Meeting blogger Nicolene in AmsterdamOne of the perks of blogging: you meet kindred souls. Like blogger Nicolene from South Africa. We got to “know” each other through Instagram (Stylecuratrix), when Nicolene showed great pieces from the H&M Conscious collection. I loved them and tried to track them down in Europe. So we mailed and we followed each other’s IG account and I got to like her. She is a laywer by profession and works full time. Which means her blog – Fifty Fabulous (Stylecuratrix) – sometimes has to suffer.

As soon as she booked a trip to Europe, she got in touch to meet me when visiting Amsterdam. I would have shown her around town if it hadn’t been for my knee problem. So our meeting had to be limited to a cup of coffee and even that was not easy to arrange. I wanted to take her somewhere nice in the centre of Amsterdam but there was no way I could travel and walk the distance. Dear old Ron came to the rescue by driving us. We picked up Nicolene at her hotel, leaving her husband to enjoy some time on his own. Ron dropped us off in Utrechtsestraat at the Koffiesalon and came back a couple of hours later to do the reverse trip. Sweetheart.

Below: I took a picture of an area in the lobby of Nicolene’s modern hotel. Looked very cosy.

Below: I really liked the lamps but I am like my mum… I immediately think:  “oh dear, dust gatherers”.

Below: Nicolene in what her husband calls “her Tupperware coat”. I love it.

Meeting blogger Nicolene in Amsterdam

Below: A quick shot by one of the staff members.

Greetje and Nicolene

Below: The coffee place (De Koffiesalon) in Utrechtsestraat has a homey atmosphere.

Below: Looking down from upstairs. Going up the stairs for me was one thing. Going down… once is enough. So Nicolene offered to fetch the coffee from downstairs.

Meeting blogger Nicolene in Amsterdam

Below: Of course we started rearranging the furniture, taking pictures of each other and asking people to take pictures of us. Let’s say we were quite a nuisance to the other clients.

Meeting blogger Nicolene in Amsterdam

Below: We had very little room and distance for shooting photos with the “indoor” lense. Anyway I was wearing a black leather wrap skirt, a black cashmere (yes.. fancy) turtle neck jumper, tan boots (ancient) and, to brighten things up, a colourful scarf (present of Ron a couple of years ago). When putting my outfit together I had Nicolene in mind as she is a scarf lover and I guessed she would have brought scarves as they are a girl’s best friends when traveling for a longer time. Bingo.. I was right, she was wearing a scarf. I think they call that mirroring in psychology.

Below: Nicolene brought me a present. YAY. I love presents. Beautiful earrings. They came with (what I call) a hook but I had my friend Anja change that. My earlobes are horrible, very thin, wrinkled and with the puncture really low and saggy. If I hang an earring in it, it is scary. As if my earlobe will tear. Which is why I make sure all my earrings are not too heavy and cover the hole. Not to frighten you too much I have photoshopped my earlobe in the picture below. The rest of the wrinkles and spots are genuine.

earring present from Nicolene

Those few hours flew by while we talked and talked and talked. She is a very accomplished, friendly, upbeat, happy and cheerful person. I was glad we were able to meet.

Below: I asked Ron to stop on our way home to take a proper head to toe shot outdoors. Here we are. It is not really my kind of outfit. A bit too classic but I am trying new things with flat shoes.

Below: Cold and windy though. The orange glow is caused by the late afternoon sun. When I saw these pictures I realized I should have polished the boots.

Then one last thing.
Remember my green faux fur coat? The lining came undone. Had I been mobile I would have gone back to the shop. I learned afterwards that the lining was a production fault and they replaced all coats (which clients brought in) with an entirely new lining.

However, stuck with the knee indoors, I decided to solve the matter with sticky iron-on bonded fibre tissue. You put a strip between two parts (of the lining in this case), cover it with a damp tea towel and press it with a hot iron (on the tea towel of course). Worked fine.

Then the next day when Ron and I went out, he said: “What have you got on the back of your coat? It looks like three moulds of an iron!” And it was exactly that.

Below: The evidence. Scorched from the inside. Luckily I paid the coat with Visa and they gracefully refunded me, after deducting a small amount (as per agreement).

Green faux fur coat Essentiel

An update on the knee: the orthopedist sticks to his first diagnose: it is most likely inflammation or rather bursitis. On the upside: not very likely I will need an operation. On the downside: healing might take a year. Fortunately there is progress so I am hoping it won’t take that long.


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