red silk shirtStanding on stairs and sitting on benches are mine and Kitty’s favourite poses. (For those who don’t know, Kitty is my photographer.) When I discovered these stairs on one of my cycling trips, I sent Kitty some photos and she approved. We shot this very comfy and elegant red silk shirt there.

Below: These stairs are part of a house or an office near the big canal (called Spaarne) that runs through Haarlem. Great building for a photo shoot. I wouldn’t mind a photo shoot inside in winter. Big windows, lots of light…and warmth.

Building near Spaarne

Below: The building overlooks the house boats along the canal.


Below: There are little decks along the quay, which are either jetties or vantage points. When you stand on one, you can see up and down the canal for quite a distance. Wearing my cute short coat from kpa.haarlem (seen before with hat in this post).

short blue coat

It didn’t take long before the order came through: “Coat off”. We did this shoot at the end of February, so you can imagine the (low) temperature.

Below: Kitty captured the rear of a passing boat in this photo. The deck is highly unsuitable for stiletto heels. (Of course it is, it is meant for sneakers and boat shoes.)

red silk shirt

Below: You can sit on stairs as well (grin). The shirt is from kpa.haarlem as so many of my clothes. This really has become my primary shop. The belt is Isabel Marant from two years ago and the boyfriend jeans are G-Star Raw. The patent leather pumps are from 2016 and I bought them in Rotterdam with the Shopping Saturday girls (see this post). They had been damaged by rubbing against black shoes in my overloaded closet, but my cobbler knew how to fix that. Better said, his new daughter-in-law did. The family consists of cobblers.

red silk shirt

Below: Kitty wanted to take this photo with a perspective of peeking through the steps and it wasn’t easy.

red silk shirt

Below: She let me climb up and down those stairs several times.
The steps are perforated and are very dangerous to someone with stiletto heels. I also have a fear of heights. I couldn’t complain though, as I was the one who suggested these stairs. The bag is Chloe, a present from my friend Marianne.

red silk shirt

Below: Kitty had to photograph me from a particular angle and the only way she could do that, was to stand in a flower bed near a tree. The very spot where everybody in the neighbourhood was taking their dog to. You could smell it and you could see it. People are obliged to pick up their doggie doo, but apparently nobody did. No matter how careful Kitty was, she got doo on her shoe, which she scraped off.


Below: Nice sign… It means: ‘don’t let your dog shit on the pavement’. Well, at least people obeyed that.

Below: I cleaned her boots when we got home. It was the least I could do for her. Here she is without her coat.


Below: The shirt from the side.

red silk shirt

Below: We walked around the corner for this shot, which taught me to be careful with spreading my arms sideways, having big boobs. You live and learn.

red silk shirt

Below: We turned another corner and there was a bench! However, it was so old that it moved sideways, nearly collapsing. Kitty had just warned me and I moved back a bit. The thought of me landing on my bum with the bench on top of me, made me laugh.

red silk shirt

Below: My black and white earrings, which were a gift from Nicolene (blog: Fifty Fabulous) when she visited Amsterdam. (Gosh, my neck has become wrinkled again. Never mind, it is what it is.)

red silk shirt

Below: One last photo because I love this shot.

red silk shirt

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was an easy day with a visit to Amsterdam. I needed a replacement for my bright pink belt and searched high and low. Finally found one in a shop in one of the most expensive areas of that town. Fortunately the belt wasn’t that expensive, so I was pleased. Had to park my car and sign up for parking fee with my app. Which didn’t work as I had used up all my data for the month of March. I am too stingy to pay another 8 euro for 4 days and the hosting company said I would still have access to the internet, just a lot slower. NOT TRUE. I didn’t have any access to the internet. For the parking app there is a way around it: you can call in to start the parking time, hah!

Sunday we visited mum again. As she has had her vaccinations and doesn’t get anywhere, we felt safe to play Rummikub, a tile-based game. We like playing games.

Below: Mum. She is doing fine. She baked ‘boterkoek’ which is butter cake. The translation says shortbread but that is not true. It is much more moist and buttery than shortbread. We took two big slices with us as well but put them straight into the freezer so we won’t eat all of it in one go and pack on the pounds.


Too much information

A report on my visit to the gynaecologist. For those who don’t want to hear about this, skip this paragraph.

According to the instructions, I took 2 pain killers Sunday night and 2 on Monday morning. This instruction made me very apprehensive.
There were 4 women caring for me in hospital: an operation assistant, 2 gynaecologists and an intern. They inserted water into my vagina (and higher) because that opens the field so they can see better. The gynaecologist then inserted a camera. She could find the mouth of the uterus, but then the trouble began. The cervix is really a little passage from the vagina to the uterus and it was completely closed in my case. Shut, sealed, locked. Perhaps this has always been the case or perhaps that happened through aging, I don’t know. I have never had a child, so nothing has ever passed through there.

Below: This is what it looks like. Mine is the one on the right – shut.


The gynaecologist was going to force it open, gently. NOT FUNNY. I was in such pain that she stopped. That is the beauty of a female gynaecologist. She knows!

Because they were inserting water all the time (feels really weird), they anticipated that some water would have made its way into the uterus. This made an echo more reliable; they could see more than last time. They opted for that. Things looked fine on the echo and we settled for a pragmatic approach. If that cervix was closed, then the drops of blood couldn’t have gotten from the uterus, could they? The drops were probably due to a burst vein (a little one) in the vagina. We left it at that but if the blood drops happen again, they will sedate me and investigate further. For now I will just have my urine checked next week to establish whether the blood didn’t come from my bladder. So far so good. Not conclusive and not alarming.
I kept really quiet for the rest of the day, but I don’t think it was necessary. After all, nothing really happened.

You can read again from here

Tuesday was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny, a perfect day for a walk with husband Ron and dog Watson to walk at the seaside. With a take-away cappuccino to finish the morning.

a morning at the beach

Below: There were seagulls in the sea, creating a very wide horizontal line, but I filmed too fast, so I don’t think you can see that. Watson did though. We had nearly the whole beach to ourselves. Sound on for this lovely summer noise: sea and seagulls.


When I got home on the Tuesday, a parcel was waiting for me. As I didn’t expect anything, it was exciting to open it. And what a lovely surprise! One of my readers sent me a necklace she made. Isn’t that sweet?

Below: I was wearing this Uniqlo jumper with my trusted boyfriend jeans that day and swapped the brooch for the new necklace.

Green necklace in an outfit

Below: Close-up of the necklace. I think it is a beauty. You can be sure to see it again in a future post.

Green necklace

In the afternoon I got out my stretcher and did some sunbathing in the garden. It was heaven. My neighbour Ina, from across the road, came over for a cup of tea. I love some company so it was a beautiful day.

Wednesday was again a gorgeous day, even warmer than the day before. Exercises, cycling, some grocery shopping, blogging and back to sunbathing in the garden. Some giggles with Froukje and Petro who live a couple of doors down the road. We found out that Froukje knows Marita whom I featured on the blog last week. Such a small world.

And…I got a big bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates from Sylvia (40+Style) and her husband. For helping them with clearing the house they sold. Such a lovely surprise.



Thursday was a boring day. Nothing to do, nowhere to go and no friends visiting me. So I did what I don’t like but ought to do…I created outfits with stuff already in my wardrobe. Starting point was a blouse I got from my friend Katrien, a Vivienne Westwood no less. It is black and transparent with lovely small blue velvet patches. I had some failures (huge ones) but created 4 outfits which are really good. Actually 6, if you count the black sleeveless dress outfits as well. Not too shabby a result. I also went through my boxes with buttons to find a load of buttons for Katrien who is very much into sewing. She is pleased with them.

On Friday Marcella of Lara Design came for lunch. We developed a friendship in this past year. I still insist on paying full price for the earrings I buy from her as I don’t want to mix business with friendship. It would make me feel uncomfortable.

Below: Marcella. She shares my love for cream/white boots. (Ignore the poor state of my jasmine.)

Below: And a close-up of the earrings. Of course she wears earrings from her own collection when visiting me.

Close-up earrings Marcella

Below: I wore my skinnies with my red tiger jacket (see original post). No problem showing you this outfit as I haven’t got a clue how to style it differently. It is perfect like this. Equalled only by the outfit with the matching trousers.

red tiger jacket

That concludes this week.

Can I draw your attention to another blog one more time? A few months ago I mentioned a new blog: The Grey Brunette by Suzy. She had only put one or two posts on it at the time. In this short period of time, she managed to publish quite a lot of posts and videos and she now has a very interesting blog with lots of humour. It is well-written, which is what you can expect from a writer. If I were you, I would click through to her blog.


No Fear of Fashion

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