Red Sportmax dressThat wasn’t easy.. choosing what to wear to Marianne’s 70th birthday party. Of course I wanted to look my best without outstaging the birthday girl. With the restriction that I had to style an outfit with flat shoes. So I opted for the black sneakers again (like last week) and worked my way up. Chose a pair of 7/8 trousers as I knew I had to show some flesh (not bare, mind you, it was too cold for that; silly fashion these days to wear sneakers with bare feet IN WINTER). Last I pulled this red Sportmax dress out of the closet. Not as flashy as I would have wanted but I liked it enough. 

You are about to see photos of my BVA friends at Marianne’s birthday and also some pictures of people you don’t know. I hope I am not boring you to death with that.

Below: The birthday girl, flashing her legs, showing off her fishnet tights.

Below: This is what Marijke wore, very stylish and classic. You should have seen the photo I took a few seconds earlier…. When I said “I want to take a photo of your whole outfit”, she immediately pulled her dress up high. I will keep that photo in my file for future blackmail (as if that would ever scare her haha).

Below: We sat together as BVA friends at one table. Claudia wasn’t there as she was doing exams that day. Marijke won’t like this photo (she was talking again), but it is the only photo I have of “our” table.

Marianne arranged a high tea and her daughter decorated the tables with pink items and flowers. It was a splendid high tea. The food was top notch. As I am gaining weight by not moving at all, I was trying not to eat too much. Failed. It was all so good. Worth sinning.

Below: This is the table of all the women who take care of Marianne, the nurses who help her getting ready in the morning. They have become friends, which is easy to imagine as Marianne is such a sweet and positive person. They sang to her later that afternoon.

Below: Marianne’s beautiful daughter. She is a stylist to the (Dutch) stars and a very good one. Not half bad at home decorating either.

Below: Jilske wearing a big smile and a teal green jumpsuit (you will see more of that later).

Below: Our birthday girl was into champagne.

Below: A lovely picture of Marianna, about the only one I am allowed to show. Such a shy person.

Below: Marianne’s daughter and grandson tried to take a decent head to toe shot of me. But the light was playing funny tricks.

Red Sportmax dress

Below: A bit better but the legs have gone.

Red Sportmax dress

Below: Then I got distracted by great trousers! Of course I asked her where she got them from: Zara!

Below: Marianne’s grandson is gifted with the stying skills of his mother and showed up in these terrific trousers. Love them.

Below: OK, back to the table. Marijke grinning. In the background the table with family.

Below: Marianne, as I said, liked the champagne.

Below: Marianne’s daughter and son.

Below: I have to think of a more elegant way when posing with Marianne.

Below: To take sharp pictures of Jilke’s jumpsuit, we went outside. I love the colour and the model.

Below: And the back… ooh la la.

Below: She was wearing nice matching earrings.

Below: Blurry picture of Marianne with her sister and…. a glas of champagne. Did I mention she likes champaign? I know what she is going to tell me in her defense: “It was the same glass all the time. Didn’t get a chance to drink it.” Yeah, right.

Below: As we went home I took a last shot of Marijke in her outdoor gear. Classy.

Hope you didn’t mind seeing all these strange faces, although some of them were familiar. Not an aweful lot happening in my life these days. Apart from working really hard from home.


No Fear of Fashion







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