Winter styling of an autumn dressWhen I bought this dress, it was supposed to be for autumn. Which struck me as strange. It is very lightweight and I get cold very easily. I therefore tried it on in summer (don’t you love wearing your new purchases as soon as possible? I do). It was evidently too warm. So I wore it in September and October with sheer hold-ups plus pumps and with a pair of 3/4 trousers plus sneakers (see this post from Paris). In November I got cold. And I tried my hand at what so many women do: I styled the dress for winter. Not my normal thing as I am a lucky so and so, I have a big wardrobe, with clothes for every season. 

When it was still brand new, I took the dress to my trusted tights shop (for the Dutch: Stemm Voetiek) and the owner found me these tights. She is a gem. Not in a million years would I have thought it was a match, but it is.

Update on the knee

My knee is still a spoilsport, still not OK. The pictures of this post might give you the idea everything is hunky dory but like a lot of things these days, it is fake. My GP gave me medication for another fortnight and perhaps it will be over by then. Compared to a month ago I am like a spring chicken, there is a lot of improvement. Nevertheless, when I tried to function at the office last Monday and Tuesday, my knee got swollen again and the pain returned. So back to working at home again. And I gained weight. Double bummer.

Below: I arrived wearing sneakers. This is at the church right at the back of my mother’s garden. Ron wasn’t too pleased about this very uneventful background, but my possibilities are limited. The current fashion dictates that sneakers underneath a dress is The Look. My old fashioned brain however, thinks otherwise. To me it lacks elegance, although these sneakers with this dress…. not bad really. Am I getting used to it?

Winter styling of an autumn dress

Below: The back of the dress. The outgrow of my grey hair is carefully treated with the L’Oreal Magic Colour Retouche. Wish I had discovered that stuff sooner. See the round heel of these lovely boots? These boots which I have never really worn. Yet. Apart from the 10 minutes for a previous post with my cream skirt and green top.

Sportmax dress yellow black and cream

Below: As you will have noticed by now, I am wearing a pencil skirt underneath the dress. A trick I picked up from my Italian blogger friend Daniela. All these dresses by Sportmax are either for shorter women (Italian women?) or for younger women who wear them higher. If I wear it without the skirt it looks off for some reason. This is a good solution. The very stretchy pencil skirt by Bellamy Gallery is really a bit too large for me. And there is room for hips (which I don’t have, well, not noticeable). Good thing about that is, the skirt does not ride up with wear. (This expression always reminds me of Are you being served? The British sit com avant la lettre.)

Winter styling of an autumn dress

Below: Close-up of boots and tights (no hold-ups/thigh highs this time).

Iro boots

Below: We decided to take a few pictures while walking as they usually turn out good.

Winter styling of an autumn dress

Below: OK, that’s it. KNEE. I want my sneakers.

Winter styling of an autumn dress

Looks can be so deceiving. I am longing for the days I can walk more than one street again. And even more for the days I can put my high heels on again. I am such a whiner. Apologies.


No Fear of Fashion

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