Cream dress by SportmaxStill on flat shoes. As this cream dress by Sportmax is too short (always was a “problem”) I added trousers. I don’t mind flat boots with trousers.

My friend Misja (MisjaB) came over for a cup of coffee/tea in my lonely hours at home and I asked her very kindly whether she would take a few outfit shots for today’s post. She agreed and we took these in the street behind my house. It was done in a couple of minutes but when you have a professional photographer like Misja, all shots are good.

Not much variety of course, as my options to create a post showing different areas or different backgrounds are limited. It will have to do dear readers. Until the knee is better.

Below: Here is the dress in a previous post, with heels, although not that high. Same trousers, no top and different bag. Original post where I struggled to wear it like a dress (and failed) here.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Anyway.. back to today and the flat boots.

Below: Nice head to toe shot. The bag (Ellen Verbeek, Dutch designer) is nearly the same colour as the boots and I heard that matching your bag with your footwear is popular again. YAY.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Below: The walking “pose”. The green/teal trousers (Marlene Birger) are matched by a top in nearly the same colour by Bellamy Gallery. I like this as the V-neck of the dress is quite deep and so are the wrinkles in my neck. The scarf neckline of the dress doesn’t always cover these wrinkles so a top is lovely.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Below: See what I mean? Any necklace is wrong as it would fight for attention with the shawl part. And a bit of colour near my face is much appreciated.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Below: Wearing my peridot (=green) earrings to add some more colour. And of course bright red lipstick.

Green peridote earrings

Below: Perfect bokeh shot. That Misja knows her trade.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Below: Ah.. nearly spring that day. We’re slowly getting there.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Below: Last week I wore these boots as well. This time I polished them  😆 . Just have to ask the cobbler to redo the black of the sole rim. The riding “buckle/strap” is detachable.

Tan riding boot

Below: These are mushrooms turned to stone. Nature has so much beauty.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Below: And back home for coffee (me) and tea (Misja). The bike is our neighbours.

Cream dress by Sportmax

That’s all folks. Next week’s post is a bit more lively.


No Fear of Fashion

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