some outfits of this week.

Below: My wide green trousers from the Max Mara outlet in Turin. You can see more of this outfit when you click through to the original post. I have elongated the trousers and am wearing them with my pink EIJK boots. Not sure whether I will keep them this way or hem them up again.

Wide green trousers with purple jumper

Below: I still really like this outfit. I bought it at the Max Mara shop and not in the outlet. Only the shirt was a size too small (see the original post). Then when I was at the Max Mara outlet, I saw the same shirt in my (bigger) size. I didn’t hesitate, bought it and gave Daniela (my Italian friend) the smaller size. So glad I swapped it.

blue and green shirt and trousers Max Mara

And in the category miscellaneous, Ron found this picture below. That’s the Dutch for you haha: we are stickers for time (very punctual) and are always riding a bike.

Bicycle with clocks

See you next week to see the result of Ron’s photo shoot.


No Fear of Fashion

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