Leopard print ankle bootsWhen Kitty suggested to go to the Stedelijk Gymnasium to do a photo shoot on a Saturday morning I needed to look it up on the map of Haarlem. Oh there!?! Right in the centre of the city. I had sent her a photo of the outfit with the leopard print ankle boots and asked whether it would match the surroundings. As you will see, it did.

The weather was sunny with cooler temperatures. A coat was necessary so the off-white Burberry trench coat, my second hand deal, takes the stage as well.

We cycled to the centre as a car would have been useless; too difficult to park. All the time on the bike I was thinking: “oh dear, is my hair going to hold out? Or will all the photos be ruined because of that?” You know what I am like with my hair, it’s my Achilles heel.

Below: Indeed the hair didn’t look good upon arrival. Husband Ron had a good laugh when he saw this photo. He said I look like a district nurse. Nice man… 😕 I blame it on the bike. It is a sensible bike, I even have cycle bags, the very height of frumpiness in my book. I gave in as they are just too practical.

Off-white Burberry trench coat

Below: We did this scene several times. Kitty was taking photos while lying on the ground. Suddenly she said: “I can get both towers in one shot!! Go back and walk towards me again.” The eye of an artist.

Off-white Burberry trench coat

Below: Hair wasn’t doing too badly and the two towers were in the picture.

Off-white Burberry trench coat

Below: As this is a tourist spot, we were “ambushed” by this group and a guide (the guy with the hat). The guide was a real performer, a good actor. We couldn’t do much else but wait and listen.

Off-white Burberry trench coat

Below: No… I am not “f-ing” him. He said something about a historic figure, like Willem the fourth, or Henry the fourth. I think it was Floris IV, but I cannot remember. But that is what I am saying in this photo: “The fourth!” while holding up 4 fingers.

Off-white Burberry trench coat

I should have tightened the belt a bit more. Shame. And I also like the coat better with the collar done up.

Below: Here is a crummy iPhone photo of the coat with the collar done up.

Burberry off-white trench coat

Below: Finally the tourists were gone and we had the place to ourselves again. The Burberry trench coat is second hand from Kat & Ko, one of the two places I frequent for second hand clothes. The story of how I got two off-white trench coats are in this post.

Below: We continued. And by the way, the jacket is green, it honestly is.

Leopard print ankle boots

Below: Laughing underneath the pleached trees (I love pleached trees). We had such a good time.

Leopard print ankle boots

Below: Let’s talk brands now: green jacket: Irie Wash, blue and white striped shirt: Joline Jolink, skinny jeans: Denham, tan bag: Ellen Verbeek, long blue earrings: ADOR by Ayasha, leopard print ankle boots: EIJK-Amsterdam. You have seen me wearing EIJK boots with this heel, before. I own pink ones and cream laced ones.

Leopard print ankle boots

Below: A group of 5 men and a woman passed and I had a laugh with one of the men about being in the photo.

Leopard print ankle boots

Below: As we turned the corner to have a coffee, this is what we saw whahaha. I put my finger through the bars as if I were the witch in Hansel & Gretel.

Leopard print ankle boots

Below: In the alley where we had photographed the coat with the two towers in the background, was a door, surprisingly leading to the garden of Vascobello V-bar, where you can get coffee, tea, drinks, breakfast and lunch. They were awarded this year (don’t know by whom, sorry.. forgot). They definitely serve a very good barista cappuccino. When I was in The Hague meeting Karen this summer, we arranged to meet in Vascobello as well. They are a Belgian chain and very good. Cute garden. In summer the plants on the left wall are nicer of course.

Vascobelo Haarlem

Below: Here she is! This is Kitty, my photographer.

Kitty, the photographer

Below: She took a few more shots as we sat down.

Leopard print ankle boots

Below: She was very pleased with this shot and so am I  😎

Leopard print ankle boots

Below: I asked Kitty to photograph my new ruby ring, but on old hands it doesn’t get the proper aura.

Steel ring with ruby

Below: Which is why I photographed it separately. The bracelet is second hand, bought at Today’s Vintage. The ring is very special to me. It is made of steel and polished to the highest possible standard, holding a synthetic ruby. I discovered this ring through the blog of my friend Melanie, Bag and a beret. Her husband O, creates marvellous micro art which requires such patience. Here is a link to his art and here is a link to his Etsy shop, selling just one other ring, similar to mine.

steel ring

Below: Another second hand score at Today’s Vintage, is this Nanni belt I am wearing. Yep, definitely did some good business there.


Below: The boots are made by EIJK-Amsterdam and they are the most comfortable boots you can imagine. I had to wait quite a while before I received them but it was worth the wait. The owner of the brand, Jolanda Eijk, wasn’t happy with the first samples and kept insisting on a better quality. If she is not completely satisfied, she will not produce them. You can feel that. I can happily shop in these even though the heel is 6 cm (2.36 inch). And Knee is happy with them as well.

leopard print ankle boots

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was hairdresser day plus some grocery shopping and only that. You see, my credit card is in the freezer again. It is Stop Shopping Time. At least I did not wait until I hit rock bottom like last year (and the year before). I still have some money left in my savings account. Yay. Never too old to learn.

Sunday was a quiet day, time to recharge and do some blogging. No going out to dinner this time.

Nothing special on Monday and Tuesday. Work. There was one funny thing. One of my colleagues inquired after the brand of my tights and I sent her the internet address. Well, I thought I did. Until I received an email from the managing director of (one of) our advertising agencies with the text: “I want size L, nude look. Just send me the bill.” That gave me a good laugh.

Wednesday. Another photo shoot with Kitty (next week on the blog), followed by a lunch. In the afternoon Ron and I went to Amsterdam to choose new glasses for him. The model which he had in mind, met my approval. Of course he doesn’t need that but it is always nice when your partner likes your glasses too, right?

As it was gorgeous weather, we stopped in Haarlem on our way back for a drink on a terrace. Instead of eating properly at home, we were naughty and had chips. Flemish chips, the best!

Thursday was a normal day, nothing special happened. Ate too much at the office; things I should not eat like cakes (yes, plural) and all sorts of hot snacks at 4.30 p.m. Very bad for my figure. As it wasn’t gluten free either, I got a headache the next morning, my own fault.

Worked from home on Friday. You can get three times as much done when you work at home.

And that was that for the week. Rather uneventful. Hope this new item “What happened in my life this week” isn’t becoming boring.


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