Green midi skirtYou have seen this green midi skirt twice before. In a post with a fuchsia top and black boots and in a post with a brown blouse and brown boots. As I am trying to create new combinations with items I already have, I don’t feel bad showing you this skirt for the third time. It is not as sustainable as it looks, as the cream boots are new. Loyal readers know how much I love white and cream coloured boots and I have quite a selection. These knee-high boots are in my collection because they have an elegant heel, but a low one which is easy to walk on and they are very comfortable. When you haven’t got many places to go, it feels a little silly to be walking around in high heels all day. I still do that, to keep my feet and leg muscles accustomed to high heels, but it is getting harder.

The skirt is from Essentiel Antwerp, some years ago and the sweater is from the Max Mara outlet in Turin. (You have seen it before in this post with flared jeans.) It saddens me to say that there are yellow stains (from pollen?) on the front of the sweater. I tried everything to get them out and nothing works. However, there is a solution to this problem. My niece is an artist and produces entirely sustainable printed T-shirts and she is going to “add some leaves” to the flower at the front, covering the stains. Hurray for my niece.

The tote bag is from Nikki of Midlifechic and the red belt is Max Mara (a birthday present from my mother two years ago).

The photos were taken by Jilske at Marianne’s house. We celebrated Marianne’s birthday, keeping our distance. It would be so nice for the whole group (6 of us) to get together again, but alas.

Below: Jilske, who got married a couple of weeks ago. YAY.


Below: Marianne, very much the birthday girl.


Jilske urged me to do the photo shoot first thing as it looked like rain.

Below: We went outside into the garden as it was quite dark in the room.

green midi skirt with a cream sweater

Below: Then, the wind started blowing and I ducked to keep my hair in shape.

green midi skirt with a cream sweater

Below: Nope, that didn’t work. And if you think “What are those white spots?” They are raindrops. No more glamourous photos outdoors.

green midi skirt with a cream sweater

Below: Close-up of the new boots with the quirky heel. I’ve never caught the hem of my skirt in the boots before, but when you take a picture, there it goes. Typical.

Cream boots

Below: We had moved indoors again and I had fixed my hair. As soon as there was enough light Jilske shot the back of the outfit (and the photo at the top of this post).

green midi skirt with a cream sweater

Below: Marianne in her leopard dress with an elegant loose faux fur collar.


Below: Jilske head to toe. A photogenic woman. You just point your camera, click and it is always a good photo.


Below: Close-up of her boots and the fun socks peeping out. Not the sharpest photo but you get the idea.

Jilske's boots and socks

Below: Jilske wanted to take this shot of me on the sofa as all the colours matched so nicely. It looks like an easy shot.

green midi skirt with a cream sweater

Below: But it wasn’t easy. This was the 10th shot that failed. A chair was in the way. By this time I had finished my coffee and was laughing my head off.

green midi skirt with a cream sweater

Below: Eventually I could give a straight face again.

green midi skirt with a cream sweater

These photos are not as beautiful as the ones Kitty takes, but we need to give her a break as she works full-time. Having to take my blog photos every week is a bit much.

What happened in my life this week

During the weekend I was busy with all sorts of little things. The shops are allowed to receive customers, but only by appointment. Which meant it was a little busier but not much.

Below: Finally I could get a good look at the statue called the flower girl, created by Kees Verkade. You can read more about the artist here. Usually there are motors, bicycles and scooters parked around it, in spite of the warning saying not to. Now I could see it from all sides. Haarlem used to be called the flower city and always splashed out with big floral displays all around town, a flower parade and… flower girls. These past decades, this tradition is a lot less elaborate as the city had to solve some urgent renovations.

Statue flower girl by Kees Verkade

Statue flower girl by Kees Verkade

I walked quite a bit, together with husband Ron and dog Watson.

Below: Watson, sensing game. Isn’t he a fine specimen?


Below: As we walked through the woods (or is it a park?), we came across this tree trunk and the hole in the tree.
“Look…”, said Ron, “how considerate… a toilet for women and a toilet for men.” He makes me laugh so many times.

"toilets" in the woods

I had to sort out a lot of things for my tax return, so that kept me pretty busy. To my surprise, it wasn’t difficult to get through to the right people and neither to get to the right answers.

Read a bit, talked to Marcella of Lara Design and blogged.

I am developing an RSI elbow from being on social media devices all the time. I really have to stop that as it is getting very painful. Not nice. A long FaceTime conversation with Anja cheered me up though.

The knee

Remember my left knee and all the pain I went through these past three years? Well…this week I made a little move to the left, felt a sharp pain in my knee, cried out and all of a sudden the feeling in my knee changed. It felt more flexible. Yay. Four days later I felt the sharp pain again. And the knee returned to its usual “not bad”. Bummer. Never mind, I cannot complain. I can walk on it, even with high heels and there isn’t much pain. Count your blessings.

Thursday was a quiet day with coffee at Loes’, who had a new fence in her garden worth looking at, read a lot, worked on my blog and went back and forth about a new curtain for our bathroom. We had ordered one online and measured wrongly. When it arrived it was 7 mm too wide. We decided to do it right this time and order it from a shop where they come and do the measuring for you. The curtain was chosen, the appointment made and then I learned the price: 4 times the price of the online curtain. That was a bit too steep. I am all for service and I gladly pay more for it, but 4 times more is too much. So we ordered the online curtain again in a smaller width. Keeps you busy all day for nothing.

Friday was cold but sunny. I facetimed with Sylvia, going through her house here in Haarlem which she sold. Checking the last things: what had to go, what should remain and what should be moved to Portugal. As Sylvia moved to a warmer climate. I had been busy with things in her house for a couple of weeks and this Friday the sofa was collected. That went well and Wednesday the removal van will collect the rest.

I forgot to mention that in between all this, I paid two visits to Karlijn in her shop kpa.haarlem to see how she was doing with her broken ankle and a new spring collection to sell. As we were chatting, I went through her new collection (of course I did). At the first visit I picked up an oversized shirt and at the second visit a pair of summer sandals which had just arrived. And I was sooo good this month. I thought I would finally make it to the end of the month without buying anything (other than the bathrobe). Failed miserably again. It is not the first time and it won’t be the last time either. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.


No Fear of Fashion

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