Yellow jacket with black leather trousersNormally I would have used a head-to-toe shot of my outfit to start with. Only such a photo of Haarlem’s town hall is too good not to use as a first picture. Besides, you cannot miss that yellow jacket with black leather trousers. The jacket makes for a beautiful pop of colour.

Kitty was my photographer and the town hall served as the background again, as it has done for the post with my houndstooth blazer. The temperatures were not too bad and the sun came out to play. Sometimes the sun was a bit overenthusiastic, making the yellow of the jacket too bright.

You will see the jacket with different accessories: two scarves, one brooch and one pocket scarf.

Below: When we walked through the gate, we discovered they had put a new sculpture in the courtyard. The bench is a new feature as well. I know this for sure as I didn’t sit on it in my post with the houndstooth blazer. You know me, whenever there is a bench, I sit my bum on it to be photographed. My poses are limited.

Townhall of Haarlem courtyard

Below: This bench underneath the stained-glass window, has always been there. And of course I am sitting on it. See that the colour of the yellow jacket is too bright? Kitty liked this scarf best with the outfit. It is a present from my friend Anja, from way back.

Yellow jacket with black leather trousers

Below: Close-up of the stained-glass window.

Townhall of stained-glass Haarlem

Below: We started with the brooch. It is the same dollar brooch as you have seen on my red jumper and it snagged the lapel. Darn. The yellow in this photo is accurate.

Yellow jacket with black leather trousers

Below: Better view of the brooch. It does look good on the jacket I think. The leather jogging trousers are quite old. When I put the suede boots (IRO) on, I finally got what stylists mean when they say you need to vary material and structure in an outfit. Had I worn smooth leather boots, it would have been so wrong with the leather trousers, but suede is right.

Yellow jacket with black leather trousers

Below: Plaque on the wall. World War II is still very much remembered.

Townhall of Haarlem

Below: With the pocket scarf in leopard print. I added the crossbody bag without trying it in front of the mirror. Mistake. If I had done that, I would have seen it is too short to wear it crossbody on top of this jacket. And the scarf should have been tucked in a bit further. Oh well, you get the idea. The bag is a present from my friend Marianne.

Yellow jacket with black leather trousers

Below: At least my hair was cooperative. Which was a miracle as it was rather damp and we had to cycle to town. Usually that is the end of a nice hairdo.

Yellow jacket with black leather trousers

Below: Even the back of my hair has held amazingly. Three cheers for my hairdresser. The colour of my jacket in reality is much less bright, believe me.

Yellow jacket with black leather trousers

Below: Walking out of the gate to the big market square, now with a black and white scarf and the giggles.

Yellow jacket with black leather trousers

Below: Kitty loves taking photos from a lower viewpoint and I still hate it. This one isn’t too bad and you can see the steps of the town hall with the historic buildings and a little bit of the market square.

Yellow jacket with black leather trousers

Below: Last photo of Kitty’s favourite variation, the leopard print scarf.

Yellow jacket with black leather trousers

Below: I got Kitty to take off her coat as well haha. I don’t have to be the only one to suffer. She was wearing a cute new dress. The black in this photo is a bit harsh (iPhone photo).


Below: I liked this one as well and couldn’t choose.


Below: With black cardigan and a swept scarf, the entrance gate in the background.


Below: After the shoot we fetched take-away coffee and cakes at Vascobelo and sat on a bench in front of a clothes shop. Restaurants are forbidden to allow customers to sit outside on a bench as that would be like having a terrace. And terraces are forbidden. But if your next-door neighbour has a bench….

Kitty wiggled her iPhone to stand at the curb in such a way it could take our photo with the 10 seconds’ delay. It is a vague photo but I think it is hilarious that we are both holding our hands together and pointing them towards each other. And we are both sitting with one leg across the other, both in opposite directions from one another. This was all pure coincidence.

Having coffee in Covid times

What happened in my life this week

After a very quiet weekend, my week was busier than anticipated. I couldn’t really remember what I had done last weekend and asked my husband Ron. He said teasingly: “Why don’t you look at your bank account charges? That will give you a fair idea of what you have been up to.” Rascal.

It did help though as I bought coffee for us at the beach on Sunday, after walking the dog. Watson loves running along the floodmark chasing the birds. He runs like lightning, never catches them but never gets discouraged. Actually, our dog isn’t simply called Watson. It is Doctor Watson du Coin de la Bruyère. “Doctor Watson” is after the help of Sherlock Holmes and “du Coin de la Bruyère” after the kennel where he was born. As Ron had a good sense of humour, he added the title “Lord” to this by buying Watson a piece of land in Scotland. Being a Scottish landowner gives him the right to call himself Lord. The “land” is 30 x 30 cm (11.8″x 11.8″). How about that? Lord Doctor Watson du Coin de la Bruyère. What a joke. Of course he never said that Doctor Watson was a dog. I doubt whether dogs can be landowners.

My car got its annual service and I was pleasantly surprised by a very low invoice. That helps with the spending of last week. The mechanic called me and said the car was ready to be picked up and by the way… he found € 50 underneath my car seat. How is that possible? I never lose money. I gave him a good finder’s fee of course. Jolly experience.

My friend Marjolein visited me and we walked through Haarlem and did a little bit of shopping. She found two coats and a scarf. I found a long and wide A-line jacket in bright gold and black in a second-hand shop. It wasn’t worn (tags still on it) and a steal. We did take photos but you will see them in next week’s blog post. We were as careful as we could be, handling the camera to minimize the risk of catching Covid. As we sat on that same bench Kitty and I sat on above, we ate our take-away lunch, being rather cold. In the afternoon the sun came out and we had our coffee on another bench (in front of a lamp shop), being warmed by the sun. You have to adapt.

The next day my friend Eefje spent the afternoon with me. I hadn’t seen her for quite some time. We only had limited time and although we walked through Haarlem and did enter two shops, we didn’t buy anything. Too busy catching up. No photos. Eefje isn’t very keen on being photographed, so I left that.

Below the outfit of that day, my green jumper from Bellamy Gallery, worn before in this post. The brooch is new and from the same artist as the orange brooch which you have seen before. I will show a close-up of it another day. It is not an outfit I am particularly fond of but you might think differently.

Tuesday outfit green jumper Bellamy Gallery

Too much information (you can skip it if you want haha)

The doctor took another smear and the results will be in two weeks. It is a case of “we want to be absolutely sure we didn’t miss anything”, so I am not worried. As I was there anyway, I had two ugly old age spots removed with nitrogen. They were in my bra area, so I thought it would be best to go home bra-less. It felt weird. Although I was young in the seventies, I have never been a fan of burning the bra. My breasts are still good-looking, although 4 cm (1.5″) too low but I don’t like the feeling of letting them go free like two little bunnies hopping in the grass. (Now I know for certain, there are readers thinking “how can I shake off this image?” hahaha.)

Had a nice chat and coffee as Loes visited me for an hour. She is also prepared to take my photos again. YAY.
Wore this that day. Link to original post where I wore it as a dress as well.

Outfit Thursday floral Essentiel dress

Someone in the my cobbler’s family has Covid so they closed shop. I hope everything will end well for them. Visited Marianne of course although it was only for an hour. I made her happy with some household stuff she couldn’t get and a warm furry scarf for her neck. Wore this “jeans” Sportmax dress on Friday, high heels and all. Here is the link to the post with this lovely dress. My apologies for the bad iPhone photos in our bedroom. It is the only place with a big mirror, unfortunately with little light on that side. I haven’t been able to solve this “problem”.

Sportmax jeans dress

One last funny story

Ron met a woman in the park with a big Basset dog (sturdy with very short legs). Her dog and Watson played together.

The woman said: “What a nice dog Watson is”.
Ron gave his usual answer: “Well, you know what they say… dogs start resembling their owner!”
She laughed and asked: “And? Does that apply to my dog as well?” thus creating a precarious situation, given the dog’s appearance.
Ron, never lost for words, replied: “I don’t know, as I do not know your husband”.

Take care, stay safe.


No Fear of Fashion

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