black and white dress with stripes and polka dotsNot only has this black and white dress got stripes, it has polka dots as well. What’s not to love, right? I added polka dot patterned tights to keep it co-ordinated. Remember two weeks ago when I told you about my neighbours’ wedding and the bubblegum pink stretch limo? This outfit is what I wore to the wedding. Only the tights are different. I wore black tights with silver polka dots that day but I prefer these ones with the black dots which I got from my usual address (Stemm Voetiek).

Combining the dress with bright red and pink was a no-brainer. Very loyal readers have seen the dress before in the post of October 2014. As it is so long ago, I didn’t think that even the most loyal readers would remember the dress so I used it again for this post. Plus, I am wearing boots instead of pumps this time. And the polka dot tights are different, the bag is very different from last post (but also red) and…I am wearing my favourite red and pink Lara Design earrings. All in all, far more modern styling in my opinion.

Kitty had an hour for the photo shoot at the end of the day, at the time which is called the golden hour. We did it in 20 minutes. She took the photos at the Coen Cuserhof in Haarlem which used to be an orphanage and is now a complex of very, very expensive apartments. I wouldn’t mind living there, but we need to win the lottery before that could happen.

Below: A little look at the Coen Cuserhof (taken with an iPhone).

Coen Cruserhof

Below: Entering the complex while putting my coat in my black shopper. The apartments have green hedges to give them privacy from people like Kitty and me snooping around.

Coen Cruserhof

Below: First pose and still smiling as the cold wasn’t in my bones yet. It was freezing.

black and white dress with stripes and polka dots

Below: OK, let’s move on.

black and white dress with stripes and polka dots

Below: Somebodies’ front garden, a photo taken by me when I was scouting for a good location.

Coen Cruserhof

Below: I was as cheeky as to stand in this front garden, where Kitty took the photo through the young green leaves.

black and white dress with stripes and polka dots

Below: Another resident has this picnic table in front of the house. (Photo taken by me.)

Coen Cruserhof

Below: So I sat at the picnic table.

black and white dress with stripes and polka dots

Below: And I sat on someone’s garden chair. Fortune favours the bold, folks. Nobody came running out of their house to chase us away.

black and white dress with stripes and polka dots

Below: Standing in front of someone’s front door is allowed everywhere to my knowledge.

black and white dress with stripes and polka dots

Below: Part of the complex. The wooden door opened as I passed and the lady of the house stood in her doorway shaking a rug. I made a cheeky joke about it. She laughed and asked what we were doing. I mentioned the blog and went all the way back to my car to get my blog card. (I forgot I had some in my handbag…duh.) When I returned she had, of course, closed the door. It was far too cold to leave it open.

Coen Cruserhof

Below: No worries, I just pulled the (old fashioned) doorbell. (I look a little like the hunchback of the Notre Dame in this photo.)

Coen Cruserhof

Below: She was a very nice woman and agreed to be featured on the blog.

black and white dress with stripes and polka dots

Below: A close-up of the earrings by Lara Design.

Earrings Lara

Below: I had Kitty take off her coat as well heh heh. After all, misery loves company. I took the photo with my iPhone and it isn’t as sharp as it should be. A pity.

Kitty the photographer

Below: With a last photo of the beautiful roofs we went back to the warmth of my car.

Coen Cruserhof

What happened in my life this week

The need of physiotherapy to deal with all the muscle problems created by knee and elbow, that’s what happened. I had such pain in the muscle behind my right shoulder-blade. She could relieve the pain a bit but it isn’t gone yet, so I booked a double appointment for next week. The aches and pains as you grow older…

Saturday was a great day because I met Sabine and Anke in a park for a walk. Anke’s two daughters were present as well. Totally forgot to take a photo for you guys. Sorry. Let’s just say I was in the moment.

Then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nothing happened. So boring, so dull. I read, went for walks with Ron and Watson, did my exercises, spoke to Karlijn of kpa.haarlem and that was it.

It did give me time to come up with some new outfits from my wardrobe, an exercise which I always postpone as it is not my favourite pastime. This time I did well and came up with three new outfits that are all good. Lots of cream with red. As spring is approaching, I now choose lighter colours.

My weight is back on where it should be, yay. Even slightly under. A matter of not drinking alcohol, not eating sweets but instead, drinking lots of water. Talk about boring. All I crave for are crisps, French fries, ice cream and Mars bars.

Wednesday was a fantastic day with high temperatures for this time of year, with sunshine and with a visit from my friend Selma. We walked through town all day, more than I have done for a long time. We sat down for a few moments on steps of buildings but that wasn’t enough to rest. I felt knackered at the end of the day. The restaurants are still closed, so you cannot sit down properly for a coffee or a lunch. On the bright side, the take-away food and drinks were very good.

The day finished with a big UP as I sent in my tax return and…I am getting quite a lot of money back. I was so surprised as I thought I had to pay additional taxes. Now it will be a matter of not spending it all before I even receive it.
Oh, and I forgot to take a photo of Selma and me. Bad, bad blogger.

Thursday was a nice and sunny day too, but the temperatures were not that high. You needed to find a place out of the wind and in the sunshine. The only things that happened that day were to get a pedicure and a visit to the hairdresser (to trim my fringe).

It will be at least another month before I get my vaccination. If they have any supply left by that time.

I remembered I promised you a photo of the crocuses as they were blooming. See below. I cannot wait for spring to arrive.

Crocus collage

Below: For old times’ sake, an outfit of the day, Friday to be specific. The top is from A.R.R.T. (seen before in this post) and the flared jeans are by Paige. Earrings with glass drop: Lara Design.

A.R.R.T. top

Friday afternoon my former colleague and now friend Marita came to visit (we both kept distance). It was a lovely afternoon. Marita likes clothes (nearly) as much I do. This time I remembered to take photos.

Below: Marita in our garden, in a beautiful black summer dress, which she bought at kpa.haarlem. We are both fan of this shop. As it is still chilly, she wore a top underneath it and boots for more warmth.


Below: Like me, Marita is an earrings lover.

Close-up Marita

All in all, it wasn’t a bad week.


No Fear of Fashion

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