Chanel style blazerThe only way I would wear a Chanel style blazer like this, is with jeans. Usually I would go for the real thing, but that is out of my reach. Besides I wouldn’t wear it that often. My friend Marianne gave it to me and in turn it had been gifted to her by her daughter.

I found out that the blazer was a bit scratchy in the neck, which made me reach for a shirt. I happen to pick a shirt with a high collar and the imitation of Karl Lagerfeld was born. When I came downstairs in this outfit, my husband said: “I don’t know about the shirt with the necklace… it reminds me of Karl Lagerfeld.” Oh good, mission accomplished.

It is the kind of blazer (jacket?) I would definitely tone down. Pairing it with skinny jeans and lace-up booties was the most logical styling.

Unfortunately the camera didn’t cooperate that day; all photos are rather blurry. So for the details Ron took a few shots a couple of days later. Our living room was the background, the garden doors were open, I was standing inside and Ron stood outside in the rain, covering the camera with cling film haha. Love the man.

Below: You can see the structure of the jacket in this photo. The hem at the bottom of the jacket, at the sleeves and the lapels are frayed.

Chanel style blazer

Below: I wore my “Paris necklace” (see this post for the story) in a knot and above the necklace is a pin with diamonds which is made in such a way it covers the button. Details dahlings…details.

Chanel style blazer and Paris necklace

The shirt is a hand-me-down from Sylvia (40+Style), who is back in the Netherlands for the holiday period. It is a good shirt, quite tight with lots of buttons which means no gaping.

We had a mini edition Shopping Saturday at Sabine’s house. As you might know, Sabine, Anke and I form the group Shopping Saturday as that was what we did in the old days. Now Anke has a baby and a toddler while still working full time, which means her time is very limited. But we missed each other and got together at the appropriate distance. We were meant to go out for a walk as well. The cold and the many stories we had to tell each other kept us indoors.

Below: Sabine.


Below: Anke with a new cute jacket.


Below: Sabine in her lovely jumper. Of course both ladies knew I was going to take pictures so they dressed for the occasion.


Below: Anke wore the hooded sweater she bought at kpa.haarlem on one of our Shopping Saturdays. I remember thinking: “Damn, I didn’t see that one” haha.


We went outside to shoot the photos for this post and it was COLD.

Below: I was holding on to the table.

Chanel style blazer

Below: Anke was pulling faces again. I love her boots and she told us they were very comfortable as well.


Below: Sabine, queen of colour, had decided to wear her red jumper with pink jeans and burgundy boots. I say, why not, all these colours are in the same family and it looks very good.


Below: Saying hello to the bunnies.

Chanel style blazer

We quickly went back inside and chatted some more. Amongst other things, about boots.

Below: Sabine and Anke’s boots in close-up. My goodness, Sabine can walk on such high heels.

Boots Sabine and Anke

Below: Anke’s boots and mine. (You saw mine last week with the short blue coat).

Boots Anke and me

Below: As we sat in the living room, Sabine tried to take some photos with her iPhone. Indoors while the light was already fading. Doesn’t make for the sharpest photos either haha.

Chanel style blazer

It was so good to see each other again, even if it was only for a couple of hours.

What happened in my life this week

Another trip to the cobbler. I should take his picture and show you what he looks like, shouldn’t I? He features in my stories so often. Picked up Marianne’s boots as well and popped round to see her.

Below: Marianne in Christmas sweater.


She took photos of me as well.

Below: The tiered ruffle skirt by Hope Fashion. They no longer make this one but they have a crinkle mesh organza layer skirt which is divine. I would order it myself but given my recent spending and the fact I have this skirt, I won’t. Hope is a lovely company, run by women for women. Excellent service and excellent clothes. (No, I do not get paid for saying this.)

Hope tiered ruffle skirt with leather jacket

Below: Before I left the house I took my usual selfie in the mirror. Wore a green jumper I bought in the sale in March which has the right shape for this skirt. I am not too sure about the colour, but that can be fixed with a shirt collar or scarf. For this day I chose to wear a necklace my Italian friend Daniela made for me.

Tiered ruffle skirt Hope with green jumper

Below: A close-up of the necklace. Bit of a strange photo but a selfie in the mirror didn’t bring out the beads. This selfie however, brings out the wrinkles.

Necklace Daniela

Ron and I totally ignored Sint Nicolaas (Saint Nicolas), as the celebration on the 5th of December is called. It is like Santa Claus with presents for children but different. He is a “bishop who travels on a white horse”.

We have parents with children in our street and Ron is usually asked to knock on a few doors. He then quickly puts the presents which the parents have brought him in a big bag, at the front door. This year he added something to his “act”: he not only knocked (very loud) but also put horse manure and a half-eaten carrot next to the presents. That got some (concealed) laughs of the grown-ups.

FaceTimed with Susan (Une Femme d’un certain âge) which is always nice.

Below: Forgot to show you this outfit last week. Not everybody likes this outfit, but I do. (Link to the original post when we were in Paris.) The white dress and green brooch are from the Max Mara outlet in Turin. Gosh, I would love to go there again with Daniela.

White dress with green tights and boots

Below: Here is a close-up of the green boots and tights. The tights look black but they are green with black.

Green booties

On Sunday we put up the Christmas decorations. Like a lot of people, we want some warmth and cosiness in the house in these trying days. The tree is in a high plant pot because dog Watson has a very long and strong tail.

Christmas decorations 2020

In the afternoon we went for a walk in the woods with Watson. I joined Ron because he said there was a beverage stall at the entrance. Really nice. I had sticky toffee cake and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Sin. Ron had hot wine. Below the stall. It looks cute.

Wine and chocolate milk stall

This week the days were very uneventful. Just sitting at home and doing all sorts of administration work. Not nice. I miss being among people, being among friends. But who doesn’t? Below two of my outfits this week.

Below: Link to original outfit.

Monday outfit fuchsia top

Below: This is one of my most comfortable outfits ever: stretchy jeans by J Brand, wide sweater, ECCO sneakers and a scarf to keep my neck warm. The scarf was a birthday present some years ago from Sabine and Anke. I like the clashing of pink with red. The brand is POM. It was so comfortable that I wore it again the next day. I had a different top underneath the sweater, don’t worry. And I wore the scarf in a different way.

Below: The next day. Crappy iPhone photo. Ron asked me whether I had a cold or a stiff neck. I am hopeless with scarves.

POM scarf tied differently

Sylvia (40+Style) visited me on Friday and we had a nice couple of hours exchanging news. At the appropriate distance of course. Lots of hand washing too. It is great to see her again.

Another long FaceTime conversation with Suzanne Carillo after Sylvia’s visit. That was fun too. We had a few good laughs.

I also got the result from my smear: it is all 100% good. Yay. Well, better to be safe than sorry.

See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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