How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobeFinally a post about ‘How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe’. You have suggested this many times and asked me to show the process. So, here it is.

When you have seen the many, many crappy iPhone photos, all looking more or less the same, you will be as bored as I always am with this exercise. After this styling session, in the “week report”, you will find much more variation.

It all began with the purchase of this brooch below.

Orange brooch by Sylvia Blickman

The brooch would go very well with a purple jumper, which I possess. I had worn the jumper before with wide green trousers (see this post) but it is rather fitted and I intended to wear it with a skirt. Now… which skirt would be nice with this jumper?

Below: A cream skirt? Not really, don’t know why. Too much contrast?
That is the trouble with me, I never know what makes an outfit work or not.
Oh, and the white spots you see on my tights? Those are not holes but smudges on the mirror.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: How about this A-line black and white skirt from years ago, bought at the Max Mara outlet in Turin? Yes, better. (See how I styled it with a black top in this post.).
The polka dot tights were nice with the skirt and I am wearing the same chunky shoes I wore with this skirt before. To make it less classic.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

By this time I was already out of ideas and consulted my friend Misja (MisjaB) by sending her photos through WhatsApp, accompanied by the word “HELP”. She suggested to concentrate on the outfit and not on the brooch. The orange brooch and the pattern in the skirt somehow didn’t go together. Did I have any necklaces?

Below: Yes, I have necklaces (understatement of the year) but this black and white one seems to choke me. Let’s add a belt as well to give myself more of a waist.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: This chunky one? Seems too casual. Or too chunky.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: This white one looks more contemporary (well, in my eyes). Too long. It is fighting with the belt.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: That is easily fixed; I shortened the necklace. Better, better, much better. Still, there is room for improvement.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: Misja suggested to use a scarf. The polka dot one was an obvious choice because of the corresponding polka dots on the skirt and tights. Nope, another case of strangulation.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: What if I wear the scarf hang loosely? Don’t know why it doesn’t work, but I wasn’t very enthusiastic.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: Let’s put the scarf around my waist for (as Misja put it): more visual interest. Hmm…not bad. Misja suggested to wear it like an obi belt, just straight, no hanging ends.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: A brooch was still an option, but another one, one that is in tune with the colours of the outfit. This one is second-hand and silver coloured. It looks like an S because I took the photo in the mirror. In reality it isn’t an S.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: Then I used the same brooch which I wore with this jumper and the green trousers. This is getting somewhere.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: My new pewter bag finished the look. Misja and I decided this was the outfit.
(The pewter bag by Midlifechic Boutique is also available in black mock croc, chocolate mock crock and navy mock croc. Just saying, as they are so gorgeous and handy.)

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

Below: I like to finish with a similar photo as the first one, to get rid of the bad images on your mind. I can wear this bag as a clutch (photo at the top), as a shoulder bag (below) and as a crossbody bag. Notice what a difference it makes whether I wear lipstick or not.

How to style an outfit with clothes from your own wardrobe

I am very curious to hear what you think of this post. You can be honest; I am not easily offended.

What happened in my life this week

It was a busy week and this blog post took a long time editing. Can you believe it? A retired person in Covid times who says she is busy haha.

I had a lovely long Facetime conversation (1 1/2 hours) with Anja, my friend and ex-neighbour who moved to Spain. She could show me the house which is nearly finished. It took a lot of renovation which started in March when Anja still lived in the Netherlands. Until she and Frits could travel to Spain in August, every consult had to be done by phone, photos and Facetime. Risky, but it paid off. Their house looks lovely. Very quirky as that is Anja’s style and she is an artist. Luckily she found a husband who likes her style just as much.

Visited my mum again and Ron came along, which pleased her no end. It is like in the Bible with the prodigal son… I am always there but Ron is special. Anyway, we had a nice afternoon with her.


Below: I took this photo in her bedroom. The dress is Sportmax which I bought years ago at LAB Women’s Clothing. The pleats at the bottom of the dress are pleats from a sleeveless dress which I got through the Etsy shop of Bella, the Citizen Rosebud. You can see more details in this post.

Sportmax dress

Below: Close-up of the earrings by Lara Design.

White yellow and black earrings

Below: Close-up of the tights and the shoes (by Steffen Schraut).

Steffen Schraut shoes

A visit to Helga was a nice break from sitting at home. We kept our distance and had a lovely chat. She has a new kitten. It was late afternoon as she took this photo at a distance against the light, so bad photo. But the kitten is so adorable. (Link to original outfit post.)

With Helga's new kitten

Because so many of you have said you do like that blue hat on me, I tried it with a casual outfit and straight on my head. What do you think? With my hair behind my ears or just as it always is? I think I prefer it behind my ears. It was late so the iPhone photos are really bad, but you can still see the effect.

Blue hat with hair behind my ears

Blue hat with my hair the normal way

This week there was a Life Stream of a prestigious Advertising Award (the “EFFIE) for a highly effective advertising campaign. My former company sent in a campaign which I helped to develop and my colleagues invited me to watch the award ceremony and join the WhatsApp group to chat about it. We won bronze, yay. As it was an award day, I dressed accordingly, even though it was only virtual and I wasn’t even on camera.

Below: Lavender dress by Max Mara Studio. (Link to original post.)

Lavender Max Mara dress

Below: Close-up of the blue earrings I wore with the dress.

Blue earrings

Below: Max Mara boots.

Taupe boots

Below: Another outfit this week. Sportmax dress. (Link to original post.)

Red Sportmax dress

Below: The earrings from Lara Design have exactly the same colour as the dress.

Red earrings Lara Design

With Misja I had a conversation about knitting and such which made me remember my mother knitting these jumpers below for my sister-in-law, my niece and me. I had to apply most of the snow as my mum was quite done after knitting them with so many colours. I am 29 in this photo. When I talked about it with my mum, she told me that the kid’s version was originally knitted for my niece’s older brother which is why the neckline closes the other way than the girl’s version. Just as the buttoning of shirts were opposite for men and women. Is that still the case?

Knitted jumpers

Wednesday was a beautiful day with nice temperatures, no rain and a lot of sunshine. My friend Marja came to hit town with me. She bought nothing and I completely “fell of the wagon”. Remember I said last week that I wasn’t craving anymore for new clothes and such? As usual that didn’t last very long. After being cooped up in the house I was in such a good mood. Every time we went into a shop we were the only customers so I think I have made a lot of retailers happy that day. Used the toilet truck on the market square and indeed it was squeaky clean. A really lovely day. Coffee and lunch were take-away and consumed on a bench in the sun. We had such a good time I totally forgot to take a photo of Marja and she looked so nice. Pity.

Below: I was wearing an easy outfit that Wednesday.

Jeans outfit Wednesday

Ron wanted to go and see an exhibition about “movement” in a place called Gorcum (also known as Gorinchem). Georg and Marla were kind enough to mind dog Watson that afternoon and off we went. Totally Covid safe exhibition. It was small but nice. Afterwards we walked through the town, but it was stupid weather: sun/rain/sun/rain. There were hardly any people in the streets. With lots of shops and all the pubs and restaurants closed, it felt deserted. We did see a lovely double rainbow (below).


Below: Another shot of the harbour and lock.


Below: This photo needs a bit of explanation. In 1621 a Dutch statesman, Hugo de Groot, had to escape from his castle and they smuggled him out in a big book trunk. (Famous Dutch history we all had to learn at primary school.) They carried the trunk through this little door into the house of a merchant man, after which he escaped to Paris dressed as a bricklayer. It all happened in Gorcum.


Below: We saw this crest on the big market square and Georg translated it for me: It means “Strong (people) bring forth strong (people). He also added that this was a common belief in the 17th century and many wrong interpretations have led to race theories.


Below: I wore this to Gorcum and to dinner that night at Georg and Marla, who kindly invited us. Always nice. We are getting used to socializing with keeping our distance.

Hope Fashion jumper

Below: On Friday I combined a visit to the cobbler (again!) with a visit to Marianne and I made her take photos of my outfit. Marcella of Lara Design had requested a photo of this outfit with her earrings as both the bag and the earrings are pink with red.

Black and red outfit

Black and red outfit

And that is it for this week. I thought it would be a boring week but it has been quite the opposite.


No Fear of Fashion

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