Short blue coatApart from a simple cream top, you can see all my recent purchases in this post. (Remember when I “fell off the no-shopping wagon” when I was cruising Haarlem with my friend Marja, a couple of weeks ago?)
I started my shopping with a short blue coat from one of my favourite shops: kpa.haarlem. Perfect with the blue hat.

Next-door to kpa. is a shoe shop called Paul Noyen. So many times I have ogled their white lace-up booties in the window. Sooo my kind of boots. Also, Sherry of Petite over 40 had been flashing her white lace-up booties before my eyes for months and I liked them so much. That’s what you get from window shopping, which, basically, is what Instagram offers.

My friend Marjolein visited me (at the appropriate distance) and as we went into town, she took my outfit photos for this blog post.

Below: Marjolein, relaxed and looking good in her grey dress. She was a bit reluctant to be photographed as she had not been to the hairdresser for ages, thanks to Covid. A week after her visit to me, she found a Covid-proof hairdresser and she is very happy with her new haircut. Unfortunately I have no photos of that.


Below: And here they are, the purchases: the short blue jacket, the white lace-up booties and the new bag. Plus hat.

Short blue coat

Below: We had a good laugh as I sat myself down on this bench. Marjolein said: “You ALWAYS sit on a bench in your blog posts. ALWAYS.” I explained my limited poses.

Short blue coat

Below: To add a pose I don’t often do… The bag got centre stage.

Short blue coat

Below: Had to give you this close-up of the bag. It is a Dries van Noten bag which I couldn’t resist. Especially not because it was 40% reduced. Bought it at the vintage Pauw shop in Haarlem which is only there until the end of 2020.

Dries van Noten bag

Below: This is the beautiful historic building the normal Pauw shop was in. They are now selling older collections in these premises until the end of the year.


Below: Close-up of the sculptures above the lean-to.

Haarlem close-up

Below: Close-up of the jacket by Mads Norgard. The owner of kpa.haarlem where I bought it, gave me 20% reduction. (I should have pulled my hat over my eyebrows. It looks best that way.)

Short blue coat

Below: In the meantime Marjolein had bought this leopard coat with the teal scarf.


Below: I tried it on as well, but decided it looked better on Marjolein.

long leopard coat

Below: Another lucky find was this (vintage) purple dress. It was too long for Marjolein’s taste, but with a belt it is so nice. All the photos where she is smiling were blurry. Sorry Marjolein.


Below: One last outfit photo. The coat stands stiffly out at the back and front. Love the swing of that. The booties are soooo comfortable.

Short blue coat

What happened in my life this week

Oh bliss, I saw my Shopping Saturday maties again (Sabine and Anke) at Sabine’s house which is about 40 minutes’ drive away. We had a jolly good time drinking coffee, eating cakes and chocolate and taking photos for a blog post (next week). Yes, we were careful and followed the Covid rules.

Sunday was a day of leisure. Below you can see what I wear on such a day: roomy and warm jumper (sweater), scarf to keep my neck warm, boyfriend jeans so nothing is tight or pinching and lovely warm slipper socks.
Is it a pretty sight? No.
Is it “I totally let everything go”? No, not that either.

leisure wear on Sunday

It was a week with a lot of driving. Monday I saw a friend (Ayen) who lives about 50 minutes’ drive away. For the Netherlands, this is not extreme, but it is what we call “quite far away”. The Americans are now smiling. Ayen isn’t that keen on being photographed (I think), but to tell you the truth, I forgot taking a photo of her for you lot.
Below: I did a quick selfie before I left as I was so pleased with my hair that day. Very good hair day. I wore this outfit.

Monday good hair day

Tuesday I saw my mum (60 minutes’ drive). This is becoming a chronological report again.

With Covid going on, a lot of mum’s social activities are cancelled, so I try to visit her more often. And my brother is doing his bit as well.
My mum’s eyesight is deteriorating so reading is virtually impossible. Audio books wouldn’t help as her hearing is also deteriorating. She has a hearing aid but that is only helping a bit. Which is why Ron and I bought my mum an e-reader as you can adjust the letter size with it. I uploaded some books that I thought she would like and spent half the day explaining her how it works. Of course when you are 92 it is not easy to familiarise yourself with such a device. On top of that, the “snooze / off-on” button was hell to operate, even for me. I disabled the snooze function and so far she has been able to read. Let’s hope it is the solution.

Wednesday started in the morning with exercises and cycling. I still do this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. I skip the cycling when it is really damp or raining. Ran some errands. Spent the afternoon checking the concepts of our new wills, making notes, consulting Ron and making financial calculations. Not my idea of a good day, but it is important.
Below: Wore this that day. Blue legging/trousers, my orange jumper and the white lace-up booties. Ron was very enthusiastic about this outfit. No idea why. I think it is very simple, nothing special. Pretty comfortable.

Outfit Wednesday orange jumper

On Thursday one of my BVA friends, Marijke, and I drove to see Claudia, another friend of the BVA group. Claudia lives 1 + 3/4 hours’ drive away, the furthest this week. Claudia’s apartment can only be reached by a flight of stairs, no lift (elevator) and Marianne (friend number 3) who is in a wheelchair, cannot get up those stairs. Which meant Claudia could not host a BVA girlfriends gathering at her house after she moved there. Normally the whole group would have seen each other on the 14th of November at someone else’s home but we had to cancel it. 6 people in a small living room in Covid times is not wise.

As I had never been to Claudia’s new house, I suggested to visit her on my own. Marijke wanted to join us as she had never been either. We decided that 3 was still doable. It was a lovely day and I took a lot of photos of the house, so Marianne can “see” it as well. Of the other friends, Jilske (friend number 4) has already seen the apartment and Marianna (friend number 5) who lives in the east of the country, has an ill husband to look after, so no idea when she will be able to. Of course I also took photos of the three of us that day. I will show you a few.

Below: Claudia being all happy in her apartment. She has a bubbly personality.


Below: Marijke, killing herself laughing again. Never pulls a normal face haha.

Marijke 2

Below: Marijke showing Claudia some photos.

Claudia and Marijke

Below: A better view of the apartment. See the chocolates and the puff pastry with almond paste? The latter is typically Dutch for this time of year.

Claudia and Marijke

Below: I was wearing this that day. (Link to original post.) Marijke and I both were quite determined to wear a dress. After all, we finally had somewhere to go to, see other people.

Me in red

Friday was just a simple exercise and cycle day. And I also had a very cheerful Facetime conversation with my bloggy friend Suzanne Carillo in Canada. We scheduled another one next week. Suzanne stopped blogging for a while as her thriving Etsy shop vintage sales require all her time.

All in all, my life is not bad, especially not if you consider all the Covid misery. I am very grateful.


No Fear of Fashion

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